June 9, 2023

In today’s Crime Junkies video we are going to be looking at 10 Most DANGEROUS Gangs In The United States

In the united states gang violence is a major problem every year a small number of violent gangs with insert nissan and ruthless networks are responsible for the killings of thousands of innocents and other gang members local law enforcement authorities can no longer handle this issue the federal government has been aware of this for years hello everyone and

Welcome to another video today we’ll be looking at the 10 most dangerous gangs in the united states yeah you heard it right so let’s start our video ms-13 mara salvatrucka or ms-13 is a vicious and violent gang with 10 000 members they’re in 40 u.s cities this gang was created in the 1980s by salvadoran immigrants in los angeles but this operation spans north east

And south drug trafficking murder extortion racketeering and child prostitution are their specialties due to deportations the gang has become a prominent power in el salvador they affect el salvador’s ruling parties obama declared ms-13 an international criminal organization in 2012. barrio 18. the 18th street gang is a large adolescent gang in the u.s central

America and canada the fbi has been fighting this gang since the 1990s to stop drug sales murder for hire prostitution extortion and kidnapping in recent years they’ve welcomed members of other nations vario 18 considers ms-13 its archrival and confrontations between them have led to gang murders the fbi knows it must keep a watch on this gang’s tens of thousands of

Members across the country aryan brotherhood the aryan brotherhood has a substantial presence in the u.s federal prisons unlike other gangs described here according to the fbi gang members account for 20 of all jail homicides in the us the brotherhood also known as the brand a b or 1 2 has been in operation since the 1960s while its roots may have contained nazi

Like motives it has become a criminal syndicate killing a black or hispanic prisoner is a requirement for joining the ab once in you’re stuck once you join this group of ten thousand in and out of prison you are a brotherhood for life last year the abu was suspected of killing two texas prosecutors they are scary mongols mc the truth is it’s closer to reality than

You might believe when you watch shows like sons of anarchy on cable the mongols motorcycle club which was founded in california during the 1970s is an example of the real-life motorcycle gangs that resemble the television version of sam crow they are named after genghis khan’s brutal mongol kingdom and are thought to contain more than 70 chapters around the country

They are experts in narcotics trafficking and transportation money laundering extortion and armed attacks they are not on the best of terms with the hell’s angels but they have a solid criminal cohort relationship with the outlaws banditos and sons of silence among others chicago splinter gangs if you’ve been following the news you know chicago’s gang violence is

Out of control even ram emanuel can’t handle the crisis 2012 had 503 murders and 2013 had 415. part of this difficulty is the city’s gang problem especially on the south side the gangster disciples the hit squad and the kill award ruled throughout the 1970s and 80s but the chicago pd arrested many gang bosses this has created a hazardous system of unchecked cliques

With restricted turf and no regulations smaller gangs still have a lot of firearms and the shooters are primarily 14 year olds it is deplorable the bloods the renowned bloods gang originated in los angeles in the 1960s and later moved to many texas jails in the 1980s since its formation the bloods gang whose color is red has had the crypts as its arch rival whose

Surf color is blue several decades later in new york city the east coast bloods emerged as a powerful criminal organization a manhattan judge convicted omar portie one of the east coast blood’s founders to 50 years in prison barely a year ago prosecutors demonstrated in that trial that the east coast bloods gang is the most vicious street gang in new york city and

That has shared similar criminal and violent ideals with the west coast blood’s gang the mexican mafia the mexican mafia is a gang with extensive roots in the american prison system it dates back to the 1950s when it was primarily centered within the california department of corrections it is also known by the names eme or amiros before becoming a member of the mm

Candidates must pass a series of loyalty tests that include cruel and criminal activities such as beatings thefts and even murder additionally the mm is noted for upholding a strict code of intragang ethics in 1997 for instance the two gang members responsible for a failed robbery in texas were promptly murdered one was discovered suffocated stabbed and run over

By a car while the other was discovered stabbed to death the mexican mafia engages in a variety of unlawful activities including drug trafficking racketeering contract killings and fraud and operates in various states including florida california arizona and texas rolling 60 crips the roland 60 neighborhood crips is one of the most prominent los angeles based gangs

This gang was founded in the late 1970s as a breakaway faction of the legendary west side crips it is thought that they have more than 2 000 members recruited primarily from the los angeles areas westchester and crenshaw the 1960s are notorious for their participation in bank robberies carjackings assaults with dangerous weapons home invasions and rapes they have

Also been known to enter into blood feuds with rival gangs including inglewood family gangster bloods and the neighborhood peruse vario as teca this is yet another group that is a serious worry for both local and international law enforcement agencies barrio azteca or los azteca is a violent street gang with several thousand members that operate in southern states

Such as new mexico and texas as well as eastern ones such as massachusetts and pennsylvania even in juarez mexico where they have at least 5 000 additional members the members of this gang wield influence this gang’s affiliation with the violent juarez drug cartel in mexico contributes to their lethal nature this cartel’s militant wing is known as lalinea and it

Frequently employs thugs and gangsters from barrio azteca to conduct its dirty work the group has been linked to cocaine trafficking notable murders and even prison massacres they’re not the type of people you wish to associate with trinitarios most of the jail gangs already covered started in western and southern states nonetheless trinitarios is a new york-based

Gang primarily composed of dominican immigrants the group became publicly active in 1989. this gang is one of the most rapidly expanding in the country with members in all five boroughs of new york city and a number of other states such as new jersey connecticut rhode island pennsylvania north carolina and ohio numerous members of the bronx chapter of this gang

Were arrested in 2012 for their involvement in nine killings and 24 attempted murderers they’re also quite active in the drug trade specializing in the distribution of marijuana crack cocaine powder cocaine and oxycodone and that’s all for today’s video what are your thoughts on this let me know in the comments section down below i hope that you found this video

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10 Most DANGEROUS Gangs In The United States By Crime Junkies