November 29, 2022

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Hey guys so i wanted to give my three week update on citalopram also known as celexa today makes three weeks that have been on it um my doctor wanted me to take my trazodone as needed for sleep i haven’t been taking it as needed i’ve been taking it like less than because eventually i want to stop taking it and i want to go up on the celexa that being said i do

Like celexa it’s really similar to lexapro but i didn’t really like lexapro i like citalopram the only thing that i like the only side effect that i experience so far was i think it was the first week my appetite was just like really up i just didn’t really i didn’t really have an appetite and trying to think how to like explain it it didn’t make me nauseous or

Anything it didn’t make me feel more energetic i guess that’s another side effect i guess um it made me more energetic uh food just felt weird in my mouth it didn’t feel right and i wasn’t hungry and that was about the first week and then my appetite came back and there’s been no problem since i want to go up on the celexa though i really like how it is so i

Haven’t brought that up with my doctor like i said it’s only been three weeks so i do want to like see how it goes first before i like really make a decision and i’m gonna discuss you know dropping the trazadone with her also and boost my motivation i think that would be a good way to describe it because beforehand i was like forcing myself to like get out of bed

Into everything i everything i didn’t want to do anything i just i didn’t want to get out of bed i couldn’t go to sleep i just wanted to just lie there i don’t i don’t know but this this motivates me to get up i’ve been doing my makeup a little bit more often not as often as what i used to but i don’t know just more energy and i’m not going through nearly as much

Caffeine i have been experiencing headaches but i think that’s because i’m like not taking as much triacetone as before i’m still experiencing a lot of anxiety but it isn’t as bad and it’s more controlled like even though i’m feeling all like socially weird i’m able to kind of put it more in the back of my mind and i don’t know whenever i was on lexapro i was able

To do that too but it felt robotic and forced i guess this feels more like comfortable i’m just like i’m allowing myself even though i i’m like all high anxiety i’m allowing myself to like coast through it but i mean things i hasn’t it’s not gonna go away i don’t think it’s ever gonna go away but it’s a lot more controllable um whenever i first started i noticed

I had i think it was the second day i had like a small panic attack and i’m not sure if that’s you know because i started the medication it passed really quickly it wasn’t so bad i called andre and he talked me through it then called me back later just to check up on me and i was ok so i haven’t had any panic attacks sense and yeah i just wanted to give you guys

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3 week Citalopram/Celexa update By KayLeigh