March 28, 2023

Why is my Penis curved? There are multiple ways to injure your penis either through sex, constriction and even mutilation.

I’m dr rina malek urologist and pelvic surgeon and if you’re new here we talk about urologic health sexual health bladder health and so much more if you like what you see make sure you subscribe and share this channel with your friends today we’re going to talk about the four scariest ways that people injure their penises just to set the stage when we see injuries

To the genitalia in the emergency room they’re usually due to some sort of trauma and most commonly it’s due to sports injuries or objects like bicycles or other vehicles collisions things like that that end up causing injuries that lead people to the emergency room between 2002 and 2010 we saw about 142 000 injuries to the genital urinary tract so it’s not super

Common but it does occur the first one is called a penile fracture and if you’ve been on my channel for a while you know i’ve talked about this in the past in fact dennis rodman has had many penile fractures and these are injuries to the penis that most commonly occur during sexual activity and so what happens is that the penis is erect and then some sort of either

Person or object falls on the penis when it’s completely erect causing it to bend and then actually fracture and no the penis is not a bone it doesn’t fracture like a bone fractures but the corporal tissue or the spongy tissue that makes up the erectile bodies can fracture and essentially what happens is the outer layer of that breaks open and this can cause bruising

And it can look like what’s called an eggplant penis and most commonly this occurs during sex when you are in certain positions particularly when the female partner is on top and you don’t have as much control of the movement of the person on top of you and so essentially what happens is you’re having intercourse and the penis slips out and the person lands on the

Penis causing a fracture and this is a surgical emergency it’s imperative to get to the emergency room right away so we see lots of people wait for long periods of time before they come in because they’re super embarrassed and they don’t know what to do but getting it repaired early can actually have better outcomes for you in terms of preventing penile curvature

And erectile dysfunction and so people who don’t get this fixed have higher rates of erectile dysfunction up to 62 percent and penile curvature up to 30 percent after surgical repair which is essentially we go in and repair where that tissue broke open which is pretty straightforward and easy to do your those rates go down very very low of somewhere between one

And twenty percent in worst case scenarios number two is penile strangulation this is essentially due to some sort of object that gets stuck on the penis that then causes decreased blood flow to the penis and over time that can cause what we call necrosis and eventual gangrene if you wait long enough so most commonly this happens because people are using objects

That they’re not supposed to as rings things that don’t have an easy to remove mechanism and so they put them on and they may be inebriated or under the influence and forget about them or fall asleep with them on and then they can’t get them off and this is because basically once you put in a constricting device on the penis the tissue beyond the construction

Device gets swollen and then it becomes much more difficult to get it off just like when people get wedding ring stuck it’s very similar to that and this is also a surgical emergency because if it gets stuck it can then like i said cause necrosis and it can cause gangrene in horrible scenarios people can lose their penis because they didn’t get this thing taken

Off and this can even happen in young children where maybe a strand of mom’s hair gets stuck around the penis during a diaper change or a string or a thread that might be coming off someone’s clothing does the same thing so it’s important for moms and dads who have little baby boys to make sure they’re checking that nothing is stuck around the penis when they go

To to change their diaper particularly if the baby is crying a lot and you can’t figure out why always make sure and check number three is penile amputation and so we’ve all heard of like the lorena bobbitt story or things like that which are actually very very rare actually the most common reason this occurs is self-mutilation so usually by people who have some

Other psychologic problem they then try to cut off their penis other things like assault or trying to do an operation on yourself for transgender purposes are extremely extremely rare however interestingly back in the 1970s in thailand women were doing penile amputations on their partners after they had cheated on them and this actually occurred for over a hundred

Cases before it finally stopped because this is just horribly mutating and a horrible thing to do to somebody if this happens and it’s a trauma or something horrible make sure to take the amputated appendage put it in a bag with if you can get saline that’s great and then put it on ice and bring it to the hospital immediately for immediate reconstruction this will

Be a prolonged surgery because not only do we have to reattach the penis and the erectile tissue but also the p tube and arteries veins and nerves of the penis if possible ideally this should occur within 24 hours if it’s on ice so about 16 hours is actually the right number and if you don’t have ice then within six hours so please make sure if anyone is ever

In this unfortunate situation which i hope i hope pray that no one ever is that this is what you do and the last one is actually skin loss which is kind of a big category but these could happen for a number of different reasons you watch my last video on zipper injuries this is one of the reasons it can also be from animal bites human bites burns things like that

However if you’ve had a bite or something like that you want to make sure that you’ve gotten a tetanus shot and if you haven’t bring that up to the doctor in the emergency room if you’ve had an will bite which very commonly happens in little kids who get dog bites which is really sad but those mostly also can be closed primarily i mean you’ll go home with stitches

That will absorb but usually they shouldn’t need to remain open however human bites actually have more bacteria than animal bites usually those need to remain open and be closed secondarily i mean they close from the inside out after putting specialized dressings on top all right hopefully i didn’t leave you feeling super frightened but more educated than anything

As always we’re going to take care of yourself because you’re worth it foreign

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4 Horrifying Ways You Can Hurt Your Penis and How to Protect Yourself! By Rena Malik M.D.