February 1, 2023

I am out of my drug for Cholesterol.

Good morning everyone how are you today it’s me shane lee this here is the drug send the staten now i’ll try to order about em around the first of the month because i only had like a few left like enough sir eight days and then and it’s been over a week since i haven’t been on medication called my doctor please yes has a for some reason i did his job and you know

Fulfill the order now let me tell you something dumbass toddler i don’t know what your game is but if you think denied me a little bit of drugs who killed me idiot it won’t is that what you’re doing here you’re not being a good doctor i don’t care who the you are you need to get a real life and either send me the medication or at least say i don’t need it anymore

So you don’t look like an idiot other now is that what you’re doing see if i’d these are done i mean i hope that’s what you’re doing here if not it’s called attempted murder dumbass to deny someone medication you think they need or not i know now that i need the medication where i don’t know maybe i thought maybe you’re right is that what you’re saying well then

Say a dumbass say shame there longer needs some dissent and then you won’t look like an on the but you don’t give me my medication you look like what an on the moon that’s the point your job is to treat your patient now i’ve been on this medication for a while but not taking it ain’t going to kill me immediately that’s what you trying to do or if you’re seen

I don’t need any more are saying i don’t need it anymore you need to communicate that to someone other than me anna whatever whatever i mean it’s not like i have high cholesterol anyway anyway or that not taking the drug for up to a month or whatever will show me immediately anyway or that i won’t complain get up by black idiot if that’s what you’re going in or

Like i didn’t survive a three-story fall or heart that when i was sixteen idiot and you think a little some the satin if you’re one of the few witnesses eat now how much more evidence do i have to show you before your understand you can’t kill me this light on that that’s a cowardly move anyway i know if i remind me a certain medication like that’ll kill me you

Need it’ll begin well still here after over weekend in there i’m giving you a chance to do what’s called the right thing but if you don’t i’ll be all right i’ll be all right just playing about it i’ll be all right with us how to have a shower and if you want to lose your job go out on the head i’m karen i’m sure i just complain to the public and tell them what

You’re doing to a disabled veteran was very annoyed schizophrenia whom you haven’t fulfilled his order in every two weeks i meant which is very strange for the va to do to someone who’s unleashes anyway anyway like i won’t complain to the public idiot is that dr. black that’s what they call bad doctors clank aah

Transcribed from video
20170214 05 12 07 Shane is out of Simvastatin either order or not By Shane Lee