March 28, 2023

mental health is important so i want to share my experience so far with you. im on fluoxetine at the moment. ill link previous video below.

Hayes james how are you i just want to give you guys an update and i know everything you ran out like that’s a lot of color and glitter on your face and it is just don’t mind i was with some new colors but it was kind of a mess anyways i was adding on like a previous look i did i’ll put the link somewhere but yeah like um i wanted to give you guys an update on

My life in my mental health so i think i’ve been on antidepressants prozac 20 milligrams for about four or five weeks now i think it’s good i think tomorrow will be almost i think tomorrow will be two days short of five week mark and then my last video i was mentioning how i was going to start tapering it off once i get to a point where my life is a little bit

Healthier but i felt like right when i made that video that was at the end of three weeks starting four weeks and it didn’t take until like a few days after i blow that video for my mood to be a little bit better so i’m really happy i’ve made that video because they let me like start doing stuff again but my insomnia it i still have trouble sleeping so last time

The first two or three weeks i was taking the medicine two times a day ten milligrams but now i switched to 20 milligrams and i just take it every morning when i wake up i think that it is overall better for me but the difference that i see is that now i wake up with more anxiety so like when i wake up now my heart is kind of like i don’t know i just feel anxious

Like it’s beating a little bit faster like i’m worried about something and it goes away in about like one of five minutes i would say it’s been difficult to wake up like my i can’t wake up to my alarm as easily as usual but the good thing is that when i go to sleep at night it’s harder for me to sleep like at a normal time still but when i decide to sleep i could

Usually fall asleep i wonder like within an hour but before it would taking like maybe four hours to fall asleep so that’s improvement and then my motivation is again so i don’t know is because i upload a video and i got into the groove of like working and creating content again but i don’t know i’ve been in the mood to create more so that’s a really huge plus i

Feel more happy or content with how things are i actually cleaned yesterday which is a huge plus my place it has been a mess for like whatever it’s still a mess but i actually cleaned a lot of yesterday i’ve been cooking more so eating more regularly so that’s a huge plus because i think i was losing weight because of the medicine initially because it kind of made

Me not hungry another thing that i changed maybe that’s why i’m more productive i bought coffee so i bought like coffee and keep coffee in the refrigerator so in the morning i would have one cup of coffee a coffee to start my day so that’s it’s been a good i’ve been more creative recently it just i just felt like it and then yeah i guess that’s about it i’m not

Too concerned about fixing my sleeping pattern because actually in two days i’ll be traveling so my schedule will get messed up during that but i’m happy that i am in the mood to work on things like videos and playing with makeup again so the downside is that home i got a few breakouts problem playing with new products so that that always sucks but it’s true yeah

I’m traveling i’m going to hong kong i’m going to work on the projects that started this year check up on things see how it goes yeah i guess that’s about it i don’t think i’m gonna win off my medicine yet because i didn’t get back into like looking out so my goal there like to work out better to eat better and to be more motivated actually working so i think like

Work has been good my motivations and i’ve been editing and creating stuff like i wanted and then i’m enjoying myself when i hang out with friends but the one thing is i still think so i just need to figure out how to get myself back into oh yeah we’ll see i was skeptical because i thought it might have been placebo or something but i think i think so yeah i just

Wanted to share with you guys just in case you wanted to hear so basically my first two weeks was i think first two or three days i was very lethargic i slept for like 15 to 20 hours and then for two weeks i was very calm but low energy low motivation but calm and happy not anxious anymore now i’m calm and happy with a little tiny bit this idea i just wanted to

Share with you guys um keep in mind that i’m creating this video like a week or two it in a passive way post it so it might have changed by the time i post up keep you updated okay okay basically

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4 weeks on anti depressant – fluoxetine. how do i feel? By jamesmiju kaelbeauty