February 8, 2023

21 vs 28 day birth control pills explained. In this video I will quickly demystify the difference between twenty-one versus twenty-eight day birth control pill packs and which may be the best choice for you. Contraception manufacturers build their pill packs in monthly groups of 21 or 28 day versions often under the same brand name which can cause confusion. Why would you want to take 28 tablets a month instead of the superficially simpler 21 day varieties? I will show you how more can actually be more convenient.

Why does birth control come in too confusing different variations 21-day version and then down the street with its competitor 28-day version what’s the deal in this episode i’ll explain exactly why we have this confusion between 21 and 28-day birth control pills and why it’s important when you’re choosing a birth control pill the doctor is in so in this episode

I’m gonna dispel the confusion around why these different digits for birth control pills if you’re on the market for a birth control pill one of the first confusing things you’re going to come across is that some of them like this one here marvin come in 228 did 21-day formulation and this other guy yes here comes as a 28 day variation and to make things even

More perplexing within the same brand itself not even competing brands for example the same marvel on you can also get a 28-day version so why on earth would you want like who in their right mind would prefer 28 tablets over 21 tablets i think the math is pretty simple i think most of us would prefer the least tablets 21 but there is a good reason a method behind

The madness of why the manufacturers will still produce 28-day tablets and it comes out very simply like this the whole purpose of birth control is not simply as a birth control device but actually hijack the female reproductive system so this is befuddled becky here and she’s going on birth control for the first time and she’s wondering she started this 21-day of

Formulation or she should go with the 20 28-day formulation or sorry vice versa so to understand which he should choose first thing we have to understand is the female reproductive cycle from one period to the experion so in other words for one menstrual cycle to the next one so for most females is roughly around 28 days so i’m just gonna draw a calendar here and

We’ve got four weeks and each week as we all know has in having seven days one two three four five one two three four five six seven no simple math of that is at seven days times four rows 1 2 3 4 or 4 weeks equals 28 these know in the fun adulterated cycle the misreading female will have three weeks hair of peace and then one week air of potential hoards where you

Actually get the bleeding and they get the crabs and the nausea and headaches and more dienes etc so this week here is the write off week where as a female you would have your cycle know doing the math again if we look at these three rolls here by seven days seven days by three rows is equal to 21 aha so that’s where our two magic numbers come from 21 for example

As in this one and or 28 so let’s uh crack open one of these packets here you get a look at looking at what we’re dealing with so we could understand more so here’s a real example and i do not get sponsored by any of these companies these were just two that i had at my office so i’m not trying to product pusher or product placement here so anyway this is the an

Example of a marvel on 21 so 21 days so if you count with me we have one oh sorry it’s goes room starting here so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 low and behold there really are 21 tablets no messing about no in this other guy here for comparison sake this is a competitor and this competitor is called a yes well let’s call them no tablets in

This sweet little pack here with these pink and white pills so we got here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 pills the box did not lie there really are 28 pills so what is going on here with this discrepancy okay well if you remember when we go back here the full cycle is 28 days and the abbreviated subtracted cycle without

The period of menstruation or bleed is actually 21 days plus 7 days here of the actual administration so this is 7 days so that’s where the difference comes in these both utilize hormones on days 1 to 21 so they both have that in common they’re both using hormones in the first 21 days to control the cycle and prevent conception the big selling difference between

These two agents is that this one has an extra 7 tablets what is actually in those 7 tablets obviously we don’t want hormones in them like up here because then you would never get a period so what the manufacturers typically do in these 28 days cycles is these last 7 whit’s yes is a little bit typical so you’ll see that there’s still pink hair like all the risks

With hormones in them but just ignore that for a second we’re using this to extrapolate for all all the 28-day brands so general all these here would be white so these seven one two three four five six seven magic again these seven here are basically inert placebos sugar tablets i’ve never actually bitten into one of these to see if they’re really sugar tablets

But they’re purported to be sure they’re tablets so one earth what you want to do like the girl here on mars long with 21 take your 21 tablets here three rolls by seven is 21 just like her why would you want to do that and then take seven days of a placebo like design why would that make sense well the reason it’s very simple when you’re a newbie to taking birth

Control pills it is very easy to forget to start the next packet so this girl here that’s using the 21-day she has an easy reminder by just punching out the tabs each day one two three all the way down to 21 on date 21 then she has to stop for a week to permit herself a regular cycle for these seven days here but it’s easy to get caught up in life and we can work

And maybe studying partying etc so there’s no reminder that you need to start your next packet when this next month starts over here so this is month to know this was month one so the problem the beauty of the 21-day version is that it’s a lot less tablets because you get a free week with no hassle have dentate tablets the downside is that there’s no built-in

Reminder of when it’s time to start the next packet and if you’re late then you could very well-conceived or start having spotting through your next cycle because you were not on time you were tardy with this other method here you keep taking the tablets past this 21 day barrier you for this week here for the bleed you still have one two three four five six seven

So each day corresponds to one tablet so that’s the easy way of tracking when it’s time to start your next packet because when you get to this final one here on this final day here then you know okay it’s time for me to break out my next box take on a new packet and start all over again whereas with this unfortunate person here that took the easy way out with the

Twenty one day at the end of their 21-day cycle here they may easily forget seven days later i almost had to break off my next box and start the next cycle so generally when i’m prescribing birth control to young females just starting birth control for the first time i usually will recommend to them to take the 28-day version and the reason why it’s because it’s

Much easier for them to remember and avoid an unwanted pregnancy or other problems for my more veteran plants that have been on birth control for a couple of years or that are extremely meticulous with timetables and i feel very confident there’s no chance they’re gonna forget i’ll recommend to then 21 day version and again remember that even within the same brand

This is a 21 day version but marvel on this brand here also comes in a 28 day so the 21 versus 28-day doesn’t really come into my mental zj’s when i’m trying to figure out what brand to put somebody on the the numerical value of the tablets more has to do with is this person new to taking birth control or their old hand at taking it so i hope that a little short

Expose explains to you very simply why there’s a difference between the tablets it’s not to make life complex for us actually to simplify your life and in future videos i’ll explain some other doctor secrets for example how i would choose which brand to put somebody on anyway that’s it for now i gotta run thanks so much for watching and i’ll see you next time on

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