May 29, 2023

2mg of Clonazepam- how it effects the body (Actual Footage)

Right face me me me hi guys what’s going on how you doin i hope you doing amazing and if you’re not i heard four degas but the latest video is very different to my usual normally i do not show me taking medication or if i do i don’t really go in depth and show what happens there’s a lot of stigma attached to benzodiazepines and that’s kind of what upstarts break

I’m trying to break throat people okay these medications are actually beneficial there’s what you need them one of them people there also lives with people who take them benzodiazepines have got a lot of stigma attached to them because people misuse that there’s no secret that what are the people who you take them as prescribed what effects did these actually have

And are they actually worth it a nolle beneficial face video i sure i set my camera and film this video when i was having a bit i’d about there right it’s not a very i wasn’t great and i was very suicidal so i chose to have my medication and get to sleep and zen out basically though i spoke to my gp and i was pissed aggrieved two milligrams of lorazepam this isn’t

Under any professional where a gp licensed or above him described my gp is very understanding to i confer and know is that i if i have a problem i’ll say it so i took these two milligrams of lorazepam and because it’s my first time taking such a high dose i decided to record the effects i’m kind of shy with you how it affects a person i take another pound on the

Daily it’s prescribed me it works very well as a medication but like i said people up there there’s a lot of stigma and you can that’s video to show you the actual effects opens a dad’s pants when they used as prescribed don’t let me try in this video i’m gonna be taking my prescribed amount human aground clonazepam also known as klonopin i decided to record

This because i want to show you a real effects this drug has on me and how it helps i’ve had a really upsetting day today is the anniversary at one of my friend’s death well it was a year ago it was a year ago today honestly i’ve been all over the place i tried having just smell the rasa pam and it didn’t help so i spoke to my doctor and i was told to take two

Milligrams of lorazepam which is double what i take normally so i’m filming there purely for educational purposes of showing what this drug actually does i find with this medication it really like slows down my body clock and time passes really quickly either so totally recommend getting away advise that if you don’t have one already i’m doing breathing exercises

The clothes and trying to slip my heart rate down then literally feel like pounding i already feel a lot more relaxed than i was before i’m not sleeping but all right hey if some more it makes me move a lot slower thing clever and very sleepy i’m gonna get some water i wanna get some sleep i don’t know and you’ve come recording because it leave overheat or die

And you know you’ve seen the basics of wipe does to me so thorough he isn’t modern so you make a mess with the team until you find your way back home

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