December 8, 2022

Ask your weight loss doctor if Qsymia is the right medication for you.

Hi dr. greg oliver again fat doctor tv well i appreciate your patience we’ve on a little hiatus here over the last couple of weeks we’re back now talking about things that are important to you and your struggle or journey let’s call it for weight loss i know i said struggle and sometimes it feels like it can be and with that in mind sometimes we need a little extra

Help you know we’ve talked in the past about genetics and our brain chemistry and the things that drive us to eat certain foods in certain quantities and sometimes we way too many carbohydrates and it seems like we’re addicted to carbohydrates there are things that can help and as a physician we many times use prescriptive medications to try and turn off or turn down

The appetite so someone can stay on an appropriate dietary regimen so they can lose the weight get healthy get fit and get lean well recently you may have heard and maybe you haven’t about the fda food and drug administration talking about a drug called qnexa q and e xa and this is a new drug but it’s a combination of a couple of old drugs once called phentermine

The brand of that was adipex the others called topiramate the brand of that was topamax well we’ve used those medications for a long time in assisting patients to lose weight those patients are over a 30 bmi body mass index of 30 and above or body max at mass index of 27 above if they have other medical conditions such as diabetes metabolic syndrome hypertension

Things like that well so the fda has not fully approved this drug yet but it has been recommended for approval by the committee that reviews bariatric medications at the fda so that’s a good sign that this drug is headed for approval initially it was put into the pipeline and asked for approval several years ago and it was denied they wanted more data the data is

Now out and it does show that this drug the drug qnexa which is combination of phentermine and topiramate is effective much more so than placebo which would be pill in having people lose weight or curry or creating an environment in their body where they can lose weight more effectively and in the study they lost an additional 22 pounds we won’t go into all the

Details of the study we won’t go into the drug dosages there are very specific dosages there was a small dose medium dose and larger dose and guess what the people on the highest dose lost more weight we kind of figured that might happen but these drugs are going to be available in the form of connect so hopefully the pricing or insurance coverage or things like

That are structured so that makes it easy for people who need to lose weight to get on this drug if not we still have the generic of the adipex which is phentermine the generic of topamax which is topiramate and they can be used together now there’s never been a study of those two generic drugs put together so i can’t claim that these are going to be better than

Qnexa but just anecdotally and in our practice we know that they do work very well so if you’re having problems on your journey to getting leaner and you wish to use these medications then get with a bariatric physician one that maybe is approved by the american society of bariatric physicians asb p you can go to their website which is a sbp calm and it will tell

You the positions in your area that you might talk about qnexa or some of the other medications like phentermine and topiramate that are available to help you certainly these drugs can have some side effects so you’ll want to be able to talk to your physician about that before going on in these medications but if you can’t find a doc and you’re having issues feel

Free to contact us here fat doctor and will help direct you in the right way hopefully that helps you in your quest to become healthy this is dr. greg oliver fat dr. tv saying so long for now and we’ll see less of you next time have a great day

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