June 1, 2023

3 Types of Insulin Resistance 0:42

Okay dr. mindy here and if you’ve been following me over the last week we’re really dissecting this book the obesity code and in my recent group there are so many light bulbs going off for people on why they’ve struggled to lose weight so today i really want to talk to you about insulin resistance because there are many different types of insulin resistance and most

People don’t even realize it we’re gonna start today on an organ we’re gonna i’m gonna show you what organs get really affected by insulin resistance and then stay tuned because we’re going to talk about cellular insulin resistance and future facebook lives okay so let’s start with the different types of insulin resistance so there are three types there is insulin

Resistance in your muscles there is insulin resistance in your liver and there is insulin resistance in your brain so let’s start with the one in the brain so this is dye missus alzheimers this is dementia so these are people that have been been eating a high sugar diet forever and even if they’re thin and they’re not gaining in it in their body these people are

The ones that start to have dementia and alzheimer’s they get older if you haven’t heard alzheimer’s is called diabetes of the of the brain so for this one there are several things you can do so i put on here seven different strategies for pulling you out of these insulin resistance ‘iz and it’s not as simple as just getting off of sugar it’s not as simple as just

Lowering carbs there has to be for many of you if insulin resistance has been going on for a long time there has to be multiple strategies that get applied so for the brain the first thing you’ve got to do is start to decrease the sugar so this is why i’m a fan of ketogenic living lower the carbs lower the sugar and it’s really gonna have a profound effect on what

Happens to your brain you talk to anybody who’s gone keto and they will tell you that the mental clarity they get is insane so that would be the first one for that the other thing is you can look at move at neurotoxin so you can actually get in resistance in your brain if you’ve got mold in your home if you’re packed with heavy metals this is why in my clinic we

Detox these things out of people’s brains because they get in the brain and they start to block receptor sites for insulin in the brain and they start to make the brain more insulin resistant so that would be what when you look at with the brain now the other one we look at is in the muscle so people who are insulin resistant in the muscle this also happens as time

Goes on and these are the people that are like as i’m aging my muscles are actually shrinking i’m actually doing the same type of exercise but i’m actually getting my muscles are shrinking so these kind of people what we want to do is that we want you to do high-intensity workouts like hit trainee tabata straining all those kind of workouts are really important

For getting you out of insulin resistance in the in the muscle and then the last one of the one i think is probably the most important for people to realize is this insulin resistance in the liver these are the people that are struggling to lose weight they go keto they start fasting and they’re like god you know what i’m not losing any weight i did everything

You told me to do and i’m not losing weight well that’s because we’ve got to look at healing the liver the liver will actually store glucose and it stores it in there and when you start to coquito when you start to be fast all of a sudden your liver starts dumping that lucas it has plenty in there they can start making to keep the blood sugar higher so we want

To look at how do we get your liver healing again and with these people not only is ketogenic living important but fasting is really important you got to start fasting doing liver cleanses there’s a lot of different liver cleanses believe it or not things like coffee enemas are some of the best and fastest way to clean your liver out we do things in our office

Called pc pushes and we have liver supplements that we use with people that are really liver resistant or or have built up that insulin resistance in the liver but it i think what pence’s gets really frustrating for many of you that start the keto world many of you that start fasting and you’re understanding the principles that dr. fung pointed out in here but

What you don’t realize is that there has to be other components that we’ve got to pull together so that we can get your body completely out of insulin resistance the keto living great first start fasting great first start then you got to start looking at the hit training then you got to look at heavy metal detoxing and how do we pull these toxins out you got to

Get out of mold in your home it’s a it’s a multi therapeutic approach to pull yourself out of insulin some of you are gonna get there right off the bat with doing a few of these things and some of you please don’t give up because there are so many other things that you can apply so that’s insulin resistance i hope that helps if you’ve had good luck with any of

These strategies that i laid out please put it in the comment section we’d love to hear about it and if you have no idea what i’m talking about you want to study this book with us just put reset errs and i’ll invite you into my reseller grip we’ve got 18 about 1800 people in there they’re all stunned this study in this book right now it’s a ton of fun so hope that helps

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3 Types of Insulin Resistance & 7 Ways to Reverse Insulin Resistance By Dr. Mindy Pelz