June 1, 2023

Hey babes i hope you enjoyed this weeks video!

Guys it’s your girl tia coming at you with the oh would nothing video this is your first time seeing my face hello subscribe like this video turn my pose notifications on and let’s get into the video so as you can tell by the title of this video i am going to be doing a skin series which giving you guys maybe a month to month up there like a month and then like a

Couple months update on my skin journey since i broke down and went to the dermatologist y’all like i know my most viewed video on my channel is my how i’m curing my acne video without having to go to the dermatologist booboo well let me say something my skin has changed since then and i needed help so i went to the doctor and so far it’s been working i’m gonna

Talk about the products that i use and like the do’s and don’ts of these two products that i’ve been using so far because honey they were gonna come from my skin and we’re not going to do that okay oh if you want to know what products i used and what i know about my update of my skin and everything and just keep watching ok so i documented my one month journey

Kind of on snapchat like cuz i have an iphone and i’m filming on my iphone and i don’t have storage so i was trying to like think outside the box and be like i can film little clips on here and save them and then use them in a video so that is what i did um i’m gonna show those first and then i’ll come back and talk about the products and stuff that i’ve used

So let’s get into my snapchat clips this is week one doing my medication hmm and topical cream from my dermatologist compared to what i started i think that my skin like the texture is smoothed out a lot i’m still having a little bit of cystic acne but it work ok guys so this is an update on my skin i haven’t washed it this morning yet but this is what my face

Is looking like so far it looks kind of bad but i mean as far as like the swelling and like constant pimples it’s not really that severe i do have like a few like popping up like on my jawline but they like they’re going away like they came up like a day or so ago like they’re starting to go down so like as far as the medicine working for like pimples like not

Supposed to be popping up so it’s working i don’t really have anything on my forehead like i had a cluster like right here by my eyebrow and that went away like really really fast but yeah this is this is my face so far it’s been a few days since the last clip but just wanted to come and give you guys an update because it’s all mainly here like around my keys are

In my chin late okay guys so here is it the next update it’s been like i don’t know a week since the last but i’m not really sure but i can see my face like clearing up a lot on this side this side still kind of like lagging behind but i think it’s cuz i had a lot of like cystic pimples like under my skin like trying to destroy my life but this is really going

Down this the swelling i don’t really feel like like there used to be a really huge one right here like all along my cheeks but it’s been going away i’ve been using the aztec clay mask an apple cider vinegar it’s like a spa treatment at night sometimes and it’s been really helping with the swelling so if you’re into that you can use that but so far my face is

Like really really clearing up and i’m really happy with the next clip you’ll see it will probably be within the next couple of weeks when it’s been a full month of being on my medication and doing the topical treatment that she prescribed for me but yeah another thing that i’ve noticed when i very first started my skin was like super super dry it’s still kind of

Dry like i still kind of have to like apply moisturizer throughout the day but it’s not like painfully like crackly like keeley dry skin dry and i when i come back in a couple weeks to update you guys in the next clip i’m gonna show you like what i use i wash my face and stuff because i’ve had to like switch everything around because of how dry it made my face

But you know beauty is pain right hey guys so i know it’s been like four days since the last clip my forehead is like extra shiny right now and i have different colored hair that is going to be in a video hopefully already uploaded before this one so hey but yeah i just wanted to come in and update you guys on my skin um it’s looking amazing like i don’t know

If it’s the product it’s like the medicine or if it’s the frickin ass hey clay the apple cider vinegar but like honey like this is working like i know it looks it might look bad right now but like i don’t have any like pimples like they’re all like looking like you know like when you have acne and you can like you turn to the side of look you can see the bumps

Raised beach you can see no bumps like they’re all flat and they’re going away and it’s like i like this side like it’s looking so much better from when we start it like like you can’t like this it’s just flat the only thing right now that is like really really really i’m sorry i keep looking at my hair because it’s throwing me off because i’ve only had my hair

Dyed it for two days it’s like but anyways the only thing that’s really like making me mad which i’ve already said in my clips before but like my mouth around my mouth and my cheeks are like super dry my forehead is thriving like it’s not dry it’s not crackling it’s not doing anything like that but my cheeks my chin around my mouth dry for a while they’re like

Around my eyes and my eyebrows was getting dries like this what no but yeah this is this is an update on my skin were almost to one month on my medication and my topical cream and i’m like really excited to see like my progress i have made one being one month on my medicine for my face and like i was thinking like i don’t i can’t remember if i said this in

A previous clip but i don’t know if it’s my medicine that’s working or if it’s the fact that i’ve been using the aztec clay mask mixed with the apple cider vinegar literally every night before i go to bed like i will wash my face i will put the mask on let it sit let it dry take it off then put on my topical cream and then the morning i take my medicine and

Like you know what but i don’t know because i started noticing a difference after i did the mask but i don’t know because you know like when you use a new cream on your skin or something it takes almost a month for it to work so i don’t know if it’s like finally starting to work or if it’s the mask don’t know but i’m happy like either way i’m happy okay like

Every time i’m making quit man y’all see me i got on i got a different hair but i wanted to document this because this is my last dosage for this month so we have completed one month ladies and gentlemen so so here is one month of being on my medication and my topical treatment i feel like right now my face looks bad because i feel like i’m about to start my

Period so you know those little bitty hormones not swamp swam by and are poking through my skin like i have a couple of my channel i call my cheek but like i don’t really have that many raised bumps you know what i mean like i’m still pretty clear it’s just the redness and scars that i’m trying to handle now i’ll put the name of everything like on the screen and

Stuff and i’ll sit down and like do a more formal like thing but i just wanted to like come on here and do it my last timestamp for my one words like this is a big deal like it’s only up from here but yeah i’m gonna sit down and like do like a more formal thing and tell you like the pros and cons of like each thing because i still have a lot of my gel left over

