February 1, 2023

5 Pros & Cons about Bupropion & Vyvanse

What’s up peeps june 21st 2018 was my first day taking bupropion august 27 2018 was my first day taking vivants with bupropion besides zoloft besides zoloft these are my first and only psychotropic drugs i’ve ever taken well for add adhd here are five ways these drugs impact me predictability at this point the effects of vivants is as predictable as the end of

Titanic the drugs start to affect my mind about an hour and an hour and a half to two hours after ingestion and it’s as marked as when i turn on a light bulb in a dark room the feeling is distinct precise and very pleasant plus it’s great to be able to rely on when it’s actually starting because i can set my schedule around it you know when it wears off it kind

Of slopes on out of my system it’s not hard like adderall but it’ll slide up on out of me leaving me drowsy in the early evening about maybe seven or eight o’clock it’s not an unbearable draws and it’s like a two or three day withdrawal but i can usually fight it off or just grab a cup of joe and it’ll pet me right back up task initiation byvance will drive me

To start whatever it is i think i need to be doing it could be the most banal task i could be the head cheese slicer for the day by vance would make me feel like i just personally brought a plate of hot food for every single hungry child in cambodia unfortunately vyvance will make me perform a job without prejudice the priority whether or not i should be really

Slicing she’s right now or working on a client’s edit that’s due today is irrelevant to my advance it will lock my focus on something important or something i just feel like i want to be doing it gives me the ability to concentrate doesn’t give me the ability to prioritize creativity vivants helps to calm my mind so i can focus on one thing to do and actually

Execute so if i plan to take my medication on days i know i have something to do which is every day viavance will help me with the focus that i need unfortunately the concentration and focus that vivants slash proprion provide isn’t designed for creativity creativity typically requires diversion thinking and a little bit of chasing rabbits so to speak so my

Creative juices sometimes take a hit friendliness i’m already a very friendly person and i’m social but with vivants it’s like i want to be super social on top of that things that would usually annoy me become more like man whatever it’s like i’m a candidate running for office and i couldn’t possibly care less it’s my campaign slogan nothing truly bothers me and

I feel super compelled to talk to perfect strangers it’s like i’m hosting a party and everybody i happen to run into our guests sort of like a disney movie everybody running two sings my brain will even make opportunities for me to talk to some rando or ran into at home depot for whatever thing we may scarcely have in common my brain will come up with something

Anything you know something that we have in common just to strike up a convo it’s like hey he happens to be holding a screwdriver like one i own maybe he’d like to hang around and talk about it for another 15 minutes once mr chatterbox comes out to play dryvance is a lot like coffee to me like super concentrated according to the max squared it does pretty much

Everything coffee does for me just just better if i’m sleepy or didn’t get much sleep the night before for whatever reason five minutes will give me the oomph that i need to not feel sleepy and drowsy unfortunately the elevated mood focus and concentration don’t go on forever oh in spite of how much i wish it could like i said before vyvance is a stimulant and

Its effects will eventually wear off after the effects wane the rest that i needed to get the night before were returned to me like a dead animal buried in pet cemetery and it will hit me hard if i stop taking vivants or i run out of it for some reason and i don’t take another dose after 24 hours it’s withdrawal city withdrawals for me include extreme drowsiness

Low energy brain fog it’s kind of like being in high school all over again i can drink something strong like some very strong coffee but of course it’s not the same but it’s better than nothing so those are five ways with pros and cons that vivants and slash bupropion two different drugs the way they affect me if you use these type of medications just let me know

In the comments section let me know how it affects you i’d love to hear from you god bless you be safe and i’ll see you in the next video

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5 Pros & Cons about Bupropion & Vyvanse By Chris Moses