June 1, 2023

Buspirone support group

Hello everybody welcome back to my channel i hope you guys can see me i’m in my car right now this is where i found that was the best place to make a video for today so today i have been officially 2 mons on buspirone and i just literally i cannot believe it i feel like just the other day i literally made a video about one day on buspirone and it’s so weird and

I’m sorry it’s hot and i have to let some air in and just like i have the car off because i don’t want it to be you know bad for the environment or whatever sitting here with the car on so i’m just trying to be more mindful about those kind of things but um anyway so what was i think so yeah so it makes two months on buspirone today and i’m still taking it on the

Seven point five milligrams a day taking it one half in the morning one half in the afternoon and so far i’ve been doing pretty good my anxiety levels have been low but i think they’re starting to come back a little bit just because i have three classes now before i only had to run out sorry no before i only had one yeah before i only had one now have three classes

So that’s a lot more stress and then also i got back into my photography business and then you know like on top of that i have my kids and there’s like there’s just a lot that i’m going through and i’m doing right now but i mean it feels good i like doing things like it makes me feel less depressed and stuff but um yeah so there was something that i wanted to talk

About real quick some of you have been asking me questions about like support groups and stuff and like groups in general and i’m gonna link there is two facebook groups that i am in on facebook and they’re about anxiety and depression and that’s pretty much what they’re about and i mean two of those i’m sure there’s like a crap ton of them on facebook but i’m just

In two of them because if i was in a lot of them it would be like really overwhelming to have all those kind of posts all the time but yeah on there you could go and pretty much just vent say whatever you want to say and just have a lot of people you know replying back to you and yeah so it’s like a support group and it’s two of those and i will link them down

Below so if you want you could go down and check them out they’ll be in the in the comment area of my video and so and you guys also know that there is a buspirone support group on facebook as well i am not that is not my group although i wish i would have thought about that because it’s it’s a rather small group it’s just barely starting to kind of gain momentum

But yeah i’m not the creator of that one there’s somebody else i don’t know who is but yeah there’s a buspar on a support group and i will link it down below as well and what else yeah my side effects completely gone i have literally i have zero side effects i don’t have anything else i whenever i take the medication i don’t get anything at all like i don’t get

Any dizziness or drowsiness or even the slightest bit of drowsiness how i was getting it before i don’t have any of that anymore thank goodness because i was just getting ridiculous although it was a little bit comforting just to know that it was gonna come call me down to the point where you kind of drowsy but yeah it’s not that’s not doing it anymore i do i do

Get calm like after i take it so it is a good feeling sorry um okay sorry about that my camera started freezing up and i think it’s because i’m in this really hot car and yeah my phone is definitely cooking up in here um but yeah i think that is it so my anxiety levels are really low but they are kind of going up a little bit but i’m not sure because like i’m to

The point where i don’t feel like like a zombie kind of i’m like okay i feel okay i feel normal but like i don’t have anxiety but i do feel like a little bit just kind of coming back in like really stress in stressful situations and sometimes not stressful situations so i may have to increase my dose in the future but i’m not sure another thing i wanted to talk

About i think i’m gonna make another video for that one because it’s just like those videos getting too long it’s already like five minutes and i don’t want you guys here forever so yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my subscriber to my channel i can’t talk i’m subscribed to my channel and comment down below if

You have any questions about buspirone or are you new to buspirone or you’ve been taking these brown or whatever alright bye everybody

Transcribed from video
2 months on buspirone!! Anxiety and depression support groups! By Liuba De La Luna