June 4, 2023


Today’s drug name is 1800 and this brand name is normand no no sherman is a beta blocker that affects the heart circulation so blood flow to the arteries and veins and atenolol is used to treat angina which means the chest pain and the hypertension high blood pressure and a t1 is also used to lower the risk of further depth of heart attack you should not use general

If you have a serious heart condition such as eevblog very slow heart beats the heart failure and they do not stop taking it you know without first passing your doctor so stopping suddenly may make your mission worse and if you need to have any type of surgery you may need to temporarily stop using it now on and the beach or the surgeon knows ahead of the time

That you are using this medicine and it can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or the reactions and be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be to be awake and alert you know and avoid drinking alcohol which could decrease their drowsiness and the dizziness while you are taking it in a law you know is the only part of a complete

Program of the treatment for the hypertension may also include diet exercise and weight control you know and follow your diet meditation and exercise routine very closely if you are being treated for the hypertension and if you are being treated for high blood pressure keep using this medication even if you feel fine you know and high blood pressure often has no

Symptoms so you may need to use blood pressure medications for rest of your life you know before taking you should not use a key role if you are allergic to it or if you have a serious heart condition such as a vblock a very your heart beats heart failure and that to make sure that you know what is safe for you tell your doctor if you have a congestive heart failure

Coronary artery disease asthma bronchitis or emphysema diabetes overactive thyroid and liver or kidney diseases and tumor of the adrenal gland peripheral vascular disease energies so if you are having these kind of the condition you should tell your doctor about this one you know now using this medication given ready could harm the unborn baby so tell your doctor

If you’re pregnant and taking this medication you know so ethanol can pass to the breast milk can be harmed the nursing baby as well so you should tell your opt with your best fitting that we were taking this medication so it’s not approved for the patience of another 18 years of age and the next thing is how should you take this medication so take it now exactly

As it was prescribed for you and follow the directions on your prescription every month and your doctor may occasionally change your dose to make you show that you get the best results in and during the use of these medications check your blood pressure frequently so this way you will have an idea how well this segment is working for you the next thing is dozing

So usual attack those for the hypertension i said then you should know this 50 milligram or only once a day and the median s those is 50 100 grams only once a day so it depends on responsible medication how well it’s controlling the pressure in the maximum dose is 100 milligram per day if the desired response achieved after one to two weeks these 200 mg it may be

Beneficial you know but those is greater than 100 mg once a day did not reserve significant additional you know so in that case you may me you not to may consider the alternative medication later there was the dose adjustment for the hypertension but now come to the in china pectoris those will be 50 milligram once a day increase 200 milligram once a day and after

One week a 40-mile response not shape and the make just throw this 50 to 200 min o’clock once a day in the next one goes it is gonna come apart so you cannot increase it is rico so the next thing is the those five angina pectoris 50-milligram once a day is the initial dose it can be increased 200 milligram per per day after one method and the maintenance dose

Is 250 to 200 milligram once a day the next is 200 so some patients may require 290 imparted to attain 30 mph x and the next thing is the the user factor or further myocardial infraction you know so the dose for myocardial infraction is 50 mega only twice a day 100 milligram once a day and if the iv beta blockers are contraindicated or inappropriate so we should

Continue for at least seven days post my quarterly functional so treatment with the beta blockers post my accordion faction should generally continue for one to three as if there is no contraindication and now the next thing is jo trick goes for the hypertension for this purpose that consider use juice in the starting dose to 25 min o’clock or 11 sitting so the

Side effects you know so you should get emergency medical help if you have signs and symptoms of allergic reaction to that in your own like hives difficulty breathing swelling of your face lips throat you know and you should call europe immediately if and indu or the worst is just being and if this is slow or uneven heart beats you know are you feeling light-headed

Feeling you know like you might pass out you know the shortness of breath cold feeling in your hands and feet so you should consult your doctor immediately and the common side effects may include like dizziness feeling tired depressed more and like this you know but this is not a complete list of the side effects so fun they do you need to concern you should see

The leaflet inside the packing you know now if there any other drugs that can affect the outcome of the body like tell your doctor about your current medicines and any you start or stop using especially digoxin indoor magazine you know the beta blockers you know about the heart and blood pressure medication so you should tell your doctor and because there might

Be the interaction with trots you can affect the results thank you very much for watching this video if you need more information about a to the law of the tenormin you can visit our website developed of interpretor disease they’re taken in please do not forget to subscribe this channel for more informative videos every day thank you

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