December 8, 2022

Once a day didn’t work. Unfortunately.

Super quick update um um during the beginning of my fourth day on the dosing one time a day it hit me pretty hard my body did not like it at all uh i actually went into intradose withdrawals um which i had not experienced before um had feelings like uh things coming back that that i only had when i was cold turkey um that i haven’t had since then the rock in

My stomach was back hardcore absolutely no appetite which was completely opposite from just a week ago um when i was actually hungry all the time um well most of the time especially in the evenings and the late night um very emotional uh just bawling over nothing things that normally my intelligence could could tell me hey you know this isn’t that bad you’ve

Got a solution it’s okay i was just bawling over and the trembling and shaking came back when i was ct’ed i shook a lot visibly in my legs mostly but also in my arms and a little bit in my torso and that came back too so i’m not going to give that any longer i’m back on two times a day i’m going to do midnight and noon since i’m up late anyway and i should be up

By noon anyway um i’m in my second day of that kind of i i kind of had to uh in splitting it back up i kind of had to overlap it so i essentially updosed a lit by a few hours just to get it back to uh i did four and four o’clock and four o’clock and then tonight i did midnight it’s now three am and tomorrow due noon and i’ll stay with the 12 and 12s i’m going

To give myself the rest of the weekend it’s now late friday night early saturday morning um and then on monday i’m going to start with my liquid titration again on the 0.5 that i mentioned in my last video a few days ago um so that’s my quick update i just wanted to get that out there like i said i changed my mind all the time but you know what it’s trial and

Error right now you know i’m trying to figure out what my body can handle what it can take what it’ll accept and it won’t accept the once a day so back to twice a day and then back to lting so that’s my quick update and i’m going to make a video again right now uh on pre-benzo symptoms pre-ct symptoms and see symptoms that i had during my ct so that will be coming up next thanks

Transcribed from video
15. Update on Dosing Once a Day (benzodiazepine, benzo, klonopin, clonazepam) By Benzodiazepine Taper