January 27, 2023

My personal experience with Concerta and ADHD after 15 years of daily use.

Hi i’m edwin and i’m from estonia and i got diagnosed with adhd when i was probably like eight or seven eight years old something like that uh there was no medication available at that moment it was in the 90s and east europe you know it was not available but anyways time went on and probably like about when i was like 18 years old it was the first time when i

Tried the first concerta first i got 18 milligram one then i got 36 and then later i went on to what was it uh 64 or something yeah yeah or 66 oh i don’t know anyways and my you know for some people probably who got this medication maybe earlier maybe it helped them to do some kind of like school work and go through the school and stuff well i’ve been dropping

Out of university like two times and by the time i was finally prescribed concerta i was already doing like molly and acid and smoking smoking pot and doing everything and so i don’t know how to if you mix them together do you get the same result because i personally i have to say that it haven’t been as magical as i wish it had been i worked really hard to get

This medication and once i got it i was slightly disappointed because i was hoping it to be you know more pleasant one something about like what people maybe don’t mention very often is that uh for many many people ritalin it’s just a stimulant but it’s a little bit unpleasant one it makes your you know it makes you very anxious and if you have been for example

On the streets doing like speed or something and you you start first because at so young age you already try those ones and then you try the concerta and then you feel like oh speed and coke and all these ones are just so much more like enjoyable like you don’t get this panic and anxiety attack instead of you get like euphoria a nice feeling and in your mind

Because you want this medication you start thinking like oh maybe i can get the same kick out of this medication or something you know because like those speed those things really make you want to use your brain for a little but i would have to say that even with concerti it’s like yeah it works some people say change their life you know oh my god it’s a big

Statement you know i would say that it has never changed anything about my life what it does is like if i drop one gonzerta in the morning i can basically just suppress my appetite because during the weekends i drink so much i eat drink drink drink smoke drink do all the crazy things and then i gain so i get so like swollen and one once the week starts like

On monday or something then i start dropping like concertos in the morning quite early because they last for a while and by doing so i basically just suppress my appetite and give myself a basic energy and the basic energy to clean up my room and stuff i never got to do like graduated i’m a two-time university dropout this university thing really didn’t fit

For me for some reason um it was probably too difficult for me and i can’t keep like i’ve always had a problem with something that feels very boring you know like for me it’s so hard to find an excitement you know i’m really like for my adh i i guess it’s called you can call it adhd or whatever you know it definitely i’m diagnosed with it but i just find it so

Hard to find any excitement you know and once there is something that makes me really quite excited or make me feel comfortable then i mean immediately like super addicted and into it and yeah re uh riddling and concert that they they just don’t cut it you know they don’t give me they don’t give me the feeling like i want to do anything really at all they give me

A basic energy but what it is like i can watch porn and like you know like do my help myself like five times a day and this once i put this concert on then i can’t even focus at all once some girls photo pops up on my phone screen i’m like totally taken you know there is there’s no focus to deal with any kind of work or any kind of thing i guess one time when

Gonzerta really helped me was when i was backpacking in australia and then i when i just eat some kind of like a planting toast um watermelon watermelon plants then it really works because it was like physical work you know i was like i put one in and i had energy like all day long all i needed was drinking water and it really helped but for anything that’s like

You know nowadays a lot of people are at home maybe probably like unemployed or like just like having some way of surviving in a way that there is nobody really telling you what you have to do or something and in in this case i would say that what the concerto really doesn’t do is that it doesn’t give you it does give you certain like energy or maybe some kind

Of like you want to do something but it doesn’t give you the motivation you know at some point in your life you run out of motivation you just don’t care about those things when you was young you cared about that oh you wanted to be rich and famous and stuff and suddenly when you some moment like at least for me when i hit some moment i just run try on motivation

And so i started posting it with like a quarter of modafinil and something put my it together with modafini because modafinil is really like it’s like a motivation but it isn’t like stimulant so it doesn’t stimulate me even though it takes my like sleep it makes me sleepless and stuff but it just gives you some motivation think that yo you want to be better yourself

Or something which ritalin definitely doesn’t do or like concert both the same thing one is like xr extended release another one is short release so that’s the only difference but yeah i like um with concert uh i would say that there are side effects you see or you know for at least for some few hours you see your penis shrink if you’re a male and you you see

Like you can have some headache or you can have very racy heart you can become moody and a little bit usually what the t what it means like you just when you start taking this medicine because with riddling you can kind of control the dose of it because you can break it to counter quarters and stuff it’s very easily you know break you can do anything with it but

With concert eyes like all enclosed capsule and if if you first start even the 18 milligram one might be a little bit too much for you so you feel a hand pump sweaty and hard racing and you feel a little bit angry with your loved one or something you know so yeah that’s something that you need to be aware of and another one is like um if you take it for a longer

Time then it doesn’t work again then you should do a break for a couple of days or a week or something and then it works again but of course like i said it works but in my personal opinion it’s not some kind of smart drug you know that’s an it’s very good name to a very good marketing but it probably doesn’t it doesn’t deserve what it’s called you know it’s not a

Really smart drug it’s just like stay up late if you want if you have a short release the riddling pills you can sniff it when you’re drunk you can get clear again and have a little bit you know something going on other than that really like um maybe just doing your homework like if somebody really forces you at school to do something but that’s what i’m saying

I should have had this thing in the school and not right now you know like but yeah it’s school homework or something maybe maybe i wouldn’t give too much credit to that one either because like many of us before we even get on the medication or something because those many doctors don’t want to give this medication to like a seven-year-old so the by the time you

Get this medication you have probably already been smoking weed and you probably do it regularly and stuff and if you mix those two up you get a little bit funky weird hallucinating or not a little bit like drippy feeling something but it definitely doesn’t help you to do your homework if you if it’s already the situation is like that so yeah maybe if you take

Just like only this medicine you are very much under your parents control you don’t drink you don’t smoke you don’t do others um street medications uh medicines then maybe yes maybe it works but that means you need to be a good boy uh your mom like just you know really you need to sit at home play video games and then take this medicine maybe then you get

Such a kick that makes you want to do stuff that’s the only way i see it other than that i feel like it just stimulates everything like you are who you are and by the way i like who i am like i don’t have anything against my myself like i wish i was better educated and had better finances and some more opportunities work and everything wise you know but at the

Same time i have to say that i love my personality i’m happy with myself and i don’t really want to change it right but it’s this adhd thing this is part of my personality i’m all good with it but yeah like with concert time these things they give you a certain kick it doesn’t do anything special once you quit taking it you probably get a little bit depressed

For a little while maybe a week maybe less maybe just to fun two days but after this goes away nothing really changed in your life you know it’s it’s not like the type of medicine that you take take take and it cures something it never cures anything it only treats something and it treats only for specific people i really wish i had a chance one day to try those

Um like amphetamine based medic adhd medications because in the countries where i’m currently living and where i’m from this is the controlled substance so it’s not really available for medical use but if i have a chance to travel again someday to maybe to the united states or some other place then i would love to try maybe it’s much better you know i do believe

It’s much better probably have a stronger drop once it ends but at least you get the decent kick when it starts that’s important that’s my opinion on riddling problem is my first video too put me a thumbs up if you like what i say if you disagree put me a thumbs down and if you want to say something that i missed or want to correct me something just leave the

Comment and if you want to subscribe and see more maybe i will update something more as well ciao i’m edwin have a very nice day

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15 years on Ritalin, Concerta, methylphenidate… What has changed? My ADHD story. By Dr. Braun’s psychiatry