March 28, 2023

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Have you googled prednisone side effects and thought that’s not what i’m going through what i’m feeling is totally different right have you felt that what you read on a list of prednisone side effects doesn’t match what you’re feeling well i felt the same way when i was taking prednisone i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist and i wanted to share with you today

What actually you can expect when you take prednisone what is a real side effect and what might be different right so they did a study they sent out 100 questionnaires to patients with a condition called gca and of those hundred people 90 people responded to the survey and of those who responded guess how many said they were suffering a side effect from prednisone

89 out of 90 right no surprise there friendzone causes more side effects than any other drug so in addition to this what do you think was the top side effect that they reported in this questionnaire anybody have a guess the top side effect in this questionnaire was cognitive and psychological changes and usually that meant insomnia or trouble sleeping waking

Up and staring at the ceiling at two o’clock in the morning and wondering when am i gonna fall back asleep right feeling extra anxious or extra nervous just changes to how you’re feeling in your brain area right the next thing that 70 percent said was about moon face the round face like the moon then the and and muscle loss was also included in that these are

What they call cutaneous changes changes to your skin and muscle things and that included frequent impairment of physical autonomy that means people didn’t feel like they were able to be on their own anymore that they were somehow impaired in their ability to take care of themselves completely on their own and then oh just under half 49 percent felt experienced

Metabolic issues and what does metabolic issues mean well most of them 40 percent of the people suffered weight gain and no surprise in other studies it’s been reported 70 i’m surprised it’s as low in this one that it’s only 40 percent raise your hand if brenda’s unconscious waking certainly did for me then um of the 89 people 20 had reported diabetes mellitus

So not just the high blood sugar that nearly everyone gets from prednisone but their high blood sugar have gotten so bad they’ve been diagnosed with diabetes then 42 percent of people reported vision changes right like i remember thinking do i need a new prescription of my glasses this seems different than it used to be it seems so blurry especially when i would

First wake up and there are other vision changes like glaucoma and cataracts there are just so many then nine percent reported bone fractures so of the 89 people nine percent actually broke a bone since taking prednisone then 30 percent nearly a third of the people who filled out this survey reported cardiovascular changes that’s heart changes whether that

Was higher blood pressure stroke arrhythmias heart attacks the criticism can do all of those things and finally the other side effect it is legitimate and real that should show up on side effect list that you will experience included 26 of people had it had more infections than they expected so 26 had infections that’s pretty high if you’re wondering is there

Anything i can do about all of those side effects i’ve got the thing just for you i created the prednisone checklist and it includes these side effects and more and how you can counteract the side effects the little things that you can do to empower your body your health to have the least amount of suffering while on prednisone possible just click the link below

To get the printers on checklist so that you can counteract protozoan side effects signing off is dr megan here from his own pharmacist you

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