June 4, 2023

It feels like every year, a new strain of the flu comes and takes us by surprise. I’ve seen it before, and I know you have too.

Seven helpful tips to fight flu symptoms there’s no denying that flu season is upon us it begins in october and continues until springtime taking down its victims and leaving them congested achy coughing and fighting fevers this year’s flu is already hitting hard but it’s not too late to get a flu shot your best chance of avoiding the flu if you miss that opportunity

Read on for tips on dealing with flu symptoms influenza is an unfortunate virus that usually attacks the respiratory system it is highly contagious and can last for a week or two which can leave you feeling exhausted and miserable unfortunately last year’s influenza outbreak was the most severe our country has ever seen hitting those who are vulnerable particularly

Hard when the flu hits you and your family once you have been exposed to the flu it is likely just a matter of time before you find yourself reeling from its impact provided you are in reasonably good health initially there is not much to be done when the flu hits but weather the storm and watch for any signs of complications follow these seven easy steps to fight

Off sickness and get back on your feet as quickly as possible 1. rest at home don’t try to go about your normal routine you don’t want to infect anyone else and you don’t want to expose your weakened immune system to other viruses 2. drink plenty of fluids drink lots of water when you’re fighting the flu plain old h2o may not sound all that exciting but you

Probably can’t taste much anyway herbal teas warm broth are good choices too just keep up your fluid intake to thin mucus and combat dehydration three take action against body aches and fever a fever is your body’s normal response to a viral intruder in this case the flu you can treat it with fever reducing medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen four take

A steamy shower when you have a cold or the flu there’s nothing quite like taking a steamy shower you can heat up your house to avoid getting chilled and use shower tabs or essential oils to clear your airways and make you feel better you can also do this yourself by adding a few drops of essential oil to a clean washcloth five go for cough control when you’re

Suffering from a cough it can be difficult to get comfortable and get the rest you need try propping yourself up with some pillows so you’re in a semi-sitting position and use an over-the-counter chest rub to soothe yourself take cough medicine with an expectorant to help you rid your chest of congestion 6. relieve sinus pressure and swelling use a over-the-counter

Nasal spray made from saline to unblock your nose use it to thin the mucus and blow your nose productively unlike medicated nose sprays saline can be used as needed seven eat something healthy many people find that cooking or eating a big meal when they have the flu helps them to feel better however it is important to make sure that you are getting enough nutrition

To stay strong try eating some light fare such as apple sauce or fresh fruit crackers and cheese or a bowl of chicken soup as you begin to feel better you may find that your taste buds start to come back thank you for watching please like and subscribe for more educational videos

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7 Helpful Tips to Fight Flu Symptoms By Sleep Better