June 1, 2023

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Today we’re going to talk about uncommon unusual nootropics to increase dopamine things they don’t want you to note just kidding maybe not this video is just for educational purposes i’m not saying to take everything i list i’m more so just listing it for reference purposes so the first nootropic is quincington which is a flavor noid that we’ve all become very

Familiar with during these last few years for its benefits for immune health and longevity it is mild calmed inhibition compt is what breaks down dopamine or peripheral and peripherin so if you inhibit this enzyme you inhibit the breakdown you increase dopamine it is very mild effects for this high levels of columns is naturally seen with neurological disorders

Like adhd and interestingly enough women typically have lower levels of compt so they have naturally higher levels of those near neurotransmitters like domine or peripheral all of that so you could make the argument for the smarter sex oh no as well as quentington is an adenosine antagonist which is similar to how caffeine works albeit in a weaker way it’s

Also a cd38 inhibitor so it inhibits the enzyme that breaks down nod plus levels allowing more nod plus levels to be present in your body not plus is one of those things that is very vital for life itself and it mimics some very pro dominergic effects like increased motivation energy mood i guess the biggest call in quincington is that it might just be a bit

Too weak for some people as well as the brand definitely matters i would recommend and d nootropics depot hortonine is a barley alkaloid so naturally occurring substance with the nitrogen group that has a very interesting action for dopamine it’s naturally an adrenic compound so it impacts an orca reference system as well as is also a mao b inhibitor so mao a

And mao b enzymes are enzymes that naturally degrade you neurotransmitters for good reason so mao a preferentially degrades dopamine serotonin noreporepherine mao b degrades dopamine and phenoethylene so if you inhibit mao b you inhibit the breakdown of those neurotransmitters increasing dopamine and hardening is a good mao b inhibitor so it can give you a lot

Of those pro-dominergic effects a lot of people combine it with phenylethylamine because phenylethylamine only lasts a little bit in the body because it gets broken down so quickly except if you inhibit this breakdown you increase the duration of effects and you can give yourself a very good dopaminergic stack it also appears to be an nri sonora from reuptake

Inhibitor like i was mentioning before with its adrenic effects so it very much gives you motivation to get things done to be productive be proactive as well as anything that is in or preferent reuptake inhibitor is a very weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor because they’re very much linked in the way that they work i would say treat this with caution because it

Does stimulate cns the central nervous system as well as it can be restricted in some countries because of those adrenic effects and it can exacerbate some of those common stimulant symptoms like increased heart rate as a constriction anxiety etc kayuba bark this originates from brazil it’s a herb that has a lot of very pro dolminergic effects it’s traditionally

Used as an aphrodisiac for sexual health except with that it’s also very good for dopamine because libido and dopamine are very much linked it is a dri so dopamine reuptake inhibitor which is a similar way that methylphenidate ritalin works as well as it’s also a serotonin reuptake inhibitor sri and it’s acetylcholinesterase inhibitors so it has a lot of primary

Actions on those neurotransmitters as well as the lowers prolactin and like i was mentioning last video prolactin adult mean have a very inverse relationship in which you increase one you decrease the other so you increase dopamine you decrease prolactin carry my bark decreases prolactin therefore it increases dopamine the only about caliber bark is it’s tough

To find a good extract i know a lot of people in the community were using solar ray which is a four to one caliber bark extract except i’m not sure the quality as i’ve never used it that being said nootropics depot is trialing their version of katya babark so keep an eye for that over the next few months and probably years honestly caliber bark i feel like will

Be one of those things that will be on the forefront in the next couple years kind of similar to how nmn is right now or how lion’s mane was before next is sodium bitartrate which is something that we naturally obtain through foods in our diet so resistant starch converts to sodium biota trade in our body and it gives us a host of beneficial effects the owner

Itself hacked called joe um he swears by it he really likes it and he was my inspiration for including it in this video the reason that i would recommend it is because it increases the genes are responsible for the production of tyrosine hydroxylase tyrosine hydroxylase is the enzyme that converts l-tyrosine to l dopa it increases our endogenous production of

Dopamine and that’s a very useful thing this is how bromientane works because it up regulates this enzyme and it’s a very advantageous target for pro-dominergic effects and for immune effects and for pain killing effects as well with sodium bitartrate it up regulates this enzyme so it gives you all those dopaminergic effects as well as increasing gut health and

Gut health is very much responsible for neurotransmitter production you know they always say that 95 percent of serotonin is produced in the gut and that is kind of true and dopamine is very much produced in the gut as well so if you improve your gut health you improve your neurotransmitter production the only thing about it is it’s kind of hard to supplement so

You need to supplement resistant starch which converts to sodium biotartrate like i was mentioning and you can do this with some supplements except they are expensive or you can just do this naturally through your diet you can eat green bananas raw potatoes or you can cook carbohydrates and then eat them after they cool so you could cook rice then wait for it

To cool then eat it and that would contain resistant starch through retrogration then there is epi catching which is naturally found in green tea except in small amounts and it’s very popular in the bodybuilding community or its benefits for improving body composition except surprisingly enough it is very dopaminergic and this is going to be a controversial pick

Because some people take epicachin and feel nothing some people take it and just notice good benefits in the gym and some people take it they notice such intense nootropic effects and evidence by these reviews and i’m one of the latter where it is a very strong nootropic for me it’s a mao b inhibitor where preferentially breaks down dopamine infernoethylamine as

Well as increases cerebral blood flow which is linked to dopamine and it is powerful antioxidant benefits and is powerful longevity benefits the thing about this compound is a lot of people won’t feel these extreme nootropic effects some people will a lot of people won’t though so it is the minority versus the majority if you want to see a part two where i talk

About seven powerful nootropics to increase dopamine or i talk about some more uncommon nootropics to increase dopamine let me know like this video subscribe all of that beautiful stuff and i’ll see you later foreign

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