June 4, 2023


Hi guys oh god knows i better put them drugs in my purse as they say hi katrina katina hi holly hey joshua washington savannah victoria hey girl guys two more days you guys can become a supporter i just got the email about it two days you guys can be a supporter it might it might be back today actually you guys try to clean that up try to clean my camera

Thing out guys you all might can become a supporter today check and see hi tammy hi dionne hey girl sent you a message okay hi charlotte hi kimber i’m yelling timber excuse me you guys hi candy where’s big hands where’s my angie hi tanya i swear candy me and you and her sisters is gonna have a ball i cannot believe her she her sisters are awesome dude i am

In love with kelly angie i absolutely love your sisters i love them i love kelly and shannon and i love them all is it back lauren lauren is it really back she said finally i can resubscribe is it back lauren guys please tell me if it’s back or not and don’t lie to me i don’t see it well hang on a minute guys i got something for our pants on let’s see where’s

The ones i don’t want to go at huh where’d they go hang on guys because i gotta go to the store so it’s not back oh okay lauren you mean when i in two days it’ll be back guys two days now guys listen i’m gonna tell y’all this one time and one time only the scammer page from now on will never be mentioned again nobody on it will be mentioned and if you mention

It or anything about it you will be blocked on the spot don’t ask me to unblock you because i blocked you for a reason that’s done so no if you’re blocked you’re gonna stay blocked and that’s th that’s over with you’re not getting unblocked anymore and once you leave my life you’re out of my life for good i gave you change after change after chance this goes for

Anybody and everybody if you leave my life you’re gone you’re not coming back here you’re not enough’s enough and i’ve had enough i’ve been through pure hell and finally i got i’m talking to a lady uh she’s getting me help to have something done about all this and yes i mean that with all my heart all i want is left alone that’s it two days chelsea it comes

Back two days guys two days it comes back let me get out of cafe here i gotta have old cassie or i’ll freeze my balls off you guys can subscribe in two to three days so just type bear with me save your save your five dollars guys yay chelsea your top fan i got the email this morning guys two to three days my supporters will be back hi ally it just means uh

Caitlyn that they sent stars on the celebration day that people send stars to people if that’s what it means that means you sent stars victoria on celebration that day i do have big hair girl oh my god you don’t even know wendy your package should be there within three days you said hi rosemarie stancil hi lottie size morehouse uh gracie caitlyn you’re subscr

When i get my supporters back for 4.99 a month you can sign up and be a supporter and that means i can do videos for just the ones that sign up as a supporter like nobody else can see the lie but the ones that subscribe and that’s where i’m going guys are the first of the year i’m going to strictly supporters and that’s just the way it’s going to be i’ll come

On here maybe once or twice a week and that’s it if you don’t if you can’t spend five dollars to watch me then you don’t want to watch me that bad we spend five dollars every day on something okay and i got cards this morning guys i got a card from um sorry thank you sorry for your card i got a card from i guess connie larson she sent one to me and he had thank

You shake that you guys so primary in and guys my stuff is pinned below my paypal cash app and stuff and vmo and if you want to tell me until i get my supporters back because that’s hurt me a lot you’re more than welcome to do that you don’t let nobody tell you what what to do no but i’ll block you silently i mean gosh guys what’s five dollars like i got five

Dollars in change they reported a post that my admin made bath bombs and that’s what got it took down but it’s awful funny that the same post is on her page hey there i was the one that loved and commented on your tic cheek thank you dawn i broke down i couldn’t help it girl it is warm it’s too hard actually yeah hi valerie how are you i’ll give you guys the

Name message the page i know wanda that’s fine well wendy it they tell me that you’re on the scammer page talking crap about me my tick tock is cmc.life hi crystal no shelly i don’t recognize you i know valerie this weather’s got me down too then billy keep your money honey like i said i’ll come on here once or twice a week but you’re not gonna see the stuff

That i’m gonna be doing you guys want if you don’t sign up i know wendy and that’s what i said it’s fake profiles they’re making they’re making fake profiles of everybody on here yes battery it logs it for me i know who pays and who don’t and thanks to the ones that unsubscribed thank you for that i’m glad you’re gone if you can’t pay the five dollars then don’t

No need for an announcement that’s right lauren that’s absolutely right guys i’m struggling like i said the supporters yes i made good money from it but i don’t get paid until the second of december for november so i won’t get paid for november until december 2nd still girl uh hi amanda i see that you and lee ellen are friends i meant january 2nd mom and bath

Bombs sorry guys so for december i’ll get paid january 2nd there gosh i’ve got my my months mixed up bad one i love them crystal they’re so i’m pretty thank you melando thanks figgy i was just doing that it’s a habit i’m in the wheelie yes mandy k brittany you can’t it’s three more two to three more days and you guys can can become supporters again i know

Holly me too and i don’t take pain pills so i do i’m prescribed double painting so i do take that of the day for my legs i prescribe gavel painting and suboxone uh girl i just realized it was friday an hour ago girl just as soon as i said that i had a message requested somewhere i told you chelsea i told you don’t accept them and most of yep i have lauren and

That’s not me out of a lot of money sherry i meant january 2nd i had my months mixed up excuse me for making a mistake sherry you have sent me money before and then you went on the scammer page and talked crap now you’re back here and i just don’t understand you’re either going to go there or you’re going to stay here or you’re going to get blocked here peggy

It does me it is my rls and my legs girl it’s only 300 milligrams but they help me they help the rls in my legs now sometimes they make me feel a little bit drunk but um does gabapentin work yes yes leon it does for my leg and nerve pain my legs and nerves in my legs yes if that mission helps you make sure you take it oh i do holly i do now next month when i

Go i’ll be up to 600 milligrams yeah peggy at first they will you got to get them in your body first i got three scripts without hitting that on their field because i’ve heard bad things about it whitney girl i’m telling you it works wonders yes yes donna and they will help you sleep too government makes me feel like i’m drunk amy you gotta take you gotta you

Either gotta break it in half take cass until you get used to them well amanda i’m on uh 300 milligrams six times a day so that’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. that’s 12 pills a day but when he ups me next month to 600 then i will be taking probably not six a day still but probably like four i don’t know i don’t know guys i haven’t gained i haven’t gained weight

On it i don’t either angie k i don’t and i got prescribed them this week you guys that’s what i done all day was it monday when i went on here all day that’s what i was doing finally now you guys can call me a dope head all you want there’s prescribed now and no you’ll never find my doctor you’ll never as soon as i walked in they said there’s the scammer of

Brethren county and i’m like yeah they laugh about it guys look up the definition of a scammer exactly leon and i’m talking kind of funny guys because i got the glue in and it’s all over right here it makes me talk funny that’s okay i’m still beautiful and guys i’ve actually i’m losing weight where i haven’t many no hard foods i’m losing weight guys notice my

Double chin is not as big as it was and guys if you come on here body shaming other women i’ll block you faster head swim uh michael uh it wasn’t like five weeks after i quit that uh quit uh some boxing cold turkey i had to go back i couldn’t do it on my own guys i just couldn’t yes i am back on some boxing’s anybody got a problem with that i love you too my

Candy and i can’t wait for all five of us to hang out yes mine’s capsules too guys i gotta go i love y’all see y’all

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