February 8, 2023

Hey everybody welcome back to my channel so in this video obviously the title of the video it’s about my eleventh day no i think i’m pretty sure today we’re on the eleventh day of buspirone so i’m just gonna get right into it let you guys know how i’m doing with the medicine like i said i’m going everyday day by day i would do like weekly but i like doing this whole

Like daily thing much better kind of enjoying it um so i can kind of look back and see you know how i’m doing on the medicine and like exactly when things started happening so i can tell that definitely there’s some there’s a slight change in my in my side effects kind of thing like in the morning if in the morning if i am at home the side effects from the morning

Medicine is not that bad like it’s really not severe all i get is slightly drowsy but that is it like i kind of forget that i took the pill because it doesn’t really give me a whole lot of side effects just gets me and then i’m kind of like doing stuff and all of a sudden i feel like kind of drowsy and i’m like oh yeah i was like i forgot i took the pill so that’s how

That’s how it is in the morning in the afternoon it’s a completely different story completely different like i’ll take it in the afternoon like for example today i took it around 355 or 350 or something like that ten minutes before four o’clock and i’m pretty sure that doesn’t really make a whole lot of big difference or anything um excuse me so then around probably

Around 20 minutes later i started getting really out of it really really like i felt really slowed down medicine and by slowdown i mean like my thought process like like pretty much my thought process and then the fact that i can’t get stressed out like i don’t know if you understand what i mean but like i can’t like my body okay my mind kids can have thoughts of

Like panic panic thoughts like oh my god what if we get in a car accident what if a car hits us cuz we run the car because we were gonna go to a birthday party for one of our family members or whatever so that happened today and like my mind was thinking about oh my god like we got too close to that car you know like that car got too close to us but i usually have

Those thoughts and then my body has like like i feel it in my body and i feel it in my mind but this with this medicine i feel it i feel it in my mind like i can have anxiety in my mind but it doesn’t translate to my body so i don’t have like the feeling in my chest i don’t have anything i just kind of don’t have any feelings associated with anxiety but i do get

The thoughts so yeah so that’s pretty much when the pill hits me that’s what happens and it only happens in the afternoon in the morning it doesn’t do that i in the morning i don’t have any thoughts about anything i i don’t know it’s weird so unless i’m at school okay i’m when i take it at school i do feel really really drowsy and really stupid and messed up on

The medicine like kind of like how i feel in the afternoon i don’t know why that is but that’s why that’s what it happens i don’t know why maybe it’s because i’m sitting down on a desk on a nut on a desk on a chair and i’m just kind of there and i just i have to pay attention but i can’t so i just feel super out of it i don’t know if that’s what it is but anyway so

Here’s something really weird that happened around 30 to 35 40 minutes around there we’re on our way we’re gonna go to like i think it was walmart yeah we we we went to dollar tree just get a baggie and then we were gonna go to walmart to get like a little toy for the girl for the little girl and well we were on our way there i was on my phone i was in the backseat

With my son my little kid made a one and a half year old and i was on my phone and then i was like just spacing out into my phone looking at a photo you know of somebody and then i like i look up from my phone and then i start having a panic attack pretty much i just i felt all the feelings come back to me at once all of that like numbness of like not having any

Associate you know what i mean that feeling that i said that i get stressed out in my mind but not in my body well all of the feelings came back at once i felt everything in my chest all of that feeling and then i was like oh my god i just started having like severe anxiety like almost like a panic attack like it felt exactly like a panic attack and i put my hand

On my heart which is what i usually do when i have a panic attack that’s how i can tell that i’m having a panic attack and not just anxiety so i put my hand on my heart and i felt my heart pounding hard but not really fast like maybe it was a mild panic attack because i definitely had the feelings associated with the panic attack but the physical symptoms weren’t

All a hundred percent like crazy how they usually are sorry i know what’s going on i have a lot of ass acidity going through my body right now so yes so i had that my pretty much my heart was going like this like that that’s pretty much what it was but it was it was hard but it wasn’t like how it usually when i have a panic attack this is what happens literally

That’s my heart and it it’s really hard it popped really really hard but this time it was more like this it was hard but it wasn’t fast so pretty much what i did was i looked down and i was like oh my god like i told my husband i was like oh my god i’m having like a panic attack i don’t know what’s going on i’m just freaking out out of nowhere and so yeah so this

Is around 35 to 40 minutes after taking that pill and and pretty much i just put the phone down i look down like on my legs and i tried to breathe i just like i just tried to just breathe in and breathe out and just try to like kind of disconnect and forget about what i was doing and what was going on there’s a lot of cars around me i don’t know if that’s what did

It but like i said i was looking down on my phone when i wouldn’t happened so yeah after that my anxiety was pretty much damn yeah so when we were at the party my husband it was like a little party well get-together thing my husband said he had he had anxiety and if you guys don’t know my husband struggles from star wars from struggles with anxiety and depression

I don’t really struggle with depression but he struggles with depression and anxiety and he also takes buspirone so yeah and he said that he was having a lot of anxiety at the party and i had no anxiety at all so yeah i don’t know what that you know what’s going on there with him but i think it needs to go see his psychiatrist to possibly boost his dose because

Right now he’s only taking he’s taking two pills of 7.5 a day so i mean i don’t know i guess that’s not doing it for him anymore he’s been taking it for around three two to three months now i want to say so yeah that is pretty much all for my 11th day on buspirone i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel more

Yeah so if you guys take peace pearl and please comment down below let me know how your experience is going yeah oh yeah i do wanted to mention something real quick this guy he he has something i think i’m gonna we could make a separate video real quick for you guys okay bye guys

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11 days on buspirone 7.5 mg! By Liuba De La Luna