May 29, 2023

Hi I’m Olivia-Dior and I have hirsutism

Hey everyone’s me livi doer and i’m giving a five month update about spironolactone um i was on 20 no one i was on fifty milligrams and then like in the second week of october i’m with the doctors and i got um i boosted it up to 75 milligrams i also got on birth control um this is my first week of birth control right now you can’t just start it whenever you want

To how to start at a certain time and this is my by sunday with my first week today is about to be saturday i’m like an hour or so so uh yeah so when tell about that and also i got my face clear so i’ll tell you about that as well um i said in a video but i did get all the facial hair off my face and i’ll talk about that a little bit too as well so i got it done

Whatever so right now there uh since i got my face all cleared or whatever and there is some hairs growing back um the i don’t have any side effects or whatever and now um our breathing is okay um yeah but unless i’m gonna show you my face right now um cuz it definitely did not grow back as the facial hair so um actually was gonna insert some pictures to show

You um definitely as you can see the facial hair is a lot that are on the military that grows back is blowing on this side my own face all the scabs are gone um you know so to the video so short about my review about five months potluck tone um isn’t they really serious going on it’s just whatever some i’m just i guess i just find the healing process i had um

So i officially got all the hair off my face on thursday and so my healing process has been just putting nearest barn on it during the night and then in the morning um it will get a little over got a lot there it would get very dry extra to the point where was like turning white on my face so i’ll put like a whole oil on my face also when i was putting the oil

Or the nearest burn on some escape we’ll just wipe off or whatever but it just it’s still pretty clear like there is no a lot of hair there’s here’s some but they’re super there’s so much thinner than they were before i’m actually let me put in some before pictures before i even went to her for the very very first time and then here i am now so has been a lot

Of improvements with the electrolysis or whatever i think i’m gonna go um i’m gonna wait another week cuz she’ll know a two to three week someone nick i think after this week i’ll go i’ll go to her and just get it touched up cuz it’s actually not a lot awesome now i’m thinking down it’ll be a lot faster since the hairs are so much thinner and they’re not as thick

And coarse as they used to be especially up here there’s so much thinner than they were before and my sideburns are having been filled in yet at all so um yeah something i’m gonna get next week so well within two weeks but two more weeks so i should probably call her and book an appointment try to at least maybe for 30 minutes because not a lot of hair i don’t if

They are is really really short very very short very very thin so um yeah yeah so that’s basically my up to about five months part electone on the hitting process and what i’m gonna do next yeah and i’ll see you on the next time after within month or after another electrolysis um update also i need tell you this people who are new to my channel please look in

Description bar i’m still getting those same questions like why don’t i don’t do lasering or whatever like i put robe a lot of time to making the description bar so please look at it because next time i like with it i don’t answer them now but that’s the reason why i’m not answering them like especially later one like i made a full-blown video of why i don’t do

Lasering in the first place so if you actually really want to see the commentary please look in the description bar and read those or whatever i plan every single video in my description bar just for you guys so when we have to press on my channel to even look for that video like it’s literally in the description bar so yeah also people who want to get information

About electrolysis by the way i go to get my faces on that is also in the description bar hurt her website her phone number and her own address is in the description bar so if you want her to do your face please look in description bar i’m not going to sit here and put it in the comment section like always in this scription bar if you want to get contact with me

As also in the description bar as well so there is no excuses of why you should be asking these questions to me like i’m not going to answer them just real talk like i’m so serious like i have so many things i have to do and i am doing so far that’s why i haven’t posted any videos and like forever so yeah just saying like realtalk look in the description bar when

In doubt look in the description bar and if there is no if the question that you want is not in the description bar then you can ask the comment and the question in the comment section and then i will answer it if i hadn’t answered it before just saying like that is someone no one’s like why the hell i’m putting so much work in this description bar and no one’s

Removing it like what the hell oh yeah that is probably some of the reason why i do not answer the questions in the description bar because i already answer them before so yes all i have to say if you liked the video press like if you want some more press subscribe and i will come back to you later ok bye

Transcribed from video
5 months of spironolactone By Olivia – Dior