Cuz like you’re only supposed to use a pea-sized amount so i still have a lot of that left over but i finished my actual like mouth take by mouth medication okay so the last clip you saw was me taking my medication for the last day and i later wash my face and like did that so that was like my my one month thing and this is what my face looks like now since that

Clip i just washed my face like 10-15 minutes ago so it’s like kind of inflames but like not it’s just kind of like okay you wash me so so i don’t have anything on my face i just have like a little bit of highlight mascara and my eyebrows but i literally don’t have anything else on my face but i would say considering the months that i went through my face looks

Beautiful right now from when i started to when it kind of like up my face and then now that my skin is like used to the products like now it’s like okay i can i can put on my face but i had a journey as you could see that was not so pleasant so the two medicines that i got prescribed was i put the medicine that i take my mouth every morning is called spur

On veronica veronica um i don’t know i’ll put the name of it like down here so you guys know what it is but i take four tablets every morning and then when i go to wash my face at night i used the cleanse of mine phosphate and trenton gel like i have to uh put the name down here so you guys know like how to say or how to spell it or whatever you want to look it

Up yourself i put this on at night and i only use it at night so i wash my face in the morning and i’ll use like a regular topical treatment like this one i got from target and it was literally like five or six bucks and then at night i will wash my face use this and then i’ll put this on as well but the thing with this bad the thing with this bad boy right here

It will dry out your skin and make putting moisturizer on your face a living and living hell like i was about to go up to my dermatologist and be like meow like you’re trying to up my face this is why i don’t want to come to you in the first place but i got an uncontrollable so you’re safe but yeah so this stuff really really dries out your face you really need

To be careful when you’re using it you only need a pea-sized amount like i’ve been using this for a month and i still have so much product left and i only use it at night so the products that i use to help keep my face moisturize is i recently hope i recently just got this like face cleanser and it has changed my face for the good like if you have severe dry

Skin and you’re not even using this baby dove derma series dry skin relief for the fake for your face this stuff is so good the only thing that i have to complain about it is it’s like a cream so it doesn’t it doesn’t set up so it’s like it feels like you’re not cleaning you frame your face but you are so what i do is i go in with my cerave renewing si cleanser

To kind of like exfoliate and i use my facial little certain brown things i go in with this first cuz you know i am a queen of double triple cleansing so how i go in with this first and then after i rinse that off i go in and i use this in my face just feels so good it feels so moisturized and it has literally saved my skin from dehydration pretty much because

The vince i was about to be like i can’t use you like i can’t but i can now and it’s i’m thriving also with this you need to make sure that your moisturizers have an spf or you’re putting spf on your face because going out into the sun your skin is more sensitive and it’s a little bit more you know on the baby innocent side so you need to make sure that you’re

Taking care of your skin so what i got was the oil-free moisturizing lotion with p f15 in and i got it from walgreens it’s like the knockoff neutrogena brand or the neutrogena it works it’s good i use this especially when i go to the pool um as you can see like i have a few like thick nothing but like thick pimples on my face and a friend of mine actually put me

On this product and i’ve been using it for a while i like dibble gobble with it cuz whenever i have like a really big pimple i i’ll usually go in with the origins super spot remover and that usually does the trick but this burns okay like i don’t i’m not trying to burn them like nope so she introduced me to this goodbye blemish it’s like a it’s korean i think i

Don’t know she likes to use a lot of korean skincare which low-key korean skincare is like becoming the truth so i want you to count that train and that bandwagon because i’m gonna be getting me some stuff but you have this goodbye blemish stuff so it pretty much it looks like it looks like goopy like lip gloss and it comes out like that and you just stick it on

There and it kind of like acts as glue on your face and you let it dry down and then you can just peel it off it’s a really satisfying peel and it’s just yeah i forgot to mention a specific mask that i use i usually do it like almost every night after i get done washing my face and it’s honestly it honestly depends on your skin type so if you can’t every night

Don’t do it every night but i do the aztec indian clay with the apple cider vinegar i never stop using her she’s still you know mike how i’m carry my acne video i just mix everything up and i just put it on my face like that this is a this is an eye shadow brush from elf but it works the same as the mask applicators though so that is all the products that i use

To help cope with my skin with these two products um at first i didn’t think they were going to work but now that i’m seeing like everything in like the progress like they definitely do work you just you know i’m gonna be patient with skincare you have to be patient it’s not gonna work over and i like we want to we want to be instantly beautiful that’s not gonna

Happen so yeah that is my this is my one month update i’ll probably update you guys again in another month or like a couple of months or like three months or something like that so we can see how much even more my skin has changed but like i said i don’t have really anything on my face just a little bit of highlight mascara and a little bit of something in my

Eyebrows because i don’t have a hair like i do but i don’t want to tail up my eyebrow it’s really weird i don’t know but this is one month and i’m excited to see what a few months from now looks like i have my next checkup with her so we can like look at my skin progress on august 15th or 16th so i might vlog that day and let you guys come along with me to the

Dermatologist anybody doctor but so that’s my video i hope you guys enjoyed it like comment and subscribe if this is your first time seeing my face give a big thumbs up and definitely subscribe to my channel i have a very very exciting series coming to my channel that involves fashion and oh freighting excited like i’ve always wanted to do stuff with fashion so

This is just like it just it came to me well it didn’t come to me like it’s not an original idea i’ve seen other people do this but like i never had the confidence to do it until now so i’m gonna do it so just stay tuned for a good fashion series coming to my channel but yeah like comment and subscribe and i will see you in my next video okay bye

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1 Month Acne Update | Spironolactone & Clindamycin Phosphate By Tia Malii