December 8, 2022

My update on taking Lisinopril and how its helping me out

Everybody um sunday may 31st i believe and just you know follow-up of what’s been going on this week as far as my blood pressure and everything else i had a thing at work where we’re doing a for the american heart association and we’re kind of keeping track of our own blood pressures as well so i signed up for that and when i took my blood pressure that day

Just to mark my start it was high again and it kind of scared me a little bit but looking at the reasons behind why it was high i understand why and that’s one thing that i’ve been noticing these pasts past month actually seeing exactly what it is that triggers my blood pressure to go up and what causes it to go down and what i can do and what i can change so my

Blood pressure was actually up back up to 152 over 90 which was extremely high and one of the things that i noticed is that energy drinks you know i’m i’m getting better and not drinking a lot of energy drinks especially after seeing that the result i guess if you want to call it for my blood pressure so about an hour or two before i took my blood pressure i had

Finished a 16 ounce drink of rock star and just looking at a lot of the ingredients i think a lot of what effects my own high blood pressure is caffeine so i’ve kind of started looking for different things that i can you know substitute for that caffeine this whole week has kind of just been experimenting on different things and yes i’ve felt you know the effects

Of my blood pressure coming back up and i’ve also felt you know the effects of the medicine you know taking the pills and seeing the difference one of the things that i’ve started doing is looking at my my liquid intake differently i noticed that whenever i’m at work i do drink a lot of water and when i get home i don’t drink as much and that kind of does have an

Effect on this your overall body also whenever i’ve been working out i used to not drink a lot of the water just because you know i was always afraid of you know if i’m running or something my side hurting and you know or i’d get waterlogged and then my workout really didn’t have any effect because i was tired or i was hurting the whole time so i changed just the

Way that i i drink throughout the day water or any other liquids and just really look at exactly what it is that i’m putting into my body that is gonna affect my my blood pressure going up so whenever i’ve felt the effects of the high blood pressure i’ve started to write down you know what it was that i ate and kind of look into that and research you know what’s

In that what can trigger that because i know a lot of it is what you put in your body but also you know everything else like i’ve said in my other videos you know your weight your lifestyle sleep sleep is a big thing and for the past three or four days i really haven’t gotten that much sleep but i think it’s because of the fact that i’ve been experimenting with

All these different drinks you know i tried a soda the other day and i haven’t really had soda in a long time and it’s it’s hard because you think back you know about a year ago i was drinking soda all the time and i wasn’t feeling these effects like i am now and i think my body is adjusting to having that lower blood pressure and putting something into my body

That triggers the blood pressure to go up like i automatically get that that sensation that okay okay that’s not something you should be drinking you know put it down or you know let’s just cut that out and it’s a little strange and it’s weird how the body works you know that i look at it as it’s a way that that my body’s trying to tell me that i needed you know

To maintain my lower blood pressure like my average probably has been about a hundred and eighteen hundred and seventeen over seventy five which is pretty good for me and the times that i’ve seen it go up has always been you know one 30s one 40s when i’ve you know hit that caffeine high i’ve gotten to the 150s and you know and i’ve noticed that i don’t feel as bad

But i still get that you know sensation actually on my feet my feet kind of start getting tingly like you know they’ve been asleep or something and it scares me now because i don’t want to go back to that i don’t want to go back to the 150s i don’t want to go back to the 140s i wanted to keep it lower and you know i when i first took the the medicine i had changed

A lot of my lifestyle and i kind of just started bringing a lot of that old stuff back in and just testing to see what it is that i’m more comfortable with you know can i eat this can i have that is this better for me than this and that’s something that i would suggest that you guys do you know just go at your own pace you know try a soda try something that you

That you used to eat a lot of and see how that makes your body feel you know and just make sure that you’re taking your pills every single day because that’s mainly what those are for is to help you maintain it so once you actually gain control of that and you don’t need the pills anymore which hopefully a lot of you want you know it’s gonna be that great thing

That you’re controlling your body back again because you know what it is that needs to go in there and what it is that’s going to trigger your blood pressure to go up so if you have any comments or any questions or anything that i might be able to research our answer for you just leave it down in the comments i appreciate all the feedback on the videos you know

I did it just so i can see the change for myself i know it’s scary and i’ve been at that one point you know where i see the i saw the fear and i felt the fear but it’s just a matter of getting control back and that it’s at all on you so anyways i hope you enjoyed the video i’ll see you guys in next week keep you updated on my blood pressure i think i’m gonna start

I might actually just take my own blood pressure next week and you know show you what i’m using and you know kind of what i do so see you guys the next one thanks for watching

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