June 9, 2023

In this video, I will be showing you guys and explaining to you 8 different drugs that Doctors perscribe that get you high. please leave a comment and I will respond to every single one. I read them all.

What is up you guys so today what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be finding or i already found them but there’s eight different drugs that doctors prescribe that get people high and sometimes without them even knowing and but some of these in this list are extremely obvious and all of you guys are gonna be like oh what the i knew about that but some of these

You guys wouldn’t even expect so that’s get started so the first one is going to be benadryl and doctors prescribe this or essentially for you to sleep it’s one of like the big sleeping medications that you can also get over-the-counter that has like a really strong sedative effect that you take like two or three pills but some people they take 15 to 20 pills of

This and they say that they start experiencing hallucinations and psychological trips and they also say that they feel slumpy and they feel like they have double vision and stuff like that which is pretty up i don’t know why people would even take this other than to you know help themselves but they take it anyway let’s see oh it’s also used to cure the common cold

Anyways for the next week we are going to get into lee aka codeine and promethazine and what this drug does is essentially numbs your throat so that you won’t cough and it’s an it’s also going to be work as like a antihistamine okay it’s gonna cause them to be less sinus you know fluids to come out of your sinuses so you won’t have a runny nose but if this effect

This effect is solely based on promethazine and that’s not counting the coating which is a painkiller so people also take this in excess and they make something called bleed purple drink purple drink i’m sorry about that and it has some interesting people people love this and rappers all around the world drink this all the time but the thing is people die cuz

They drink too much which is very very unfortunate yeah and codeine is actually a weak painkiller anyways for the next one we have baclofen aka the muscle relaxer so this muscle relaxer is it actually reduces the transmission of your nerve cells which makes you feel a bit slower and it relaxes your muscles instead of keeping it tensed up all the time and a lot of

People they feel usually like let’s say you hope just won’t go the buck away you can take this that will help you but then again if you take a lot it’s gonna cause some very interesting effects for example some person that i know took this and they said that they felt extreme euphoria and that is crazy so so some people some people just think that this stuff is

Boring but they also say it kills the anxiety that they have at all which is crazy a lot of people call this the one who drugged it’s actually a really highly rated drugs anyway guys just like a quick reminder if you guys are going to get prescribed if a doctor decides to prescribe you anything in this list just make sure to look at the side effects to make sure

It doesn’t cause any damages or any unwanted things to happen to you just i want you guys to outweigh the benefits with the negative symptoms are you going to receive all right for the next one this one i have personally been prescribed and i was prescribed 10 milligram pills which is for sleep so i just could not sleep for the life of me ferb i didn’t ask me for

Like three days for no reason i couldn’t see i don’t know what the the reason was so the doctor decided to just prescribe you andie so i’m like this is very very interesting i’m getting prescribed this so one thing that this causes is it causes you guys to hallucinate like a if you stay awake so the first time i took this i felt like extremely rude so i took

I decided to take 20 milligrams which you should never we should just take five nine years and for some reason i couldn’t sleep so i decided just to look around me and everything started to be like this story didn’t we and i looked at my laptop and like it looked it looked like it was like breathing or something like that and everything was like crisper it was it

Was a really weird and i started to get like a little scared i think i was like my brain was like fighting the drug it was like it was i felt as if my brain was like fighting to like get away from the effects of this drug where it’s supposed to just knock me the out so i wouldn’t have even seen this so this is a very interesting drug that did get me pretty pretty

Up i think i’m like i started like having like weird thoughts existential thoughts that caused me to i don’t know i wasn’t even i was really like sleepy so i was i was kind of sedated anyways guys in the next one we have the college students favorite drug and what this does is it makes you extremely happy and you can look at a book with the most boring on ever

And you will find it interesting why because it works on your dopamine receptors i think that causes you to have an excess of dopamine and whatever you do is gonna be interesting next one is a xanax so this is anacs if you guys are ever drink alcohol all it does is it causes you to it’s the same exact effect as alcohol completely the same but you are less like

You don’t have double vision and you’re just calm it just makes your central nervous system just relax basically it slows everything down but it does cause me to be like kind of stupid like you won’t be able to remember anything okay i take that back you will have a very short-term memory and you might have to ask people to repeat what they’re saying yeah it’s

Everyone knows about this this drug that works on the gaba receptors and it’s considered a benzodiazepine which which slows down the body’s function and it’s it’s supposed to be used to treat anxiety but no one okay 30 or 40 percent of people do not use it for anxiety they use it recreationally no add no all right for the next drug we have vicodin so vicodin is

A painkiller that has a cinnamon ofin and hydrocodone which is really strong i was actually prescribed this for mice after a surgery that i had to do and what ended up happening was i took one it did not do anything like i still felt the pain completely then i took two so i took three at this point and i didn’t feel now i was like man the is this then i took

Two more and then it just all hit me at once and it was like a really really good viewing which no one should be able to feel that is sustainable so if you took this i don’t think anyone should take this on westside you feel a shift because this is like really okay for the next one we have morphine so the reason why i put this in here is because you can also be

Prescribed a tablet and morphine is actually one of the strongest painkillers they can be prescribed and i have a friend that bought eight of these 30 milligram pills of morphine he ended up taking all seven or i don’t know how many but around like from seven to ten those he ended up taking all of them within two days and he told me he never felt so so amazing

His hope like he said it’s probably the best drug he ever took which is scary no one should think about something like that that should be out of their mind it’s it’s something that you should only take if you have like cancer or something or if you’re on your deathbed and this is actually prescribed for people that have cancer people that have like extremely bad

Pain and there is one thing stronger which is fentanyl which no one should with like this is this is what they give you for surgery like during surgery just in case you wake up so you won’t feel it and they also give you some propofol which is pretty pretty nice and it does have some side effects like nausea dependence okay that’s a that’s a they should highlight

This respiratory depression let’s see when you take morphine your body changes signs of drugs into okay so this drug is crazy and if you guys ever get prescribed this make sure to not take it more than three days unless you cannot possibly move without that jug anyways guys so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you guys want another list a very interesting

List the list is gonna be extremely interesting just like the video and you know you know you could subscribe if you want to you know if you’re nice it took me a while to make this list but i rated it based on you know i guess euphoric feelings are like feelings of heinz what do you call

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8 Drugs Doctors Perscribe That Get You High | Adderall | Xanax By EHAB HILFIGER