March 24, 2023

In this video, Doctor Andrea Furlan answers 10 common questions about pregabalin:

Pregabalin is the generic name of a drug that  we use to treat some types of chronic pain,   in this video, i will answer the 10 most common   2. what is the correct dose of pregabalin? 4. which class of drug is pregabalin? work for my pain? 6. does pregabalin cause   or cause weight gain? 8. can you drive or can   10. why

Pregabalin is not a controlled substance? 1) are pregabalin and gabapentin the same? pregabalin is c8 h17 no2 gabapentin is c9 h17 no2  and both are classified as gabapentinoids. i have another video that i talk about gabapentin.   below you will see a link to that other video.  which takes me to the next question. the maximum dose per day

Is 600  mg. we use it twice a day. so   we usually start at low doses of 25 mg once a day   we increase the dose slowly to give time to  see if the person is not too sedated or dizzy.  we usually don’t see any pain relief at lower  doses. the person will notice the pain is   before i continue, let me remind you that

This  video is not intended to replace medical advice.   it is for educational purposes only. you should  contact your doctor for a proper diagnosis and   treatment plan for you. in case of emergency, go  to the nearest emergency department or call 911.  nerve system and reduces the release  sensations that arrive at the brain.

I explain what chronic pain is, you will  remember that there are ascending pathways   from the periphery to the brain, and descending  well, the gabapentinoids, both pregabalin and  gabapentin, they block the ascending pathways,   so there are less electrical impulses arriving  at the brain level, at the conscious brain,  

Therefore, the brain will receive less bombarding  in addition, pregabalin also mimics  the endogenous neurotransmitter gaba. when the brain needs to slow down, to  well, pregabalin can mimic gaba and supress   thing if the person is having pain and anxiety,   because pregabalin is an anticonvulsant  medication, it has antiepileptic

Properties,   for pain because its neuromodulation  properties in the pain system  pregabalin is an anticonvulsant medication, but   we are using the term neuromodulator. so if   someone asks me today what class of medication  is pregabalin? i answer it is a neuromodulator.  unfortunately not everyone with chronic  if

They don’t see at least 30% pain  relief, then it is not working for them.   yet. a lot of patients have to stop early,   then, it could be that you didn’t try for long  enough. i tell patients that when you get to the   therapeutic dose, of at least 300 mg per day,  then they need to wait between 2 to 6 months  

Twice a day. i know some patients don’t like  to take pregabalin in the morning because of   the sleepiness or dizziness. but if they only  take once a day, then there is no way to know   have is not responsive to pregabalin. summarized 45 randomized controlled trials  of pregabalin for neuropathic pain in adults.  post-herpetic

Neuralgia painful diabetic neuralgia  you know what their conclusions were? in postherpetic neuralgia, painful  unclassified post-traumatic neuropathic pain and inadequate evidence of efficacy  in central neuropathic pain there is another cochrane review of pregabalin  for fibromyalgia that was updated in 2016.   authors of the review looked

At the efficacy  they found 1 study of 263 patients that  benefit of pregabalin compared to placebo. you see that with increased dose the proportion   case at least 30% pain intensity reduction,   so, they concluded pregabalin 300 to 600 mg produces   a major reduction in pain intensity over 12 to 26  weeks with tolerable adverse

Events for a small   proportion of people (about 10% more than placebo)  with moderate or severe pain due to fibromyalgia.  improvements in other symptoms,  quality of life, and function.  included trials that compared pregabalin   fibromyalgia. they found results are similar   6) does pregabalin cause any  damage to the

Liver or kidneys?  to the liver or kidney, even if the person needs  to use pregabalin for the rest of their lives.  problem before they start using pregabalin  because their dose needs to be adjusted.   they will require a lower dose than people who  do not have a liver or kidney function problem.  7) will pregabalin make you 

Sleepy or cause weight gain?  of pregabalin are dizziness, somnolence,  weight gain, leg swelling, and dry mouth.   but there are many other potential adverse effects  8) can you drive or can you  take alcohol with pregabalin?  dizzy and sleepy you should not be driving  a car or operating any heavy equipment.   you could

Cause injury to yourself and others.  9) is pregabalin good for anxiety? pregabalin has sedating effects,   and those can be helpful to people who suffer  form anxiety disorders. they are used in   combination with other anxiolytic medications  however, it is important to remember that if  you stop taking your daily duloxetine your

Body   include anxiety, insomnia and headache. but this is not the same thing as being addicted   to pregabalin. there is no such thing as addiction  to pregabalin. the person may develop dependence,   the same way that people can develop physical  dependence on thyroid hormones or blood pressure   medications. if they stop

Any of those medications  abruptly, they have withdrawal symptoms. it does   10) why pregabalin is not a controlled substance? as i explained before, there is no risk of   i know people may abuse pregabalin, but people   can also abuse acetaminophen, anti-inflammatories  or anti-nausea medications. it doesn’t mean   so,

I hope these answered your 10  top questions about pregabalin.  and don’t forget to subscribe to this  channel and turn on the notifications button. 

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10 Questions about pregabalin (LYRICA) for pain: uses, dosages, and risks By Dr. Andrea Furlan