June 4, 2023

6 suggestions of what you need to pay attention to when taking high does of prednisone/steroids.

Weezer’s i’ve got six things you need to know when you’re taking steroids about your food and your nutrition the six most important things first protein protein steroids breaks down your protein and you lose it so good sources of protein which would be poultry fish beef chicken good tofu organic tofu good beans green vegetables very important the protein is a

Huge thing something a lot of people don’t know cholesterol lipid steroid can increase blood cholesterol so you definitely want to try to limit your fats and oils you know any kind of processed food that’s oily or if it’s just oily or fried don’t do it another one big one calcium calcium absorption is decreased so you need to try to get 1,000 to 1,500 milligrams

A day some good choices or milk cottage cheese broccoli yogurt puddings whatever you like that’s dairy is a good source of calcium there’s also a good amount of calcium again spinach so those are also some really good choices but you definitely want to make sure you’re getting enough calcium big ones big big big big sodium fluid retention the sodium is going to

Cause you to have fluid retention it’s gonna make your blood pressure go up it’s gonna make ya’ll chubby and fat and give you you know those swollen ankles all the stuff you don’t want so we want to avoid excessive salt salty foods like chips bacon yes bacon and canned foods canned soups dressings all of those crackers they all have way too much salt now putting

A little pinch of salt on something is not a big deal it’s when a can of food or something is his got salt in it you want to look at how much salt is in each one of those things that’s a big deal that’ll help you a lot with your recovery blood sugar papa we all know this steroids can increase sugar levels so we want to limit our sugar and that is all sorts of

Sugars that’s granulated sugar powdered sugar brown sugar fruit yes but fruit is not as bad as granulated sugar so we definitely want to try to keep our blood sugar level even and not going up and down that’s really important that will help you with your weight and it will help you with your recovery as well if you’re not bouncing up and down last but not least

The conclusion watching your calories how often do we just get the munchies and we have not a clue of how many calories we are eating this is probably the biggest reason that we gain weight because we’re hungry and we eat avoid your sugar your sodium your oils and increase super important your protein and your calcium these things are gonna help just overall with

Your muscles and your bone health all of this a really really important thing is you want to try to do when you’re taking large doses of steroids but when you’re coming off the steroids or when you’re using a maintenance dose of steroids so that is my six things that i would suggest they’re very important when you’re taking steroids and the next thing i suggest

Is you watching my next series which is what can i eat next oh i’ve got the munchies i’m hungry these steroids are making me crazy they’re making me hungry steroid friendly foods steroid friendly recipes things that everybody can enjoy but are really good for those of you that are taking steroids so here we go thumbs up subscribe leave a comment and i will try

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6 Things YOU need to know about Prednisone and FOOD!. Prednisone help By Sp-Asthmatic Shef