June 4, 2023

What’s it like after 2 years of using venlafaxine for my anxiety and seasonal depression? This video is an update to answer some of those questions.

Hey guys it’s bree and walter of course and welcome to my channel just breezy i wanted to give you guys an update because so many of you have asked in the comment section um how am i doing what medication am i taking now any side effects all of that good stuff so let’s just get right into it um i am still taking effects or 75 milligrams a day i believe this

November will be two years give or take but i’m pretty sure that’s when i started taking it was two years this november um overall for me effectsor is a great fit i know from the comments section that there’s sort of two separate camps on this there’s those of you who have had similar experiences to my own where effectsor has really helped you find relief from

Your anxiety and depression and it works well with you and then there are those of you who have experienced every side effect in the book from it and it is just not the right medication for you so for those of you who have had that experience i just say to you keep trying keep trying um if it’s not the first medication it may not be the second maybe it’s the

Third but if it’s something that you really need it’s worth continuing to advocate and trial and error and have a great you know communication relationship with your doctor about that um so like i said effexor has been a good a good fit for me as far as side effects a lot of people especially women although i know some men you know may uh have concerns about it

Too but a lot of women are worried about weight gain i will say that i have definitely gained a few pounds i have but i i can’t really tie it to the effects or because i have been terrible with my nutrition i don’t know if some of you go through this where it’s either you’re like you’re all or nothing like i wake up one day and i’m like let’s drink the water

Let’s eat the kale let’s get on a good track and i’m doing that i’m feeling great the best i’ve ever felt and then the next day i just sabotage and i eat the bagels and the pizza and the sugar and it’s like and i spiral i can’t just have a little and then so that’s sort of what i struggle with so when i say weight gain um listen i’ve always been just sort of a

Smaller build person um but like anybody you know i notice or you feel when your clothes fit differently or whatever it may be but also we’re human right so we’re we’re gonna gain weight and our bodies are gonna change and look different that’s different than perhaps the weight gain from a medication so the only thing i could really suggest to you is that when

You start taking a new medication and i’ve said this before you need to track how your body is feeling and responding at least in those first few weeks jot it down and i’m not talking about a novel guys i’m just talking about the end of the day or if something pops up you write a little statement about it a little sentence so that when you follow up with your

Doctor you can open that up and say hey and read it off and have that feedback because a lot of times when it comes to medication if you start to experience a side effect um oh my head really hurt on tuesday and i was really tired that’s the only thing sometimes it sticks out in our mind is the negative meanwhile you could have had seven really good days but

The headache and tiredness sticks out but if you’re writing it down you can kind of look back and say oh one day out of seven whatever it may be so any side effects good bad you’re just gonna write it down and then discuss that with your doctor um i will say i fell into a little bit of a trap that i’ve discussed in the past and i’ve warned people about and that

Is oftentimes when people start feeling good they stop taking their medication and it’s sort of this thought of i’m feeling good i got this i don’t need this but really it’s this that made you feel good and balanced and for me it wasn’t so much a conscious decision of i’m feeling good i don’t need this for me it was okay i’m feeling good i got this and i didn’t

Make it a priority you know i i stopped making my mental health a priority is what i did i’m just figuring that out now as i’m talking to you because i had a lot of stuff going on like so many people do right you’re running around in 15 different directions whether you have kids or not you just lead a busy lifestyle um and then all of a sudden your mental health

Stops becoming a priority because you’re feeling good and that’s that’s what i’ve done a few times where go go go go i forget to take my medicine on a monday i don’t take it on a tuesday and then by tuesday night i’m experiencing what some people call brain zaps and it’s these little i know it sounds terrible but it’s these little like annoying um zaps in your

Body almost like you touched or this is going to sound weird but when you were a kid you ever put your tongue to a battery but that’s sort of like what i experienced in my body and it’s like a withdrawal withdrawal one of those words man i can’t say um but it’s the prime amazon prime is here nope stop it but it’s because my body wasn’t getting the medication

So i’m gonna wrap up here because that’s really all i had to share about an update um if you want to leave a comment though share with me what you’ve been experiencing i would love to know and thank you guys so much for watching and listening and i’ll talk to you soon love you bye you

Transcribed from video