March 28, 2023

S11 Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms 1

Thank german i’ve nothing to disclose so there was a medical or mental needs for the treatment of a rat it’s a four simple simple matic patients who have small ruminant ro static – roger at this time defined process for unison 40 not rated without of a pawnbroker so y-you gotta ryan murat shows that the saturation ontario commander to use muscarinic receptor

Antagonist or beta 3 agonist for the digital storage symptoms but sometimes it’s difficult to use due to the side effect or if such a patient are suffering from the boiling symptoms we don’t have any good choice so so we aim to investigate the other one affected our field for such patient so key inclusion criteria is a prosthetic boreum 20 to 40 meter and total i

P ss at least 8 and ips sql at least 3 after treatment treatment bottoms crossing a kiss restaurant exclusion criteria currently taking the two destroyed or anticholinergics so study designs patient with the thomas regime at for at least four weeks are randomized into two groups one simplest tell our field for order by thomas regime plus placebo the other is 14

Plus placebo frollo by thomas regime prasada feel the primary and appointed change in total ipss from based on inclusive our treatment with the total fear and the placebo for six weeks each and secondary and appoints the questionnaires including our abs and i afi and findings from a tree and items in brother diary and safety and adverse events a patient character

Excited to tour as a 26 our patient and water ipss medians 16.5 yes that is not the change in total i pss so so the did graph started with today i feel followed by a placebo hada squad started with receiver and followed by a total here now this is a primary in the point change in tote ip is a total score no base ryan’s there is a human heart difference between

Here and the receiver group the sundry and the point is the only right subscriber itss only items to the intermittency as the redis eunha no difference as a secondary endpoints of abs seq marks little routines and no serial indifference and i am scorned items brother diary for example avoided volume a nocturnal pouria index is an awesome indifference and otherwise

Events were reported conclusions at the talavera product patients with smaller bph turreted with the thomas proteins concerts have been an effective and safe treatment for it is a rat thank you very much hey thank you very much any question for this presentation there is a green i am a drag from edwin myself at all hello what was your record sample size for your

Primary endpoint are you got a solid 83 that’s a 33 33 is a family that i calculated the batteries do not lead to the number by suicide in the powered in japan you use to point point 2 milligrams of tums lawson here in the west when using point four do you think if we will do the same study here in the west will have the same results in japan so only 0.2 me graham

Is accepted yes but i think it’s a trauma societal our fear is as different mechanisms so i think it’s better to combination it’s better than the attitude that thomas thomas rose into the more 0.2 milligram i think i be hateful there’s another question out there and bill gibson from edmonton again can you tell us how you measured the prostate size did you use a

Mri or just guessing profound trans dominar ultrasound i have another question could you reflect on the clinical relevance of the difference you showed between the two groups statistical significance but could you mention if it’s clinically relevant yeah yeah i think i think so but in the clinical trial raffia bleus placebo for the asian people the difference is

– What 1.5 there are similar the dismissal and also the creator significance if we define the ips improvement by 25% decrease at this time it’s almost 40% has achieved yes if a percentage it sounds sounds big but the difference between placebo and an active treatment is about one point five points on i possess and to acknowledge that three points difference is

Considered clinically relevant but you may debate on that as well because men hardly recognize a change of three points those subjective improvements i hear is that i think i think the effect i feel here it’s adding the placebo effect but if the patient suffered from the voiding seems almost at three point five points i think it’s acceptable for the other effect

Okay you know final remark i would be reluctant to conclude something about safety if you have a small study safety doesn’t come from this kind of study oh thank you thank you very much thank you very much

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