June 4, 2023

The plants and spices that perform similar functions to aspirin are numerous, and generally cause fewer adverse reactions than the common aspirin.

Hi and welcome back you may remember a few weeks ago i uploaded a video talking about the reasons i’d added aspirin 81 milligrams low dose aspirin to my supplement regime that video got quite a few comments um highlighting the negative effects of aspirin and quite a few comments guiding me in the direction of aspirin alternatives so never say never i’m not saying

That just because david sinclair takes it i should take it too because it’s safe i’ve looked into some aspirin alternatives and the benefits that they have over the drug aspirin so enough waffling off me let’s jump into this presentation and let’s look at the benefits of taking an aspirin alternative as opposed to aspirin the drug this video in the main was

Prompted by this comment from daniel jorgensen now although i do use supplements remember aspirin is actually a drug and i think if possible the best way to remain healthy is to eat whole foods and supplement with as natural a product as you can possibly get your hands on the active ingredient of synthetic aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid extracted from the bark of

The white willow this plant can be used as a natural remedy with the same pain relieving fever reducing and anti-inflammatory values as aspirin plants and spices that perform similar functions are numerous and generally cause fewer adverse reactions than the common aspirin according to numerous sources aspirin is one of the best-selling medicines worldwide since

It is an over-the-counter medicine and does not need a doctor’s prescription in most countries it’s fair to say that its use may often be abused so why do some people use it let’s look at some of the more common uses before we move on to the alternatives the most common use is as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever it also lowers fever it can also liquefy the

Blood and it may prevent heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases it appears to also reduce the onset of color rectal cancer now although aspirin is widely used we must not forget that it is actually a drug and as a consequence it does have side effects and these should not be underestimated that’s why i’m now looking at possible alternatives let’s look

At a few of the potential drawbacks aspirin can impair the detoxifying and metabolic function of your liver if you already suffer from pathologies of this organ the consumption of any medicine is to be considered only after consulting with your doctor studies have shown that continuous intake of even minimal doses of aspirin can lead to the onset of renal disease

Which in the long run can irreparably damage the kidneys and the kidneys function as already mentioned aspirin is used to make the blood more fluid and therefore avoid the formation of clots however when the blood flows unhindered in the vessels it’s easier to incur external or internal bleeding aspirin can also cause gastrointestinal problems its action irritates

The stomach walls which can become inflamed and may even tear giving rise to ulcers those suffering from acid reflux or gastritis should not take aspirin or any type of nsaid ray’s syndrome is a disease that affects some vital organs and can have fatal outcomes it’s caused by inflammation in the liver and the brain that arises from the intake of acetyl salicylic

Acid it therefore follows the aspirin must not be taken lightly and never administered to children or adolescents the subjects most at risk from this particular syndrome let’s now take a look at some natural alternatives that have similar benefits but fewer risks white willow is the plant from which salicylic acid is extracted therefore it must be included as

An alternative to aspirin the bark of the tree can be used as an analgesic for pain relief useful in cases of headache and toothache herbal tea can also be made from the bark and can be used to lower fever and reduce hot flushes ginger is known for its ability to reduce inflammatory processes particularly inflammation of the skin and of the joints to have more

Immediate and lasting effects it’s best taken as a supplement ensuring that the correct dose is always adhere to so white willow and ginger combined could have similar pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties as aspirin turmeric when taken together with ginger or cinnamon also enhance the anti-inflammatory effect turmeric also has antibacterial properties that

Make it ideal for fighting respiratory tract infections and for finding relief from the symptoms of flu coughs and colds as for ingestion it’s preferable to consume this in the form of a supplement or use it to prepare herbal teas or other drinks cinnamon also belongs to the alternatives to aspirin family unlike the other spices described so far it could also

Control inflammation however cinnamon can also improve blood circulation thus acting as an anticoagulant and may also help to lower cholesterol levels and improve values in cases of hypertension bromelain is found in pineapples and has an valid anti-spasmodic effect against abdominal pain bromeline also acts as an anti-thrombotic making the blood more fluid while

Also strengthening the vein and capillary walls hopefully we all know by now that magnesium is essential for heart health correct intake of magnesium helps blood pressure levels remain normal and allows our heart to function correctly magnesium may therefore prevent the onset of arrhythmias and could significantly reduce the development of stroke and heart attack

In addition to consuming foods rich in magnesium it could also be helpful to integrate this mineral into our diets through supplementation echinacea can be used to strengthen the immune system and prevent flu by fulfilling the functions of aspirin echinacea also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in the case of rheumatoid arthritis

And the banal but still annoying condition of gingivitis echinacea can be consumed in capsule form or in the form of herbal teas boswella also known as indian frankincense is a herbal extract taken from the boswella serrata tree it can be considered a real natural aspirin thanks to its pain relieving virtues that positively affect joint and muscle pain it’s

Also able to quell inflammation affecting the bronchial and respiratory tract an added plus is that unlike aspirin it does not cause gastrointestinal ulcers but actually works to soothe them well i hope you found that interesting or informative hopefully both and if like me you’re looking for an aspirin alternative i hope you found that helpful i made quite a

Few notes i’ve also jotted down some numbers with regard to cost so i’m gonna have to look down i can’t look at the camera all the time all right so i apologize for that i think the main issue with these alternatives is ease of use a year supply of aspirin is extremely cheap and it’s easy to take out for example it’s easy to swallow as opposed to having to take

A number of capsules if you’re looking for alternatives and or making concoctions or herbal teas etc white willow bark alone costs around five dollars a month and that’s a 400 milligram dose compared to aspirin that only costs around 3.50 a month white willow also only offers you pain relief you need to take therefore another spice if you’re looking to gain the

Anti-inflammatory effects or the benefits that aspirin also gives this in turn is now they’re going to push the price up even more from just five dollars a month let me know if you take an aspirin alternative or if you take aspirin if having watched this video you’re going to consider moving from aspirin to an alternative or if you have taken aspirin in the past

And maybe because of some side effects you’ve already transitioned to an alternative let me know what that alternative is what that alternative is also please remember this is not medical advice this is me just telling you the information i’ve found on the internet the reason that i’m looking at alternatives as of today while i’m still looking for an alternative

That’s easy to prepare and as easy to swallow or take as aspirin i’ve reduced my dose of aspirin to once every other day much like resveratrol and i’ll take it monday wednesday thursday and then sometimes on a sunday so it’s not every day well that’s it for today i hope you found this video on aspirin alternatives interesting and informative i look forward to

Seeing you in the next video as always please take care stay safe and i’ll see you soon bye for now

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8 Natural Alternatives to Aspirin (NSAID) By My NMN Experiment