March 28, 2023

Losartan prevents bladder fibrosis and protects renal function in rats with neurogenic bladder

The topic of this study is lusatan prevents blood fibrosis and protects renal function in work with neurogenic paralysis bladder my name is yulin huh paralysis of bladder can cause blood fibrosis eventually decreases bladder compliance and producing hydronephrosis currently there are no effective therapy to reverse these fibrotic changes once they began the aim

Of this study is to determine if leucitan can prevent mpv fibrosis thus preserving random function in addition to explore the role of signaling pathway and then teaching 2 81 tjf beta1 in breath with mpb fibrosis 24 sd res when about 200 grams were used words were assigned to the transacting spinal nerve group transacting spinal nodes plus low shattering group

And control group this figure represents the protocol of this experiments after transacting spinal nerves rest in tsng and lstg were unable to void rust in cg should a regular mercurial contractions this figure represents blood function at a different time points at day 32 post-acetomy the v-u-n and s-c-r-n-t-s-n-g and s-t-g increases significantly compared

To those ocg the dlrp and the rrp in tsng and lstg increased significantly compared to that in the cg in addition the dlrp and the rrp in lstt are were significantly smaller than those of the tsng this figure represents renault paravehicle with and bu and scr in every group at these 32 processes tautomi the volume and the value of bladderweight divided the

Body weights into sng and lstg increases significantly compared to those ocd muscle stunning shield collagen depression in bladder increases significantly in the energy compared with lstg and cg well there are no significant difference between cg and lst this figure represents a result of their bladder wheat muscle turning under angiotensin in blood and blood

Teasing at a day 32 posts as tautome the tgf beta 1 and collagen 3 expression level increases significantly in tf and g compared with ts lstg and cg well there were no significance of different between cg and lstg this figure represents the expression quality quantity over 81 tjf beta 1 collagen three infinite tissue another mechanism or lotion time preventing

P and v fibrosis so we got to conclude that low shattering might prevent mpb fibrosis by stopping the signaling of ngt281 tgfp1 and thus protect under pressure renault function thanks for your attention

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