March 22, 2023


Have you ever done something on a daily basis and just had the typical people you always saw just if you go to the store you always see these certain people or if you go to work you always see certain people well one day the person i used to see on my bike rides was no longer there he was always running always going on these long runs and then suddenly he wasn’t

There one day and i didn’t know why and then i found out it was because he had pmr so this is my friend he has pmr either he was suffering he had to take prednisone high doses to get his pmr under control so he wasn’t in so much pain and so what was that like just when you first had to be diagnosed and being in pain pmr was terrible i could i could barely walk

Let alone run in fact i couldn’t get out of bed by myself it was so bad wow like that made prednisone worth it that’s my thing is i always want people to only take prison prednisone if it’s worth it so it was worth it for him but there’s so many side effects if you’re gonna especially be on it so many years that many people are with pmr so what were you worried

About when you were prescribed prednisone well like everyone i’ve heard about the side effects of prednisone and i thought oh i’m going to get a big moon face i’m going to gain a lot of weight i won’t be able to sleep at night things like that that’s what i’d heard so he approached me he said hey i have to take prednisone is there any anything you can do to help me

And i said yes actually i invented this supplement called neutronized zone so what has been your experience taking neutronizone uh the neutronized zone has really helped a lot uh of course i’ve been on prednisone uh coming up on two years now i’m down currently to four milligrams and i’ve always split my dose and then i attribute my success in sleeping at night

To the pre through the neutronize plus when i’ve had my labs done i’ve never had an abnormal reading come back and i think that has a lot to do with the neutronize also awesome so sleeping better and normal labs so what about your bones have you had any problems with your bones ah not that i know of nothing shows up in the test and i haven’t had any problems i’m

Back running i still run 50 to 60 miles a week no problems at all 50 to 60 miles a week while on prednisone isn’t that amazing this guy he is a super athlete even though he has to take prednisone even though he has pmr and so if you want to feel better like he does then you need to get neutronized zone and it’ll help you to feel like yourself again to get back

To doing what you used to do just like he did any last words for us uh no i fellow pmr sufferers and prednisone users hang in there it all works out if you just keep it at it yes and take this he’s currently doing the dead slow taper that’s his advice for how to finally get off the prednisone because those side effects of tapering yeah but you can see my face is

Back to normal i’ve lost all but three of the pounds that i originally gained so if you just hang in there and keep tapering slowly it works wonderful well thank you so much for sharing how it really feels to be on prednisone for pmr and take neutronize along with it signing off is dr megan your prednisone pharmacist it just came in the mail uh at amazon so i

Discovered that there is one condition that uses prednisone more than any other and that pronoun is the only treatment that works for it and it is polymyalgia rheumatica and so i decided i should probably learn all about this condition called pmr and then it’s sister condition giant cell arteritis there’s my baby um i literally never heard of these in pharmacy

School ever like they didn’t they didn’t teach about this condition at all and so and it’s also not fda approved for pmr protnozone is not fda approved for pr and so i had no idea that this condition existed that it was a reason people take prednisone like how would i know nobody taught me about it in school and it’s not fda approved but the people who have pmr

Have to take prednisone for higher doses and for longer periods of time than any other condition that i’m aware of and that there’s really no other option um as far as i know pretty much every other condition out there there might be an alternative treatment where it might be surgery it might be like a kidney transplant it might be methotrexate or hydroxychloroquine

Or like an injectable or something like there’s usually some other option for most other conditions that people take printozone for but as far as i’m aware there is nothing else when it comes to pmr so i’m excited to learn all about it and for those of you who have pmr let me know below what recommendations you have for good resources i went on amazon and this

Is the top ranking book but if there is are other resources that you know of that i should learn more about pmr with i did the pharmacist ce continuing education about it and so if there’s more i really want to know i really want to understand this so that i can help you better too so if you have any recommendations about other conditions that i haven’t covered

When it comes to taking prednisone for a condition please let me know if you have a condition that i need to cover and that um what great resources you have for me to learn about it so that i can then create a summary for other people of prednisone and pmr or protnizone and polymyositis or prednisone and nephrotic syndrome whatever that is let me know and send

Me a link for a good book or a good podcast or a good youtube or something so that i can watch it read it listen to it and understand it better and then shrink that down take that science make it understandable so that you can know how prednisone is really helping you for your condition all right i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist and i’m excited that i got

This book in the mail finally so i can learn more about pmr and giant cell arteries you

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