May 29, 2023

How to get a Diagnosis ➡️

What’s up adhd crew you know it’s just dawned on me that roughly three years ago i was first diagnosed with inattentive diabetes hd and i was prescribed these bad boys consider xl or as it’s called on this box zener date xl and this is 36 milligrams it’s prolonged release methylphenidate which is the proper name for it so this stuff has been by my side for three

Whole years now and boy it’s been a hell of a ride it’s taken me through some good times and equally some pretty rough and bad times so what i would say the highlights of concerto are i consider it to be my go-to day starter and it definitely improves my sense of productivity and my motivation to get going every day i haven’t been taking it every single day of the

Last three years i mean there’s been times when i’ve had like a month or two off just for a break i think it’s good to do that every now and again i don’t think that you need to be on it every single day for the rest of your life now and again it’s totally cool just to have little breaks here and there just to give your central nervous system a break i think that’s

Pretty smart there have been moments where i’ve been on a slightly higher dose than i should have been and the come-up was definitely a bit too strong it did make me feel anxious and irritable and it did affect my moods negatively so if you’re going to try concerta definitely try to find the sweet spot but it’s like it gets the cogs going in my brain it starts to

Get all machinery loose and working nicely so that’s the way i kind of describe the effect some of the best times i’ve had on concerto has been when i’ve just been super productive and i’ve just like totally gone further than i thought i ever could in completing projects maybe for uni work or just having to get up and go to do things that i would not have been able

To do had i been off it i think in the right dose it can make you feel more competent and make you feel more confident which is what you really want but for me the worst times have been when i’ve been up for like two days straight because i took it maybe perhaps too late in the day and i’ve had too much stimulants like coffee with it as well that’s a bad idea so

Like if you’re gonna take it i would try to limit the caffeine because it does definitely make you very sensitive to caffeine and you have to be smart about taking it because it can interfere with your circadian rhythm and there’s a likely chance you’re going to interrupt your sleeping schedule if you don’t take it in the proper dosage and you don’t take it early

Enough in the day so i have always said take it in the morning but of course it depends on what your schedule is like because concerto takes about eight to twelve hours to get out of your system and i say it’s probably more towards 12 hours than eight it’s helped me to feel more in control of my life and it’s improved my confidence in myself i think that now i

Do have this feeling that i can actually achieve things which i really struggled with before so let’s have a look inside the box shall we let’s unbox it a bit of asmr so i don’t really know what it’s going to look like in different countries but here in the uk we’ve got a little uh white bottles like that so it’s just going to be one a day that’s the dosage for

This and when you take it out you have a little cylindrical pill with a flat edge on it and it’s got a slight little indentation right through the center there so how this little thing works is that it slowly increases the norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain over a period of extended time and you’re gonna feel the effects anywhere from about 45 minutes up to

An hour and a half it depends on if you’ve eaten or not if you’ve taken an empty stomach you’re gonna feel it probably sooner at least that’s been my experience so if you ever get prescribed concerto you can either get them in 18 milligrams 27 milligrams 36 milligrams and 54. so it really is depending on your severity of adhd and how sensitive you are in general

But your psychiatrist or doctor will know the right dose for you usually on evaluation but if you have any negative side effects you can either increase the dosage if it’s not working for you perhaps or if it’s too much anxiety which you might find that happened with me the first time it was too much for me i was on about 54 i think so when i first did that it

Was just way too much and i just felt completely off the walls it was way too much so i went right down to 18 and now i’m on 36 so it’s a happy medium for me 36 now i’ve got a bit more experience with the drug i can handle a bit more and it works a bit better but it’s not overbearing now traditionally the old concerto tablets that i used to have looked slightly

Different to this one it was more of a cylindrical thicker tablet and i’m not sure if it’s the same mechanism with this one but concerto traditionally works with three components it’s got the stimulant it has a time release component and it has a push component that kind of pushes out the drug through a laser drilled hole at the top but i’m not sure about this one

This one is called xenodate xl so i don’t know if there’s an actual chemical difference i can’t really find much research online it’s quite new as far as i can tell but i’m pretty sure it’s just a different name for concerto same drug it’s just a different brand name different company and there’s a whole bunch of information here that i can’t possibly read out to

All of you but i am gonna put some important information like the side effects in the description box below so do check that out if you’re interested so overall my experience with concerto i would say over the last three years i’d probably give it a seven out of ten eight on a good day six on a bad day so average seven i think that’s fair so what’s next for me am i

Going to stay on it you know i have thought about trying other things like elvance which is vyvance in the uk um just because i’m interested in seeing if it affects me in a better way maybe i might have less side effects the problem is it’s quite a lengthy process and a pain in the neck to get it sorted out you know you’ve got to go and speak to the doctor you’ve

Got to have a solid reason to want to change medications i think so i mean even though i’m curious to try other medications i don’t think i really need to i’m i’ve got to say that conservative does work nicely for me i’m comfortable with it i know it well i know what to expect and i know how to take it that’s best for me so i hope this video was useful to you

And do share with other people if you think it might be useful to someone else that you know is considering trying out conservator perhaps it could change the game for them if you haven’t subscribed already please do consider hitting the subscribe button for me and give it a like and hit the notification bell as well to stay up to date with all my other content

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