June 1, 2023

Hey guys thanks for watching, today is my 4th day on this medication. i am taking it twice a day at 3.65mg each. I may have to start increasing my intake because i am getting anxiety and panic attacks here and there.

Hello everybody welcome back to my channel this is my second attempt at making this video because the first time i was recording on my phone but so anyways i wanted to make it update today because i’m making updates every day on how i’m doing with the buspar buspirone whatever you want to call it and today i have things to show you guys so um yeah so i just wanted

To say this is my fourth day on it and they took my medicine around 4 o’clock weird like when you get anxiety with this medication for me it’s kind of like it’s really weird like i can’t like this weird like you’re feeling up in my head like i get um it’s like like a tingling almost kind of a weird tingling sensation up here and then like i don’t feel my anxiety

Like here in my chest or anything which is a weird feeling to say the least but ok so what i wanted to say my so what i wanted to say was my so i have that weird feeling right now it’s been around two-and-a-half hours since i took my pill i have the weird feeling in my head right now i had a little bit of a headache earlier but yeah my tablet is dying so i’m just

Gonna go ahead and show you guys real quick so i just wanted to point out that i went ahead and go and picked up on medication today because i had to pick up another one and i was just like i was gonna show you guys on the other video and i was like oh my god what like this medication looks so weird than the one that i’m taking so let me show you guys the ones that

I’m taking currently and what they look like i got so confused because this one looks like this it’s like an oval kind of thing and it says bar par part on it and then it has a 7 725 and it’s like an oval and then and then this one is different it looks like this it looks like that so i’m gonna show you guys side-by-side comparisons and then i was like i looked

It up i was like i can do this cuz i need to know for sure that it’s the right medication and there it is this one’s more square and this one’s more oval and if they say different things like this one says b2 on it you can see that that says b2 and pretty much it’s like different pharmacies make different looking ones so like this pharmacy is called accord health

Care permit sorry it’s this one accord healthcare and if they make there’s like kind of square and then this one makes there’s like a little oval so it’s the same exact thing i’ve googled it so in case that happens to you it’s normal and happens different pharmacies kind of thing so that’s all i wanted to say yeah so it’s yeah it’s definitely something i do have

A little bit of anxiety because i’m thinking about like how scared i am of getting addicted to this pill the way that you can get addicted to it it’s like mentally kind of like you you you want to feel like that anxiety free kind of thing like constantly and yeah so i’m that’s what i’ll i’m fearful about but i think i’m gonna be on this medication around probably

Six months if not a year because i have to get through my school year without anxiety without having panic attacks and stuff like that because i do get like before i was on the medication i would have a lot of panic attacks and like anxiety throughout the whole day like constantly so yeah if you guys have any questions for me please leave them down below i will

Make a video about it if you want me to because i know there’s been a couple of you guys that have been so join me in the comments and stuff like that so yeah i will talk to you guys tomorrow tomorrow around 6 o’clock central time okay bye guys

Transcribed from video
4th day on buspirone 7.5mg By Liuba De La Luna