June 4, 2023

Stop your bladder waking you up to pee at night (nocturia) with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist tips from Michelle from These home self treatment strategies stop bladder frequency at night and improve bladder storage to help you sleep and feel well rested when you wake.

This problem is called nocturia. and it can really  weigh you down. the great news is that there’s   a lot you can do at home to stop this problem  hi, i’m michelle, and today i’m going to share  six ways to help you stop your bladder waking you   throughout the night. so let’s dive straight in.  one of the fastest ways of stopping

Bladder waking   doesn’t it? it takes about three hours on average  for the water you drink to go through system and   close to bedtime, and throughout the night,   to be much more likely to wake you. now,   to avoid this problem. try to have your last drink  about two to four hours before you go to bed.   enough

Time to process and empty the floors that   you drink while you’re awake. now, it’s okay to  have some small sips of fluid if you’re thirsty,   or if you need to take medication. but on the  whole, try to get your six to eight glasses of   the day. drink them steadily throughout   now, this tip should have an immediate 

And i’d love to hear how it works for you. let me  know if you have a moment in the comments below.   and i know you don’t want to hear me say this,  but i have to say it alcohol increases bladder   drinking alcohol also reduces the quality  of your sleep so that when you are sleeping,   you’re going to be much more likely

To be woken  by your bluff when it fills up during the night.   doesn’t get much better because unfortunately,   so these are foods that contain a lot of fluid,  such as soups, some types of juicy fruits,   and they like fluids because they feel the   eat these foods, but try to finish them   well before you go

To sleep. it can also help to  that if you avoid salty and spicy foods for your   final meal of the day, because they’re going to be  now, if you’re bladder wakes you at  you might be relying on having a really strong  cup of coffee in the morning to wake you up.   now don’t worry, i’m not about to tell you to  stop drinking

Coffee. that’s the last thing i   want to hear. but just like alcohol, caffeine  increases the amount of urine in your bladder   bladder 10 to 12 hours after you’ve drank it.   in other words, your late morning coffee can still  now, the short term solution if  is to drink your coffee first  drink decaf coffee or herbal teas

And you can  learn more about bladder irritants to avoid if   you’re interested by watching the video above and  now let’s talk about medications because  some of the most common medications can   includes medications like antidepressants,   blood pressure medications, and also diuretics.  so if you take regular medication

And your   bladder’s waking you up at night, it could be  worth discussing your medication schedule with   your doctor. and sometimes just simply changing  the time that you change your medication from   but be sure that you follow your doctor’s  another thing you can do to stop your bladder  waking is to manage food

Retention. now, during   the day when you’re up and about fluid accumulates  in your legs and your feet, and then when you lie   down to rest that fluid returns back into your  circulation and then back into your bladder   and this can wake you up especially if you’re  retaining a lot of fluid. and you’ll know that  

By looking down you’re seem you’ll be able to see  that your feet and your ankles are quite swollen   in the afternoon evening. the simple solution  is to elevate your legs in the afternoon for   a couple of hours or in the hours before you go  to bed. you can also move your feet up and down.   compression stockings or support

Stockings   being worn during the day are also a really great  help with this problem. but don’t forget that you   need to put the stockings on as soon as you get up  now let’s finish off by talking about your daytime  bladder habits. because nighttime problems are   usually caused by what’s happening during the  day. one

Of the most common mistakes you can make   is emptying your bladder just in case you think  you might need to empty it. going just in case   reduces how much shibata can hold at night. so  instead tried to get out of the habit of doing   this and hold of emptying your bladder until you  feel that you’ve got an appropriate urge

To go.   so, if you don’t drink, your bladder won’t  stretch and expand during the course of the day   there are quite a number of simple things  you can do at home to reduce that awaking,   let me know which of these tips works for you and,   if you found this information helpful, i really  appreciate you liking this

Video, because this   helps others find the information too. thanks  for watching today and don’t forget to subscribe   and click on the notifications bell below. i look  forward to seeing you next time. bye for now.

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6 Ways to STOP NOCTURIA For a Good Night's Sleep | Overactive Bladder 101 By Michelle Kenway