May 29, 2023

This video is about mechanism of mercaptopurine (6 mercaptopurine) specially used in the treatment of acute lymphocytic leukemia. 6 mercaptopurine (mercptopurine) is a purine analogue and is used in the treatment of acute lymphocytic leukemia and other disease conditions.

Hey everyone dr. moonda here so before i move on to give explanation for this question so kindly go over the question and answer this question by yourself now the question is about acute lymphocytic leukemia so and one of the drug that is used in chemotherapeutic regimen that is mentioned in this particular stem is a six-month gap to purine the question is about

Metabolic product of this particular drug has got a inhibitory effect on which one of the following enzyme inhibitory effect take a note on that now six months after purine it is going to compete with purine derivatives like hypose on thin nor it will compete with the one in note that i posed on thin and guanine this can be used by an enzyme called hypo something

Guanine fast for ibis oil transferase which is simply referred as hcg prt now so a six mark up to turin it is going to compete with typos on thin or go on in for hcg prt and giant so if six mark up to corinne binds to http rt so what this hd prt enzyme does it is going to convert six mark up to purine into its metabolic product and this is basically activation

Of prod pro drug into an active drug and this metabolic product of six mark up to purine it is a tayo i innocent mono phosphate that is ti mp so thio – in mono phosphate is the metabolic product of six markup – purine which is done by hcg prt enzyme itself what this tayo – in mono phosphate does that is ti mp does now the thigh o- in mono phosphate it is going

To inhibit one of the purine synthesis regulatory enzyme that is a glutamine phosphor reversal amino transferase now the glutamine phosphor ibis element transference is the key regulatory enzyme in purine nardi noah purine biosynthesis and this particular enzyme is inhibited by t i mp which is a metabolic product of six marketo purine and also 6g i mp has got

Inhibitory effect on other two enzymes in purine nucleotide biosynthesis and those are ie mp dehydrogenase ina star mono phosphate dehydrogenase which will take ai mp into xmp and xmp later into gmp on the other side taiyo an acetyl mono phosphate also inhibits adonai low succinate synthetase enzyme which will take a mp into a mps and then into a mp formation so

Overall thio anistar mono phosphate it has got inhibitory effect on three enzymes on is the main enzyme in purine nucleotide biosynthesis that is a glutamine phosphor abyssal amino transferase and other two enzymes are impd a trostenets and i dinello succinate synthetase enzymes now other choices in this particular question glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase is an

Enzyme in pentose phosphate pathway and that is not inhibited by six back up to purine prpp synthetase enzyme it is involved in synthesis of prpp so which is not directly inhibited by six much capture purine hmg-coa synthase is a cholesterol biosynthesis enzyme and xanthine oxidase is a enzyme that degrades appearance into uric acid now note that whenever person

Take six markups appearance so the six mark up to purine it is oxidized it is metabolized into negative products it is broken down into into it breaks xanthan oxidase is going to break down six markup to put in and it helps in the elimination of six markup supalen from our body so whenever there is a drug that is used to any bit xanthine oxidase for whatever the

Region usually we you we are going to inhibit xanthine oxidase enzyme and treatment of gout by using allopurinol now when you use allopurinol to any bit xanthine oxidase thereby decreasing the uric acid in the gout at the same time if the person is also taking six mark up to purine so you got to be careful there because six mark after piron uses xanthine oxidase

For the catabolism for our body uses an tanaka days to get get rid of six mark up temperance so the detoxification process of six mark up chip you need xanthine oxidase if the person is on allopurinol at that time the doses of system are kept occurring has to be lowered or it has to be decreased so that toxic effects of six mark application can be prevented so

That can also be a question so this question you can use it in to a that is six mark capture kiran should not be used in a patient who are receiving allopurinol for treatment of god that’s one area another area is a metabolic product of system are captive green is going to inhibit enzymes that are involved in our de novo biosynthesis of purine that is glutamine

Phosphor abyssal amino transferase and other two enzymes that are inhibited these i am pda trostenets and i denial of section eight synthetase enzyme i hope this question has helped you in understanding mechanism of sigma kept occurring on the areas where questions related to this can be asked relating in biochemistry for usmle step on exam and other kinds of

Competitive exams so that’s all about it and i have given video links about purine synthesis degradation regulation of purines and pyrimidines in the description below take a note of that just in case if you are looking for these videos and see you in my other video thanks for watching

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6 Mercaptopurine Mechanism By Dr.Mungli