January 26, 2023

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Hey what’s up youtube welcome back to the channel it’s christine with gage world training and online meal planning and coaching service i’m a food scientist and chemical engineer and in today’s video we are going to discuss five signs of insulin resistance so let’s get started so insulin resistance is not necessarily something you can test just based on how you feel

Alone because your feelings are quite subjective when it comes to this insulin resistance is when your body is non-responsive specifically your cells do not respond to the insulin released from the pancreas what that means is when you consume carbohydrates your body is not able to use the energy in those carbs as fuel the problem is when you consume carbohydrates

Your body needs to take those carbs shuttle them out of the blood and into the cells where they can be used for actual cellular energy for function for all types of bodily functions uses what have you if your body can’t get the glucose out of the blood and into the cells insulin is the messenger hormone that facilitates that reaction now if your body is resistant

To insulin you are starving on the cellular level and this can cause a lot of problems it means your blood sugar is in a very high state it means that your body is more likely to take all of that excess high blood sugar and store it as fat because it is toxic for your body to remain in a state of elevated blood sugar so there are a lot of things and reasons why

Being in a state where your body cannot properly process carbohydrates is going to be detrimental and in this video i want to give you guys five specific conclusive things that you can get tested to know for sure whether or not this is you now there are going to be some reasons why people may suspect that you have insulin resistance and the number one thing that

You can confirm and you should be looking at to determine whether or not you may have it is your waistline measurement if you are storing more fat specifically in the midsection for men if your visceral fat and your whole circumference of your waist is at or over 40 inches for women if you are at or over 35 inches it is a very tell-tale sign that you have insulin

Resistance that’s number one number two is your blood pressure readings your blood pressure is something that you can get tested and measured at your doctor’s office and if your readings are greater than 130 over 80 that is a sign that you have insulin resistance sign number three is a fasting blood glucose level so this is the amount of glucose that is in your

Blood in a fasted state meaning you did not consume anything if this value is greater than 100 milligrams per deciliter there’s probably a problem most people are probably somewhere between 80 and 100 but 100 and higher there’s definitely cause for concern cause number four is a fasting triglyceride level of 150 milligrams per deciliter if you’re over that the

Last but not least is your hemoglobin a1c levels if those values are between 5.7 and 6.4 you are in the pre-diabetic range you want to be under 5.7 to be healthy if you’re between 5.7 and 6.4 you need to take action immediately regarding changing your diet to make sure that you can reverse out of it you can reverse out of a pre-diabetic state as a result of insulin

Resistance by changing your nutrition but it’s something you have to proactively and consciously work on now if your a1c levels are greater than 6.4 you are diabetic and it has elevated to a more serious state and not only do you need to change your diet but you may also need medication to address the situation so i think it is super important that you guys be

Paying attention to these things if you have not been to the doctor in quite some time make sure you are getting these things tested do not wait until it’s too late if you have a history of metabolic syndrome high blood pressure diabetes in your family get tested get tested get tested because you can do something about it and unfortunately i have been seeing more

And more people in their early 30s dealing with this at such a young age people don’t really pay attention to what they eat and the problem is it’s not just people that are overweight and obese there are people that are technically at a healthy weight and are starting to see these issues at such a young age so if this is you get on it figure out what’s going on

With you do something proactive to improve your nutrition remember it’s about health first weight second so this is you please comment below what types of things you have seen please comment any experiences you may have with insulin resistance and i just want to thank you guys for watching i will see you in the next one you

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