January 27, 2023

Earlier this year, we showed you the devastating side effects of Singulair, one of the most prescribed drugs in the county. We also exposed the manufacturer had evidence the drug affected the brain, decades ago, before they company started selling it as an allergy and asthma medication.

Good evening everyone earlier this year we showed you the devastating side effects of singulair one of the most prescribed drugs in the country we also exposed the manufacturer had evidence the drug affected the brain decades ago before the company started selling it as an allergy and asthma medication tonight chris pickle is looking into concerns that side effects

May continue years after stopping the drug we are looking into claims that singulair can create long-term mental health issues and why the pharmaceutical company who made billions off of the drug does not have to study how it affects the brain you know as a parent you try to get them to you know go to school get up and we couldn’t get her out of her room it

Was really really hard sorry she asked us not to use her name but this mother is sharing the anguish caused by an allergy medicine at 11 years old her daughter was prescribed montalucast the generic version of singulair she would wake up in the night and would be screaming that there were bugs on her so she was having hallucinations hallucinations correct and we

Actually had to get her into therapy to i mean she we thought she was going crazy i mean it was really scary for three years she says doctors failed to recognize the drug side effects then doubled the dose she had a lot of ocd tendencies she would always have like a dry cough and she would always do this thing with her hands where she would like blow on both of her

Hands and i mean it was really scary and these symptoms really intensified once they upped the dosage absolutely and then her refusal the biggest thing was the refusal the not sleeping and the refusal to go to school but once she went off the medication did any of the symptoms get better some did i did but she’s still not 100 like she was before are you concerned

That there could be long-term side effects absolutely she’s had anxiety depression i mean sorry singular helps prevent asthma symptoms before they start as we highlighted in a previous investigation in 2020 the fda put a box warning on the drug the agency’s most serious warning stating because of the risk of mental health side effects the benefits of monolith may

Not outweigh the risks but this mother says doctors never told her about the risks it wasn’t until she saw our investigation that she connected the dots my husband and i were watching we both looked at each other it’s like that light bulb went off i said um i i think this is what’s causing her problems ticks depression and aggression after that investigation

Aired we heard from multiple viewers who said they had never been warned about singular side effects we were contacted by a mother whose son suffers severe side effects she was so frustrated she recently recorded herself asking pharmacists about warnings do they have a black box warning on monte lucas you don’t think so despite the box warning being out for a

Year and a half pharmacists after pharmacists had no idea what about side effects when taking it so did he want to um so some dryness sometimes do you know if that has a black label i don’t believe it does we previously introduced you to tyson pawnee who was recovering from anger depression and other side effects do you remember the time that we were talking

About when i went crazy his story helped people across the country figure out their symptoms like this woman in nashville tennessee the little boy that you had on the section that i saw i was about like him and i wanted to die i had a complete complete manic meltdown i was laying in my bed and i was saying let me die let me die let me die there are still critical

Unanswered questions including how the drug affects the brain and potential long-term side effects we need a doctor interested in this too i mean no one seems to care we’re now revisiting tyson and his mother cami four years after going off singular tyson is significantly better but not fully recovered do you have the same child you had before you started singular

In some ways yes but he has some long-term issues what are the other issues just really extreme chemical sensitivities to artificial additives dyes sweeteners he’s on a very restricted diet cami helps run a facebook page dedicated to the drug’s side effects a recurring concern among members is a lack of information on side effects they believe were caused by

The drug that can remain even years after going off the medication a lot of kids have severe ocd after stopping a lot of kids have ticks that don’t go away for tyson various foods and medications that he used to tolerate now trigger reactions his pupils get huge and he sometimes he’ll cry and you can’t console him it is constant monitoring and mistakes have

Severe consequences he had this bar this keto bar and i thought i checked all the ingredients but within 10 minutes he was bashing his head into the wall and back to you know that type of thing and it was about a day of him being a completely d i lost him for a whole day i mean a lot of times i don’t even really know a lot of times i can’t remember it after can

You tell me what happens which i just get mad and kind of just lose control and it it’s just crazy to see it’s not it’s not fun for anyone when it happens merck the drug manufacturer made billions off of the sales of singulair now that it’s available in generic form and no longer a big money maker there is no incentive for the company to pay for expensive studies

On long-term effects during a 2019 meeting fda representatives were asked about the possibility of forcing merck to fund a study you could imagine a company who no longer makes a lot of money off of this product looking at a very expensive trial to do may make a business decision that business decision merck could simply stop making singulair there would be no

Consequences the generic version monoglucast would still be available and the fda cannot force makers of generic drugs to do studies merck did not respond to my questions for this investigation but previously provided the statement we remain confident in the efficacy and safety of singulair the fda confirmed they are not requiring any additional studies from the

Manufacturer leaving families who believe the drug hurt their children without answers on how to help them heal it’s not just one thing and that’s what’s the scariest i think in my opinion that there’s not a lot out there and a lot of people don’t know how much damage that this can do to children while merck is not being required to do any additional studies an

Fda spokesperson told me they are currently paying for their own study examining how the drug affects the brain but when i push for details on if that study includes looking at long-term effects the spokesperson said she could not confirm or deny it but based on the description of the study i was provided it does not look like it does chris pickle news 4 nashville

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