June 1, 2023

Hey everyone! I know I know, it’s been like 6 months since my last post. This summer has been BRUTAL here in AZ and has put me in some type of funk. Now that is getting cooler and I can ACTUALLY go outside without it feeling like an oven, things are getting a lot better haha. Anywhooo I made this video to give you guys an update on why I am switching from spironolactone to Accutane. This was a personal choice and trust me I did hours of research online and talked to 3 different doctors about my choice. I will continue to document my skin journey and upload photos of my skin to videos. I am excited to also begin to share with you my real estate career journey!! Please show some love and subscribe and comment. Thank you! Pilar

Hey what’s up you guys thanks for tuning into my channel i know it has been months and months and months since i posted i’m so sorry this summer has just sucked like literally it just sucked for one it was hot all summer i’m talking like 114 for multiple days yeah 114 degrees up by the way if you don’t know what you’re watching my name is pilar i created this

Youtube channel about a year ago to document my journey on the drug spironolactone for my hormonal acne anyway so yes summers sucked and literally just miserable all summer long i don’t want to like go and say i was depressed because that seems so serious but i was struggling really bad financially spiritually just struggling in every way shape and form i live

In arizona and live in a city 40 minutes outside of phoenix the closest walmart is a 15 20 minute drive so yeah the closest thing i have to me is a bar called teen top which by the way it’s awesome anyway so i don’t even know if i told you guys i got braces and yet yes they freaking hurt i got them in march and i get them tightened every like month or so and holy

Crap i did not expect i knew i was gonna hurt their braces but i didn’t realize my my gums would be bruised and it would i couldn’t eat like anything like the first week you get them tightened you can’t eat even a grape it hurt so yeah huh back to the summer yeah he’s really shitty i didn’t even get on any of my social media accounts which is really weird and i

Was just slacking really in every area of my life and i think it has to do with or one we were broke really bad this summer so we couldn’t do anything fun like it was really bad like really really broke um so and then you’re cooped up inside all day because a 110 14 degrees outside you don’t want to go outside everyone’s cooped up in the house i don’t have any

I don’t have too many friends i have a few friends and they live in the city so you know they have their tops and kids and – yada yada yada so it just it felt very isolating but at the weather it is october now which is why i’m wearing my home outfit not my outfit having gotten that yet um it’s just my halloween shirt so um oh god don’t i say um apply a lot time

Anyway so my skin all right my skin that has basically gone back to what it needs to be i know it looks very clear right now i have nothing active but i’m also on birth control spironolactone and yes a doxycycline i know i know antibiotics they’re disgusting i hate them i don’t like it and all that jazz but um i am afterward being on spiral acting for a whole year

It worked for a while until it just kind of stopped working like i think okay i didn’t get any more cause i used to get sick and i didn’t get any more of the big painful cysts anymore but i was still breaking out with these little annoying ass pimples and the texture of my skin looks shitty and i was getting like those pickaxe scars they were like everywhere and i

Was still breaking out just not they weren’t as crazy i mean but for being on birth control spironolactone now the and biotic doing washing my face with benzoyl peroxide twice a day using very minimal you know skin products besides what i’ve been prescribed i have a really nice vitamin a cream lotion or whatever that my dermatologist gave me a bunch of samples for

But anyway um so that my skin kind of just like it’s not for doing all those things it should not be like this so i’m gonna get accutane and i start in five weeks yes i am nervous yes i’ve done the research i’ve done like hours of research on the drug reading studies reading people’s stories reading horror stories reading positive stories all kinds of stuff i’ve

Talked to my multiple doctors my doctor who has tried accutane i have a friend who’s getting on a school to become a doctor and he’s tried accutane i have talked to my dermatologist and she thinks i should do the accutane my dad did accutane yeah so i’m gonna do that and i know my skin doesn’t look bad right now again i don’t have anything active i think that’s a

Lot of the fact that among the doxycycline and plus i have like look at my face i so much make fun so you can’t see like everything and even if i didn’t have my makeup on you can it’s kind of hard to see the with the camera my camera is just my laptop so that’s got a change i’m actually i so what i’m doing now so when you’re gonna act an you know i know i’m still

Upload i’m gonna really try harder now to upload weekly and i’m also i have i’ve had my real-estate license for a couple years and i luvs pregnant and i’ve never used it so i’m renewing it and i have to renew it by november i have to renew it by november and then i’m going to begin interviewing different brokers early in 2020 so in a few months i’m going to start

Working and i already have idea of who i want to work with with keller williams there’s a really nice neighborhood 15 minutes 20 minutes down the road and there’s a nice officer and i want to check it out so yeah so you will begin to see many many many real estate videos it’s i’ve always been interested in doing real estate my dad did real estate for a while on the

Side and i thought it was really cool i loved watching real estate shows i know it’s not like it’s a tv show but um i’m really excited to get in there and see what i can do and see what i can show you guys behind the scenes open houses new listings all that cool stuff so anyway i wrote a list to make sure i remember to all the points that i want to talk about and

That’s about it so there’s no point in making this video longer than it has to be thank you for watching thank you for keeping up with my journey and i hope to see you guys soon bye

Transcribed from video
1 year skin/spironolactone update and why I'm going on ACCUTANE By Pilar Elena