March 28, 2023

Poderosos anti-inflamatórios naturais!

And natural anti-inflammatories. today, the video here is going to be a little different! i’m going to get my hands dirty and teach you in practice how you’re going to make three shots that are antioxidant and super easy! i’ve already said that people with heart disease and hypertensive patients can’t keep taking anti-inflammatory drugs, because anti-inflammatory drugs are

Bad for the heart. so, what are you going to do to improve your body aches and deflate your body? the shots that i’m going to teach you now, believe me, they are delicious and will help you to deflate your body and relieve your pain. so stay with me until the end of the video and… i am doctor roberto yano, cardiologist and pacemaker specialist. for those who don’t know,

I love to cook, i love being here always in the kitchen! today i’m going to teach you how to make three super antioxidant shots that taking too much anti-inflammatory is bad for your heart, right? especially in patients who have already had a heart attack, the use of anti-inflammatories has to be avoided as much as possible! you should avoid the use of anti-inflammatory

As much as possible! what to do when it is necessary to use something to deflate an injury? antioxidant and anti-inflammatory shots that are natural and powerful; and you can be sure that they will help you fight your pain! but first, are you already subscribed to the channel? have you clicked on the bell to receive all notifications? so, after the video, subscribe to

The channel! so let’s go! if you don’t have this ginger, it could be powdered ginger, which you buy at the supermarket! you will also need turmeric, which is turmeric and you will need cinnamon, ok, guys? in addition to a lemon juice; i like to add a little more lemon, these anti-inflammatories, powerful anti-inflammatories and antioxidants will be in the description.

Let’s go then! it’s very simple, you put it here… you took the spoon… i already left it separate here. i like to take the ginger and put it in; there are people who don’t like something too sour, and then you put less; but, i already like to put a lot of lemon! and it’s already making your mouth water, isn’t it? i doubt if it doesn’t make your mouth water now!

Sometimes it gets a little pasty, you can add a little water. so you add a little bit of water and mix, mix, mix! it’s delicious, it’s anti-inflammatory! and, drinking it like you drink cachaça, 1, 2, 3 and… ah! our lady! it’s delicious… oops, my tooth is dirty! but it’s delicious! and believe me, the pain is gone! but, let’s go for the second shot! it’s the celery

Shot, folks! for those who don’t know, i love celery! i’ve always eaten, i’ve been since i was a kid! as long as i can remember! the celery is delicious, folks! so this time we’re going to mix celery, we’re going to put ginger, we’re going to put lemon and we’re going to put apple. it’s going to hit everything here in the blender and we’ll see how this shot turns out!

Come on! i put celery stalk, put the ginger in natura, look how beautiful! i’ll squeeze a whole lemon if you want, if you and if it’s making your mouth water, it’s because you love it too! i already said that! and let’s put the apple and beat everything in the blender. but first, what do i have to do? add a little water, of remembering that the amount of all elements

Here will be in the description! but first, it has to pass through the colander, ok; otherwise you will choke! the mixture of celery with lemon is really spectacular! i’m going to put kale, which i love too! and, can’t talk lemon! so let’s go! put everything in the blender and let’s blend everything. and, a little water, just enough for us to be able to beat all our

Anti-inflammatories here! and let’s go! you i put the noise on for you guys, it’s going to come out loud! but come on, people! with a lot of patience he goes! this was for david to do, my son! not for me to do! so you can get a little bigger sieve, isn’t it production? it will be left over here, but what matters is the final content! come on! let’s try! let’s see if it’s

Delicious as well as the other two! come on! this here is delicious! and it will make a difference, folks! he will deflate you and take away your everyday pain! so, remembering that the measurements of each ingredient will be below here in the video, in the description. did you see how easy it was to do? and it’s really great taste, no sacrifice! i recommend you take

At least one shot of these every day! and you can vary it so you don’t get sick! well, but i talked so much about ginger, turmeric, cinnamon… what’s good about these ingredients ginger relieves digestive and respiratory symptoms too! have you ever seen your grandmother brewing tea with pieces of ginger so, make pineapple juice with ginger, or have your own ginger tea!

Make these shots that i taught you now, the flavor is show, guys! that contains a powerful anti-inflammatory substance, curcumin. turmeric, in addition to having anti-inflammatory action, and a great digestive and has antibacterial action. you can use it to season all kinds of food in your house! i also like to use these shots that i do, in my day to day. she is also

A natural anti-inflammatory, is thermogenic, as well as giving a delicious smell and taste to cake, breads, shots and coffees! so, you saw how cool, guys! did you like the video? let’s teach everyone how to make these shots, for everyday life! for those who still have any doubts, whether or not ginger increases

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3 poderosos anti-inflamatórios naturais! By Dr. Roberto Yano