June 1, 2023

3 Best Foods to Repair Your Nerve Damage – Neuropathy Must See!

Ryan taylor natural remedies presents the top 14 foods for your nervous system the nerves in your body carry electrical signals from your brain and spinal cord through your nervous system these signals control every single bodily function such as your heartbeat digestion ph levels muscle movements etc unfortunately when we take in sugar junk foods and toxins from

The environment the nerves can be easily damaged especially those in the feet and hands which can feel like a tingling burning stabbing or shooting pain frequently in the toes in more severe cases you may notice numbness a loss of balance ringing in the ears or a weakness in your muscles this type of nerve damage is called peripheral neuropathy and can be treated

By consuming the right vitamins and nutrients in your diet in today’s video we will be exploring the top 14 foods for your nervous system to help heal existing damage and keep the neurons working properly you’ll also learn about the causes of nerve damage and the best supplements to take to heal the nerves rapidly before we dive in however please hit the like button

Subscribe and turn all notifications on these actions help me to reach more people with nutrition and health tips this video is for educational purposes only so do speak to your doctor if you have any medical concerns the first food on our list is oily fish oily fish are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which lower inflammation throughout the body and help to repair

Damaged nerves the human body cannot make omega-3s on its own so we have to get them from eating certain foods such as salmon sardines mackerel herring anchovies and tuna the dha found in fish is used as the raw material to build new healthy nerve cells whilst the epa reduces inflammation around the nerve tissue so that it may heal if you don’t like eating fish you

Can take a virgin cod liver oil supplement or arctic krill oil which will aid in repairing damaged nerves and also provide relief from joint pain and swelling number two is avocados avocados are some of the most powerful superfoods in the world each one containing an enormous 800 milligrams of potassium on average potassium helps to generate nerve impulses which

Control how your muscles relax and contract this can help to regulate your heartbeat reduce muscle cramps and help to protect the nerves against high blood sugar damage the third food to help your nerves is dairy in order to restore and protect the nervous system the body needs an average of seven to nine hours of sleep per night studies show that over one in three

People suffer with sleeping problems which can cause damage to the nerves resulting in problems like anxiety chronic nerve pain peripheral neuropathy and depression dairy foods contain l-tryptophan an essential amino acid that helps you to get better sleep at night by boosting certain neurotransmitters in the brain greek yogurt milk grass-fed cheese and cottage

Cheese are excellent sources of tryptophan number four is clams and shellfish when it comes to supporting the nervous system it’s vital that you meet your daily vitamin b12 requirements this nutrient is found in abundance in clams mussels and oysters so it’s recommended to start eating a portion of these shellfish at least once per week b12 or cobalamin helps the

Body to make red blood cells which nourish and feed your nerves without it the protective coating around your nerves called the myelin sheath becomes damaged resulting in long-term nerve pain and neuropathy next up is sunflower seeds 100 grams of sunflower seeds provides 234 percent of the daily requirements for vitamin e a powerful antioxidant that protects the

Nerves from free radical damage coincidentally these seeds are also packed full of magnesium a key mineral involved with hundreds of different chemical reactions in the body from making dna to muscle contraction magnesium keeps the nerves and muscles relaxed helping to treat nerve related high blood pressure migraine headaches muscle cramps anxiety and most of

All reducing aches and pains from sciatica neuralgia fibromyalgia and inflammation don’t underestimate number six bone broth bone broth is a liquid made from boiled animal bones and is one of the most healing remedies for the nerves it’s rich in glutamine which is the most abundant amino acid in your body glutamine is known for supporting healthy digestion by

Providing fuels for the cells in your digestive tract helping to overcome problems like ibs crohn’s disease and autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and neuritis and that’s not all glutamine is also used to build neurotransmitters that carry messages between your nerves up next is turmeric studies show that eating the golden colored spice called turmeric helps

To fight off arthritis alzheimer’s disease depression and heart disease this superfood contains a biologically active compound called curcumin which has potent anti-inflammatory effects it helps to reduce nerve pain by inhibiting inflammatory pathways in the body note if you add black pepper to turmeric it improves the absorption of the active compound curcumin

By two thousand percent nutritional yeast is number eight nutritional yeast is a type of deactivated yeast designed to be used as a food product this has a cheesy or nutty flavor and is one of the richest sources of the b vitamin complex on the planet except for b12 the various b vitamins from these flakes especially b1 is essential to help the nerves heal from

Microvascular damage and high blood glucose if you’re a diabetic for example it’s essential to load up on b vitamins to protect the nerve cells from continuous damage number nine may surprise you grass-fed beef high quality grass-fed beef contains a variety of nutrients that are essential to protect your nerves including zinc iron omega-3s b12 selenium and other

B vitamins the zinc mineral found in beef is used heavily by the brain and nervous system to make neurons neurotransmitters and hormones you may also consider eating beef liver as this is loaded with coenzyme q10 coenzyme q10 is used by all of the cells in the body to make energy in the mitochondria nerve cells need more energy than most so getting more of this

Into your diet can help to nourish the nerves as an antioxidant it helps protect the nerves from toxins in the environment and has been scientifically shown to reduce tingling and burning sensations in the peripheral nerves the next food i’m going to talk about is chia seeds chia seeds were known as warriors food by ancient civilizations for their ability to

Boost energy levels and athletic performance this is partly due to their high calcium content when people think of calcium they often think of strong bones and teeth however this mineral also supports the nervous system and improves cell structure and blood flow it also helps brain cells to form pathways to communicate with each other try adding one tablespoon

Of chia seeds to your daily diet for improved energy levels and to help heal your nerves 11. chili peppers the active compound in chili peppers is called capsaicin which is what makes them spicy and hot studies show that eating chilies and capsaicin reduces pain and swelling for those with arthritis post surgical pain and neuralgia capsaicin is also added to

Some gels and patches that can be applied directly to the skin for pain relief the 12th food is coconut oil coconuts are loaded with essential nutrients and electrolyte minerals that support healthy nerves and nerve transmission however the most notable benefits come from raw coconut oil which is packed full of medium chain triglycerides these mcts provide an

Alternative fuel source to glucose and can improve brain function and memory by directly feeding the brain cells mcts have the ability to bypass damaged tissues and feed the trillions of cells in your body with vital energy including within the nervous system number 13 is berries berries are known for their high concentration of antioxidants but studies showed

They are also beneficial for the nervous system anthocyanins are a colour pigment found in red blue or purple coloured berries such as raspberries strawberries and blueberries these are known as anti-aging compounds which have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and protect the neurons against the damaging effects of aging eating berries often may be

Beneficial in protecting against alzheimer’s disease anxiety depression and other neurodegenerative diseases last but by no means least brussels sprouts brussels sprouts contain small amounts of alpha lipoic acid a natural chemical which has been shown to help repair nerve damage this chemical is used by the body to break down carbohydrates and make energy for

The organs and cells its antioxidant properties help to heal diabetic neuropathy although it’s best to take it as a supplement for more powerful healing effects try adding a mixture of the food shared in today’s video to improve the health of your nerves and be sure to let me know your results in the comments below to learn more about key nutrients for your nerves

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3 Best Foods to Repair Your Nerve Damage – Neuropathy Must See! By Music Health