November 29, 2022

In this episode, I review how the past 18 months have been with therapy with clonazepam (Klonopin).

Everybody welcome back to drug talk as always i’m your host gary campbell in today’s video i want to share my experience after about 18 months of using as needed clonazepam i’ll start by saying the reason i was prescribed this medication for such a long duration of time is because i do have bipolar disorder so because of this condition it kind of takes away a lot

Of those once daily medications that many other people can use to try to prevent anxiety over this time period i have had ativan or lorazepam as well as clonazepam or clonopin and i do have a preference for clonazepam mainly because it seems to work for a longer duration of time after taking a dose i found that while using lorazepam i may have to take more than

One tablet in a day but with clonazepam there hasn’t been a time where i’ve taken more than one tablet in a day despite the fact that it’s prescribed as 0.5 milligrams once in the morning and two at bedtime the main reason i was prescribed this medication is because after having several manic episodes i really did develop anxiety that would sometimes turn into

Panic attacks just over the constant thought of maybe having another manic episode so i was kind of always on edge and there would be moments for example i may be at work just doing my job and then the anxiety would stir and then i start to have kind of paranoia that people may look at me and think that i’m acting differently and then the anxiety kind of cascades

Into i guess what i would call a panic attack with sweaty palms potentially a sweaty forehead and really a rapid heart rate to the point where i’d have to leave where i was doing my work go to the bathroom splash water on my face and kind of try to calm myself down so the canazepam has been very helpful in those moments it only really takes about 20 to 30 minutes

I personally find for it to kick in and then it lasts for about six to eight hours for me personally and that’s more than enough time to get through the rest of the workday and kind of again when experience anxiety get back to kind of a safe environment at home now there is a lot of concerns with this medication um that if you use it too often you can develop

A kind of a substance abuse issue with it and that is an issue for some people but that’s why i really try my hardest not to use it unless i really do need it unless that anxiety really gets too intense too extreme mainly if it’s on the verge of a panic attack there are other techniques that i may use if i just have mild anxiety aside from clonazepam or clonopen

To try to calm down the anxiety such as maybe doing a meditation or doing different breathing exercises that you can actually find on youtube i find these two methods very helpful to calm down the anxiety overall in terms of side effects i haven’t really experienced any side effects with this medication um if i do take it in the morning which is very rare if i

Wake up with anxiety and i feel like oh i don’t think i can go to work today that kind of anxiety and i do take even maybe half a tablet again these are 0.5 milligrams i do notice maybe a little bit of drowsiness but after using the medication for quite some time as needed i don’t really find that drowsiness really affects me much anymore typically in the run

Of one week i would say the maximum i would use clonazepam would be three times in one week that’s really what i kind of i try to keep it at that or under that one thing i will say if you’ve watched some of my other videos in the past i’ve had substance abuse issues with cannabis in the past so i’m kind of extra cautious just because i know that i do potentially

Have kind of that addictive personality so i really don’t want to kind of get into any trouble with this medication so that’s why again despite the fact that it is prescribed to me as one tablet in the morning two tablets at bedtime i only use about one tablet as needed about three times a week and sometimes i’ll go a full week without using it even maybe two weeks

Without using it for me it kind of depends on what time of year we’re at in terms of how often i use it during from october to march when i usually experience depression associated with bipolar disorder i may use clonazepam more often because oftentimes anxiety kind of comes with that depression now during the spring months and the summer months i may not use

Clonazepam at all for months at a time because the anxiety is less severe sometimes non-existent i should make a note here that if this is a medication that you’re looking to be prescribed there are a lot of physicians and rightfully so that are hesitant to prescribe this medication especially in large quantities because of what i discussed earlier about the

Risk of substance abuse with medications like this with benzodiazepines i have a really good relationship with my psychiatrist and he kind of he acknowledges the fact that a lot of the main medications for anxiety i can’t really use because they have a high risk of pushing me into mania so for that reason he’s able to prescribe it to me on a monthly basis with

A small supply just to kind of get me through that month but i should say that sometimes it may be difficult to get this medication you may have to try other options first before a physician wants to prescribe this to you and then in that situation they may only prescribe it in a small quantity i will say overall this medication has been a lifesaver for me

Personally it’s definitely prevented me from missing work on several occasions um it’s made me be able to kind of go to social outings when i’m in that kind of phase of depression where the anxiety is lingering over the depression i don’t feel like socializing um this will kind of calm down the anxiety and allow me to kind of go with friends with groups of family

And kind of just live normally but again like i said i only try to use it at a very low frequency so i guess to summarize everything that i kind of talked about i do find this medication very helpful for my anxiety i prefer it over lorazepam or ativan mainly because i find it works faster and honestly personally i find they both kind of kick in at the same time

In the same time frame i do try to use it as less frequently as i can i try to max it out at three times a week and sometimes i’ll use even half a tablet if i don’t feel like i need a full tablet i don’t use it to the maximum extent as it’s prescribed mainly because of the my history of substance abuse with cannabis so i feel like i have to be more responsible

With it but overall it has been definitely a benefit to me um in terms of treating my anxiety and trying to kind of keep my life in a normal pattern not missing out on things like work or social outings um so overall it has been a benefit to me in treating my anxiety associated i guess with the depression coming from bipolar disorder so anyway that’s all i want

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