June 4, 2023

Looking to see if anyone else taking Spironolactone experienced the same things..

So this is my three and a half month update almost four months i think something like that i’m taking spironolactone i am not really sure what i think like it’s kind of up and down like last week my skin was looking really good like i was thinking wow it’s like actually clearing up like just looked more even toned and the cysts were going away and it was just

Looking a lot better but then coming out of the past few days um it’s getting bad again so i’m kind of really frustrated and over it cuz they’re very painful like the assistant i get when i move my face around or do something like i can feel them on they hurt and they’re like so deep and i never got cystic acne before taking spironolactone i had acne but not cystic

Acne which i now realize i wish that i had my old acne back because it was not as painful or large or like i think it’s on this side yeah right here i’ve had this one for probably over a month and it’s been slowly coming up and now it’s like almost gonna be huge this one’s going down really fast it came up out of nowhere but it’s going away fast that’s good another

Thing i noticed is this cysts that i’ve been getting the past couple days are much smaller they’re still cysts but they’re small so maybe that’s a good sign that it’s just taking a long time and i’m super impatient cuz i hate this i’ve had acne literally the day i hit puberty and it’s never gone away since and i’m 20 now and i’m sick of it so yeah i like the way

My face looks when it started to get clear like i could actually see what my face looks like like like people always talk about oh you two love your skin love yourself and you’re still beautiful but it’s just distracting like you can’t even see what you look like like even with makeup on i still it’s all i see and i can’t actually see my face or like what i look

Like and it’s really annoying so yeah so i’m probably gonna give it a few more months because a lot of people said it takes a long time blah blah blah and if not i’m gonna stop taking it cuz all it’s done is give me cystic acne so not sure why i also i’m only taking 25 milligrams a day which i asked my doctor two of my dose but she won’t because i started getting

Dizzy i my last update i said i wasn’t but i i was like a few weeks ago i was getting really dizzy at work a lot like the room was spinning out to sit down a few times and i thought it was from the spironolactone but she said she doesn’t think it’s from that but she still didn’t want to up my dosage ‘since i get dizzy easy but i haven’t been feeling dizzy lately

And i don’t even care like my dose i’ll be dizzy i’d rather be dizzy than be in pain and feel ugly so being dizzy’s not even a big deal um so i’m gonna try and ask like maybe call her and see if she’ll on my dose she’s probably annoyed with me but my doctor thinks that it has something to do with something else she did bloodwork a bunch of different tests on my

Blood and i have something called increased intestinal permeability and she thinks that’s what’s causing this i’ve always had stomach problems not like so bad where i cared that much last year it was really bad like some days i would just like be throwing up and not know why and then it would go away and then i come back or like i don’t know and so i took me a

Long time to finally get the blood work done because i just didn’t care that much but she said that i’m i’m not allergic but food sensitive to like a bunch of different stuff wheat corn soy tons of stuff like i remember peanuts chicken tomatoes white potatoes eggs but i’m mostly vegan when i’m at work and sometimes foods gonna get thrown away and i’m starving to

Death working a double like i’ll eat some chicken or something maybe some eggs but i mean other than that i’m pretty much i’m vegan vegetarian all the time so i don’t eat a lot of that stuff anyway but you know soy and corn and wheat that’s in lots of vegetarian stuff so i’ve been changing for the past probably two or three weeks i’ve been eating like so clean

And like not eating anything that causes whatever problem i have and and she put me on a bunch of stuff not put me on like i don’t need prescriptions for it was just like glutamine igg protect a bunch of other stuff 225 billion probiotics i have to get more of that because they come in packets of 15 i need to take them for three months and i guess i’m just being

A patient because i’ve only been taking the medicines as it just came in the mail a week ago for a week but i’ve been eating different for probably two or three weeks so in my head i’m like why isn’t it better it’s worse it looks worse for sure like i’m all red all over and i’m just so sick of it like i’m so done i either like if i see there needs to be fixed or

I’m just gonna stop caring and just i have acne whatever maybe i’ll get on accutane but i also have this thing about getting my blood drawn the first time i wanted to get my blood drawn i have vasovagal response i guess just google it it’s dumb but like it’s like a physical response like it’s not just oh i’m nervous like my body freaks out like like i said my chest

Started shaking and i almost threw up and like i turned white and i was pouring sweat so they had to take it out and they didn’t get the blood so i had to go back again i brought my mom this second time and they were like really careful about it the next time like they had me laying down and they had like three people like trying to calm me down and like in my head

I was fine like i i wasn’t like scared i mean i do not like the thought of the needle going in me at all i don’t like that but not to the point where i couldn’t do it you know like in my head i was fine it was like physical response so but when you’re on accutane you have to get your blood drawn every month and you have to be on birth control and i finally stopped

Taking birth control because i didn’t like the way it made me feel and i read all about how birth controls bad for you so i really don’t want to have to get on accutane but maybe i will i don’t know so yeah this is my skin hopefully next month it will be better and i won’t be so pissed off

Transcribed from video
3 1/2 month update on Spironolactone for acne By Cat S.