February 1, 2023

Why are doctors not telling their patience about the side effects of metformin?! Some of the side effects of metformin are minor but others are severe. One being it depletes vitamin B12 which can cause permenant nerve damage. Here are 6 of the most common side effects of metformin and how to avoid them. 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

About six of the most common side effects of   the prescription drug metformin what you can do to  reduce these side effects and natural alternatives   metformin is the number one prescribed drug   worldwide for people who have issues with blood  sugar this includes those with insulin resistance   with type 2 diabetes and

With pcos metformin is  sometimes referred to as a miracle drug and while   it can be effective for reducing symptoms a lot  of people are not made aware of the side effects   it is important to know the pros and the cons  when deciding if metformin is right for you   natural alternatives that work in a similar  

Less side effects so no i’m not here to tell   risks because unfortunately a lot of doctors  glaze over them or don’t mention them at all   let me know in the comment section down below if  hey guys welcome back to the channel if you’re  new here my name is kait i’m a certified health   on youtube twice a week on all things

Insulin   resistance weight loss blood sugar management  sleep and more so if you want to take control   of your metabolic health make sure to click that  subscribe button and you can also find me on tick   tock and instagram where i share new posts every  single day now a quick summary of what metformin   an oral

Prescription drug that improves how   the body responds to insulin and if you’ve been  subscribed to me for a while or watched any of   insulin resistance will eventually lead to   high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes insulin is  the hormone that shuttles sugar from our blood   to various cells throughout the body and

When we  are insulin resistant our cells stop responding to   to a high blood sugar pre-diabetes and then   helps your body to accept the glucose again   so there isn’t as much floating around in your  bloodstream metformin also reduces the amount   blood again helping to control blood sugar   for women with pcos

Metformin is also effective  because the symptoms that define pcos which   are in a regular period high testosterone and  ovarian cysts are caused by high insulin levels   from insulin resistance so yes on the surface  metformin does sound great but there are side   effects so let’s get into those now number one  diarrhea

This is the number one side effect that   people experience when they take metformin studies  have shown that 75 of people prescribed metformin   experience the side effect and it’s the reason why  46 of people prescribed metformin stop taking it   metformin interferes with your body’s ability  to absorb and metabolize certain

Nutrients two   and when the body becomes depleted in these   switching to an extended release metformin   diarrhea isn’t caused by nutrient depletion then   some people might find that this side effect goes  away in a couple of weeks on its own other people   find that it goes away if they switch from an  instant

Release to an extended release option   common side effect of metformin 25 of people   prescribed the drug experience this side effect  now as i just mentioned this side effect can go   away within a couple of weeks just naturally that  does happen for some people but not for everyone   taking metformin with food or lowering

Your dose   number three fatigue once again this comes back to  nutrient depletion as already mentioned metformin   can deplete vitamin b9 and vitamin b12 but it also  can deplete coq10 all three of these are needed to   ensure that red blood cells of the right size are  created in the body and cells are able to produce  

Energy without them you’re going to feel weak and  tired ensuring you are getting enough of these   nutrients being depleted in your diet can help to  reduce these symptoms one of the best sources of   also contains a decent amount of vitamin b9   food now if the thought of eating beef heart   is kind of off-putting to you

Thankfully there are  companies that are making beef heart supplements   and i will link to some of my favorite brands in  the description box down below number four nausea   nausea and vomiting occur in about 25 of people  who are prescribed metformin this side effect   does tend to go away for a lot of people within  a

Couple of weeks but if it’s not going away then   taking metformin with a meal can help number five  low testosterone this is one side effect that men   are not going to be happy to hear metformin causes  a significant reduction in testosterone which also   leads to erectile dysfunction and low sex drive  unfortunately there isn’t

Really a way to counter   while most people do experience the opposite   they experience diarrhea when they take metformin  constipation can happen for some people as well   once again this can reduce after a couple of weeks  but it doesn’t always but making sure you are   properly hydrated and getting enough electrolytes 

Sodium especially can help to reduce this symptom   i will link to my favorite electrolyte supplement  down below as well and those are the most common   metformin with a meal lowering your dose   depleted or switching to an extended release   option can all potentially help to lower these  side effects but there are two natural

Supplements   that have been shown to be just as effective as  metformin at improving insulin sensitivity with   fewer side effects these supplements are berberine  and dinosaur both of these can be purchased over   the counter without a prescription i won’t go too  into how they work in today’s video i did a video   a

Couple weeks back on the best supplements for  insulin resistance and in that video i covered   berberine and dinosaur so if you want to know more  about both of those you can click the link right   here to check out that video but to reiterate do  not stop taking metformin or any prescription drug   but anyways guys that’s all i

Have for you today   let me know in the comment section down below  if you’ve experienced any of these side effects   them and if you have a question for me leave   it down below i try to answer as many questions as  i can right after i post a video so the faster you   can comment the more likely i am to answer it and 

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6 Most Common Side Effects of Metformin (and How to Avoid Them!) By Health Coach Kait