March 24, 2023

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today i wanted to talk about how my skin is doing so i’m gonna give you guys a little update on that this is okay anyways so i think i know i’ve been taking the birth control for about three months now i well i’m actually gonna start my four-month pack today tonight it’s already tonight i forgot oh my gosh oh anyways guys so um

My skin isaac nice intel has gotten a lot better like i’m going to insert some clips of when i first started this whole journey thing you because when i tell you my skit was terrible sits like i feel like it’s finally getting back to how it used to be but i mean i’m still having some breakouts but you can see like i have a pimple here under my chin and i’ve been

Having like so i had one the other day like right here i popped that thing i popped that sucker okay but see that’s why i have so many acne scars because i keep popping my stupid bimbos like so the update is that i couldn’t stop taking this because i really did not see any change in it like i really didn’t think he was helping my skin whatsoever like i mean maybe

You guys could tell the difference but for me honestly i felt like i was constantly having that heart heart break a break out so i it smell like i just like to say it oh i’m not going to use this anymore it’s honestly i just forgot i’ve been i’ve been forgetting to take the spironolactone and that’s honest who i stopped taking it just because i keep forgetting so

Now i’m on the birth control the mobile like but as my main thing and i feel like this worked quickly and faster than this borrowin electic ever like i don’t know it’s because they only gave me 75 and used to take a date and like other people are doing 150 not stuff but it just really i don’t think he was working for me like i can insert some clips and i can show

You guys like why like i don’t really like this round a lactone okay like honestly i don’t think it’s helping so that’s a little update what else i kind of feel like the birth control is honestly pretty great the only thing is when i first was when i was first taking it like honey when i told her i was having mood swings just irritable just plain rude like honey

I was just playing yeah i think that was just my body getting used to it but the thing is weight gain so i have gained some weeds but i also feel like it’s number one stress and then like with all my school stuff and work and just your girl is stress so i don’t know if it’s just the whip i don’t know if it’s like all on the birth control but it might just be me

Too because i can’t control my mouth so and another thing is my periods are kind of weird because someday they’ll miss i’ll miss um oh some days i’ll miss one of the days and i’ll end up with you know like an induced period so i’ll have like a period in the middle of the time i’m taking my pills you mean so then it’s just kind of like yeah i did this to myself but

Anyways yeah so this is my skin now i guess i’ll just show you guys some more of what it looks like so now that i’ve controlled the breakouts i really want to control like the dark market because honestly that’s what’s making me insecure now is all the drinks because before it was like the acne and the darken marks but now that the acne is like going away i really

Want to work on the dirt more i just don’t know what products you use so if you have any products that i should use let me know in the description below i’m still using cochise on soap but i don’t really feel like that’s really doing much but maybe it’s because i’m not really consistent with it either so yeah telling what i should i should do you guys and if you

Want an updated nightly routine for my skin let me know because i can hook you up it’s okay what now okay what no yeah yeah okay i’m so tired it’s been a long day so let me just go ahead and just yeah finish off with this video i’m really happy with the results of my skin i think i’m going to be down about a lactone but i’m gonna keep you guys updated to see if

I started again because i did get a refill for it you know there’s a buzz open there’s a fog cuz i did just get a refill for it so i’m trying to be if i should use it again but we shall see so definitely i’ll keep you guys updated thank you for watching these videos of you in another video right

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7 month update on Spironolactone 3 months on Yaz | Clear Skin Journey By ItsSheslie