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So today i would like to discuss with you all about 24th of september 2022 oet exam in which i would like to discuss with you detail about oeti writing okay so let’s move on to the case note what is what was the letter it was a simple referral letter writing a letter to a community nurse who is going to look after our patient by doing home visit after being discharged

Today okay so what is the patient name patient name is mrs briley uh boswell and her age is 76 years old actually she is living on her own she’s using hearing aids uh and also she has hypertension she is on amlodipine five milligram for that uh what happened to the patient uh condition why she got admitted actually patient has a long-term history of arthritis

And thereby doctor was suggested her to undergo for the total tkr unfortunately her condition got deteriorated and she developed with a venus legal cell and thereby as per the doctor said she was on a compression therapy at home all of a sudden her condition got deteriorated with the signs and symptoms of redness swelling and she had a severe pain on her ankle so

Thereby she got re-admitted into the hospital and she was found to have cellulitis so the cellulitis is the current condition current diagnosis of the patient thereby she received an antibiotics analgiosis and also she suffered with her increased body temperature non-compliance with the medications under oral intake so these are was treated conservatively and she

Showed some good sign of recovery and she started to mobilize with the walking frame now we are writing a letter to the community nurse to look after her by doing a home visit so what the community nurse has to do so she has to do a home visit for her and she has to monitor her own dressing and also she needs to be checked the pressure care risk of pressure ulcers

And also she needs to be monitored the improvement of the cellulitis apart from that she can uh she can monitor that she is compliance with the medication regimen i especially antibiotics and also she can assess her condition is she well able to back to the compression therapy and apart from that she can arrange equipment such as like uh cushion and to elevate the

Legs to enhance some blood circulation so this was the overall case note now we are going to make a draft letter okay so let’s do that first as usual writing the date here they have given the date since the january they have been giving the same date the date was like 8th of january 2022 so we can write it write that date which means today’s date in the letter they

Have given so 8th of january 2022 we can write it on the top of the letter then we are writing the address so the community nurse only we are addressing this letter so we are writing the community nurse address then salutation and then patient name mrs uh boswell and what is the age 76 years old so now introduction how to write an introduction here so three things

To make an introduction one is patient full name another one is what is the current condition of the patient and third is what is the purpose why we are writing this letter to the community nurse okay so here we are just starting this is to request your home visit for mrs um boss well who requires your continuous monitoring and wound care management full stop she

Is recovering from cellulitis so that’s it because she is going to do a home visit for what either the dressing is in appropriate manner and about the wound care and all those things and issue is getting improvement from her condition so that’s why we are just we are just recommending her to do a home visit so that is the thing we are writing it as a purpose rather

Than writing the contributive care and management we can just write it in an advanced way like some what we need to show some uniqueness in our letter compared to others so that it is good to write continuous monitoring because she has to monitor her uh risk factors of pressure ulcer as well as medication compliance and also she has to do an assessment on her own

Care isn’t it so thereby we can make an introduction like this so this is to request your home visit for foreign boswell who requires your continuity continuous monitoring and wound care management full stop because while she is recovering from cellulitis that’s it because that is her current condition now coming to the body paragraphs so here two confusion will

Be coming to each people either should i write the current admission history of the patient or should i start from the beginning of the old history of the patients so what was the old history patient was having a patient was like suffering with the arthritis right knee arthritis and because of the arthritis the doctor suggested her to undergo for the total tkr i

Am she was waiting for that surgery unfortunately her condition got deteriorated with the worst and symptoms and also she end up with a venous leg ulcer and thereby she started with a compression therapy and because of that venous ulcer now she suffered with the cellulitis so these all are the secondary reason for the patient to develop cellulitis so these things

Should be comes first rather than writing the date of admission and signs and symptoms of the patient okay so how we can start that body paragraph now so we can start the body paragraph like mrs boswell so from the body paragraph onwards we used to write a second name of the person isn’t it so here mrs boswell mrs boswell has been under the treatment he has been

Under has been under treatment for right knee arthritis for longer period therefore she was suggested to undergo for total tkr unfortunately her condition got deteriorated with the words and the symptoms and she ended up with a venus legal sir uh venus legal sir consequently she was uh she was suggested to have compression therapy at home so this much we have

To write in the first paragraph then the continuity of the same paragraph we can start on uh on 3rd of january 2022 she was re-admitted to the hospital with their compliance of redness of the ankles swelling and increased pain on her right ankle or an assessment she was found to have increased body temperature and also she was diagnosed with the above mentioned a

Condition because they were mentioned the condition is what cellulite is then what they have done there for which she was treated with anna with the financial 600 antibiotics apart from that apart from that she her symptoms were treated conservatively and conservatively then we are ready as she showed good progress in her condition and started to walk with the help

Of your frame comma she is being discharged on the date of discharge we are writing it so that’s it it is very simple but here one little thing we have to make sure her previous history which is connected to the current history current condition and the current diagnosis so that has to be written first and then you have to write the admission history if you write

The admission history there will not be a continuity of them present medical history okay now coming to the point of your social background so social background as i mentioned earlier that mrs boswell lives alone and has hypertension uh and is on i’m allowed to be nervous she is on amlodipine for hypertension she uses hearing aids since 2010. that’s it this is more

Than enough further committee notes to know about the patient now coming to the recommendation paragraph so what this community knows exactly do to our patient what she has to do so here she has to do so we are just starting in view of the above or uh or like we can just start straight away it would be greatly appreciated if you could do a home visit and to and and

Perform frequent assessment of dressing to check improvement of the cellulitis then we are just mentioning that most importantly please monitor her pressure ulcer risk factors no and the second thing is kindly supply her equipment with a soft cushion because by doing by doing a leg elevation to improve the blood circulation and it would be highly beneficial if

You could monitor her medication compliance as she is prescribed with flucloxacillin 500 milligram four times for seven days because when she was at home and she was not compliant with her oral intake as well as the medication so that is why we are just telling the nurse to monitor that she is compliance with her medication regimen and at last we are just saying

To her kindly access her that she is fit to transfer for compression therapy because she was on compression therapy when she was suffering with the venously girls so after the admission to the hospital it was stopped so that’s why we are advising the community nurse to recheck that that she is fit to go back to her compression therapy okay so this is the letter

I hope you all have done in a very good way hope for the best result and whomever wants to join in our class you can contact us uh you know you can contact us at any time our number has given in our description okay so we have a crash course and we have 10 days and we are just separately taking writing and speaking four modules and 40 days 30 days 20 days and 60

Days even further classes for the beginners so whomever is willing to join in our class it’s our completely online class so you can contact us at intake okay

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