March 28, 2023

Because tapering a benzodiazepine and an SNRI is affecting our lives so deeply I want to make these video’s to spread the awareness and share my story to support others like myself. I started my taper of benzodiazepines in the early summer of 2017 and ended it on the 10th of December 2017. On 27 December 2018 I started my taper of 75 mg of Venlafaxine and I am at 29 mg at the moment. I am having same struggles but it is bearable. I am wondering if I need to slow down because I want to stay functional and I am not sure if I will be at the moment. It’s seems to get harder. Hopefully the way I am feeling and my body is responding will pass very soon.

Hi guys i want to make you a quick video just to let you know i’m still here i’m still tapering and i’m still surviving but also living i’m not only surviving i am living i am 21 months out of benzodiazepine taper and i’m nine months in my thumb the vaccine paper brand is effexor i think so yeah how am i doing that today’s is anxious like i’m having heart palpitations

I feel like i’m not breathing right i’m not calm i can’t really focus my concentration is so off so it’s hard for me to read although i started a study last saturday i started my education to to be able to support you even more i know that i’m a great support for everybody already and i know that it doesn’t make me a better coach but i’m still thinking that you know

Collecting more information about how i can help people is a good thing so that’s where i started but i have to read books and it’s very overwhelming and it’s creating great chaos in my brain but i’m trying to divide it in little pieces do it bit by bit all the subjects that i’m reading about are in my interest but yeah so it’s difficult for me i’m feeling like

I don’t feel like crying i’m not sad i’m i’m not oppressed i’m not really sad really not like it’s not that i’m having a bad mood i am just really not feeling good i wonder if you know what i mean when i say all that it’s so hard to explain but i’m really off and it makes me well it makes me wonder what to do if i’m doing the right thing and everything if i need

To let go of more things i don’t think so by the way i really don’t think so i think i’m on the right track but it’s just hard it’s not as easy as i wanted to be i just just for for the guys who for the people who didn’t know what my history is sorry you know even my language today is not that great so i’m searching for words i i want to give you an update but i

Want you to know so where i come from so from 2012-2013 maybe i had seats ella prom which is an ssri and that pooped out at the end of 2016 which left me completely in a world show i’m so ill they took so i tapered it in one month that was the advice i did causing me to be i don’t know if it left me more ill than before but it was horrible it didn’t fix itself at

All and doctor said i was having a setback it was my own depression coming back i was ill again so i needed to be in another and to depressant and so that became effects were found the vaccine and i have used it for one and a half year sort of more or less a little bit more and then i started tapering in december 2018 now nine months in my taper and i’m starting

To struggle a little bit more it seems to me i’m having a weird lip today it’s giving me this muscle as if i don’t know maybe you don’t see it i will check later but i feel this muscle a twitching sort of it’s not a tremor it’s just an annoying feeling maybe as if i’m breathing wrong and maybe i am maybe i’m hyperventilating a little bit but that’s okay yeah when

I started my found the faxing taper by the way i wasn’t completely you know free of benzo withdrawal complaints i was pretty okay so i felt good enough to start i wasn’t in complete benzo withdrawal there are still some complaints my energy is not good my concentration is not that good but i was sleeping fine i was able to do a lot of things and develop and i was

Feeling okay so this is why i decided it was time to attack the venlafaxine and get rid of that drug as well but i know that it can be a freak show when you do that so i decided to go really really really slow and i am and at the moment i’m considering to stop for a moment there are some personal things in my life in my family’s life my children’s lights that

Are causing me a lot of stress and concerns for them and that is really hard to deal with when you’re in withdrawal so the rest of my life is very calm although you know starting a study is a very serious challenge but in general really there’s nothing going on in my life it’s just coming from the outside and it’s really hard to handle right now so i’m considering

To even slow down more but i’m not sure what would you do i don’t know i’m having heart palpitations i’m anxious all day and i cannot focus at all and i’m having cravings which i didn’t have maybe ever and i’m starting i started a paleo diet since over a year and i could keep that up very easily and i was very motivated and in the last week i definitely had some

Craving especially for sweets and i bought ben & jerry’s vegan vegan chocolate brownie ice cream which is lovely but it’s not paleo for sure it’s too much sugar and and probably some grains and wheats and it’s a mess but yeah that’s how i’m doing i am still working on my website i’m still supporting people but i’m doing a lot so i’m just working through the

Process it feels to me like being pregnant and giving birth i’m still pregnant baby’s not coming yet and yeah we’ll be fully functioning probably in a year i can’t be in a hurry it’s it’s too overwhelming for me right now my nervous system is not able to process at all so but i want to send you all my love all my support and let you know that things will get better

And we will get through this and yeah we are here to support each other and i’m here to support you so if you have any questions or you want to talk just let me know and maybe we can be in touch have a nice day you all and lots of healing love and light to all of you

Transcribed from video
21 months out of benzodiazepine taper / withdrawal from Venlafaxine, 9 months in my taper. By The Taper Coach