March 22, 2023

Apt and the effect that it has on social life in a world full of opportunities why should we make safe choices as we all know there are many different areas in which the safe choices need to be made such as safe sex drink driving parties and drugs i have focused my inquiry in safe choices on em feta means and this social and physical effects that they have on users

I have done so as em photo means are usually taken once the user has started looking for a better high and photo means have many social and physical effects as well as psychological effects on the user and their family and more importantly their friends in the 1960s and 70s drug use for a social get-together grew exponentially with the use of lsd cannabis and m fan

Means becoming a popular thing to do with mates from this the popularity of hard drugs grew as people were in such for a longer and more intense high in today’s culture the presence of amphetamines is still very prominent with an estimated seven percent of australians aged 14 and up have tried a bts as per this poster from the victorian government an estimated four

Hundred and eighty tons of em fed amin was produced in 1999 and with the street value of 641 dollars per gram in australia and the average price globally at around ninety dollars per gram this puts the market worth at around 432 million u.s. dollars this is a figure that has risen exponentially through the 80s and 90s and into the modern era a user that has taken any

Form of em filming will experience many different types of such psychological effects the main ones are the high the coming down phase the paranoia and the experiences of psychosis a user will experience a feeling of confidence euphoria sense of superiority crees libido and less need for sleep while in the high phase these are accompanied by paranoia and math and you

Psychosis this involves disturbing hallucinations hyperactivity delusions and aggression these all contribute to the lasting effects of a brain that doesn’t function properly and a ruined mental state before and after mug shots of amphetamine users can be used to look at the physical changes a person’s body goes through these changes happen over a different amount

Of time depending on the amount consumed and other factors transformation took only four years and as you can already see that is a large difference in the face of facial features this one took a little longer at eight years but you can still see the disastrous effects that this young lady has experienced from em photo means a user will experience extreme weight

Loss meth mouth this is the term used for the effect that meth has on a user’s mouth horrible body odor hair loss scales and sores from this from the constant peaking at imaginary crank bugs and sickly skin as math suppresses the appetite of the user the user will usually not eat for days this leads to muscle atrophy and the body goes into starvation meth mouth

Refers to the rotting teeth are trademarks are meth user this occurs from the grinding of the teeth during a high and the disregard for hygiene as well as the bad chemicals in the meth itself the smell comes from amphetamine increasing sweating and users will often not change that clothes or have a shower for days and feta mean also contains ammonia which leaves a

Smell of urine on the body and vitamin deprives the body of the nutrients needed to maintain healthy hair and leads to hair falling out as amphetamine is a toxin the body’s natural trigger reaction to get rid of it is to sweat it out through the body’s pause this leads to a diseased appearance and family causes a delusion called crank bugs users pick at their skin

With the intent to get the crank bugs out this leaves scabs and sores on the body as defined as the macmillan dictionary social life is the time that you spent enjoying yourself with friends it is stated in the health department of vermont that many math users become so obsessed with using that they neglect that their friends and family so if amphetamines lead to

The neglecting of your significant others and the question is not how does it affect your social life it is more a matter of how long will it take for amphetamine to destroy your social life and also your life and famines can destroy your social life in a number of ways simply just by turning your face into one that society deems hideous it also gets you involved

With the wrong people leading to jail time or an unfortunate death methamphetamine speed or offers are just a few of the terms associated with the substance dextroamphetamine or apt this is a substance that has ruined countless lives and killed countless other consumers of it this substance has been around since of 60’s and his pop and popularity has only grown

After it was discovered that a high enough dose induces a chemical high while at the time the effects were not known but it was soon later discovered that there are many horrid effects of this drug has on users and their clothes families effects such as meth mouth hair loss paranoia rapid muscle muscle dystrophy and many others are all associated with this drug

Now ask yourself is a ruined life friends and family constants constantly scared for your well-being encounters with the law are they all worth that one time of paranoid euphoria

Transcribed from video
10P – 19097 Safe Choices – Amphetamines By SPS HPE