March 24, 2023

If you have these skin problems, it’s time to start focusing on your liver—here’s why.

You know it’s interesting if you have a skin problem you go to a dermatologist and they give you a diagnosis a label and then you get some medication probably a cortisone cream or some other medication and then you go home and you start applying the cream and then you wonder why you have to keep taking this cream over and over and over for weeks well it could

Be that you haven’t really corrected the real problem and out of all the locations of where skin problems originate from the liver is at the top of the list and so we’re just going to go through all the different skin problems that relate or are caused by your liver and then i’m going to give you a good solution okay first of all itchy skin definitely liver why

Because bile is made by the liver and then it drains out through all these little tubes bile ducts into the gallbladder and then it’s secreted into the small intestine and if there’s any bit of backup into that plumbing so to speak it’s going to back up into the blood and out to the skin you’re going to have itchiness okay next one is a red nose okay this

Usually occurs in diabetics you’ll see that they have a redness in their nose but it could come from other things that they’re eating too like junk food or unhealthy food habits red nodules that could be from a certain medical condition that’s related to the liver white and yellow deposits on the eyelid that is cholesterol backing up into the eyelids and it’s

Actually you have these little cholesterol deposits or fatty deposits on the eyelid that’s related to the liver now of course jaundice is where your skin and eye whites are yellow because of this back up through the bile ducts into the blood and into into the skin i remember one time my skin turned um orange okay now that that’s not jaundice because john just

Has more of a yellow tint but it was because i was consuming massive amounts of carrot juice okay which i no longer do all right next one is spider nevi which is a liver problem and it’s kind of like a looks like a little bit of a a red dot with these little spider webs coming out from it that is related to too much estrogen because the liver buffers estrogen

So that’s another function of the liver that can turn into a male function another one is where you have this like red purple plaquing on your either your elbows or your arms or your legs that comes from another condition related to the liver red palms is a symptom of a liver issue there’s something else called paper money skin where if you were to look at the

Maybe the abdomen legs or arms it has like a texture or a look of wrinkled up money now if you have too much iron built up in your body like this accumulation of iron because you have another condition where you can’t get rid of iron at all and it becomes very toxic your skin becomes gray or bronzed and actually what’s happening your liver is becoming cirrhotic

Or you’re developing cirrhosis advanced scar tissue i talked about a red nose you could also have an enlarged red bumpy bulbous nose with another liver condition all right another condition is the eczema very common in liver conditions but what do people take for this condition skin creams cortisone cream the problem is cortisone creams in prednisone which is a

Synthetic version of cortisol destroys the liver even more so it actually worsens the condition white nail beds even though it’s from your nail their skin underneath the nail that could be an indication of liver damage rosacea the redness on the cheeks that’s a liver condition it can also be an alteration in your bowel which also you’re probably gonna at the same

Time have a liver problem then you have red papules which are these red little dots on the skin is related to the liver and so as you can see there’s a lot of skin problems that are related to the liver and one point i want to make about drugs when people take drugs like for example statins for example you can get blisters on the skin peeling on the skin burning

In the skin a red rash for various reasons and one could be they might deplete your nutrient levels in your body and then create the skin problem like a b2 or b3 deficiency will also create all of these symptoms right here all right so what is the solution of course we want to improve the liver there’s some immediate things you can do to see a nice change and that

Would be number one start taking tudka tutcom is a synthetic type of bile salt but it doesn’t appear to have any side effects only positive effects and they made it synthetic because it’s a chemical very similar to bare bile okay bear bile they used to use that as a natural remedy until they were killing too many bears so they made a synthetic version which is a

Good thing it’s called tutka and tatka is very unique in that it can help increase the flow of bile that is kind of stagnant in the liver and the bile duct so it opens up the flow and allows things to drain out and since most of these skin problems are a backup of stuff that’s coming out to the liver in this in the blood and then the skin tuck it is a really good

Remedy so you can take that an empty stomach take two maybe in the morning and then maybe another one in the afternoon or just two in the afternoon depending on how bad things are and i think you should see some change right away okay so that’s number one as you then correct the real cause which is probably related to your diet so you get on keto the healthy version

Of course and start doing fasting which will greatly improve your skin milk thistle is a really good remedy as well it’s one of the top natural herbs with very little side effects that protects the liver against poisons but it also can help regenerate liver cells and the last thing are probiotic foods like fermented foods really good for your liver as well as for

Your large intestine now i think the next most important video for you to watch would be on the relationship between fasting and your skin so check that one out i put it up right here

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15 SKIN Signs that Reveal Your Liver is in Trouble By Dr. Eric Berg DC