March 24, 2023

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Hey, dr bernard here. this is medicine. there’s a  label on the bottle, required by law, that tells   you how to take it. cooking food in it, is not how  you take it. you can cause massive, irreversible   also, the nyquil chicken meme isn’t new.  someone sent this to me on twitter, july 12,   2020. if you search, the exact

Image was making its   so, the fda consumer update about social   media challenges involving medicines, mentioning  nyquil chicken september 15, 2022, i’m guessing,   that particular image, and wrote it in to the   update sometime in between these 2 years. i don’t  believe they went out of their way to report  

This specific trend, it was just an example that they cited. then the media picked up on it,   and the idea was presented as new and amplified  by orders of magnitude. this wasn’t an ultra viral   trend before the news stories dropped, so because  of that, i don’t know of any specific cases of   nyquil chicken poisonings

Leading to a hospital  admission, at the time of recording this. however,   the ingredients in here are used by at least 60  million americans every week. it’s safe when used   per label, but sometimes mistakes happen, and  we do have tens of thousands of cases of those   poisonings involving these medicines every year. 

So in an effort to make it so there aren’t any   specific cases of nighttime cold and flu medicine  chicken going forward, i will tell you about what an   actual poisoning of this looks like, by using the  a man cooked chicken in nighttime cold and flu   op is a 19 year old man, presenting  to the emergency room, unconscious.

His mother lana, tells the admitting nurse that  her son had suffered at least 2 seizures before   of his eyes were a greenish yellow color.   at least the last 48 hours, because he had   locked himself in his room before she broke in  op was someone who liked memes. every day, first  thing in the morning, he’d reach for his

Phone to   that their son had a problem. sometimes,   they’d see him sitting alone in a room, silent and  staring off into space, when suddenly they’d hear   him cackling maniacally because he remembered  a random meme he posted online 2 years ago.   he’d spend hours everyday just scrolling, and  the funnier he

Found a post, the more his face   one day, op came across chicken cooked in  night time cold and flu medicine. he saw the   rich turquoise greenish color of the meat outside,  and the partially cooked inside. chicken pink raw,   in the kitchen now, op whipped out  and he poured at least 2 bottles of night time  cold and flu

Medicine. he made sure to record   it all so he could meme the video. but as the  chicken was starting to cook in the medicine,   he felt the smoke waft up into his nose, and a  stinging pain started piercing into his eyes.   it must be ready to eat now, he thought, as he  in the minutes after finishing his meal, op  thought

He felt his vision starting to slow   down. he could hear a bell ringing in his ears,  like he was sitting at a funeral. time to play   as the hours passed, op kept thinking that he  was seeing lights flashing and hearing sounds   opening the door and slurring out  as the door slammed shut. op wasn’t sure  if he dreamed

That, because the next thing   floor with a mouth as dry as the desert,   only getting up because he had to scramble to the  as the day continued, op kept feeling  worse. every time he emptied his stomach,   greenish yellow color, the same color as his   skin and the whites of his eyes. he wasn’t sure  if he couldn’t

Think correctly anymore because   he was wondering if what was being pushed into  the toilet from his stomach was actually parts   the ground. his breathing starts to become   labored, and as his stomach starts to hurt more  and more, he can feel his head start pounding.   he can feel his eyes push out of his skull, as 

As at least 36 hours pass, op starts to convulse.  in the other room, lana had no idea where her son   she calls for 911 and he’s brought to  the emergency room where we are now. at examination, doctors immediately see several  clues telling them what’s happening. first, op is   jaundiced. this yellowing of his skin and eyes  is

From a chemical called bilirubin, something   produced from breaking down red blood cells in  the liver. if there’s so much bilirubin floating   around in the body that it’s attaching to his  skin and his eyes, then it means that something   must be wrong with his liver, and a blood test  finds confirms this because parts of

His liver   have died, and are leaking their contents around in  the same blood test reports that his kidneys  have also shut down, all of this giving doctors   nighttime cold and flu medicine is typically a  mix of 3 active ingredients. dextromethorphan,   is used as the sleep aid giving the way to the   acetaminophen,

Also known as paracetamol,   which is a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory  medicine meaning it can help with the aches and   fevers associated with flu. these 3 medicines  as doctors move op into the intensive care  unit, they stick a tube down his throat so   that a machine can help breathe for him. clearly  if he

Presented to the emergency room in a coma,   dextromethorphan, can cause hallucinations and  psychoactive effects. in very large amounts,   much of a chemical that sends signals in the   brain can cause problems. op thought he could see  and hear things, and he might have been able to,   this particular formulation, is much

Less   been enough to cause some hallucinations,   have the signs and symptoms of that, and so,  but how about the ingredient that increases  branded as nighttime medicine. if it makes  one sleepy, then it should affect the brain right?   well, it could. but doxylamine isn’t just a medicine  for drowsiness. it’s also an

Allergy medicine,   it works similar to how benadryl does, so op could  have had hallucinations from this too. but the   very high. it could explain his dry mouth and   his blurred vision, but it shouldn’t cause liver  all of this leaves us with the final active  ingredient, acetaminophen. at the doses indicated  

On any medicine label, acetaminophen is safe.  however, acetaminophen happens to be in many   different over the counter medicines, and while  people may follow the directions on the label   of one medicine, they could be taking another  medicine, following that label too. this means   that the person following these labels

Correctly,  are unknowingly doubling or tripling their daily   acetaminophen intake. even worse, they might also  be taking prescription medicine, like hydrocodone   for pain, and that also contains acetaminophen.  the active ingredients tell you most of what you   the same active ingredient here. this means   that

Following the label exactly on both bottles  could still net you an overdose if that person   isn’t paying attention to what they’re putting  op consumed at least 2 bottles of nighttime cold  and flu medicine when he cooked his chicken in it,   if you take acetaminophen for aches and pains and  fever, you’ll likely take it in

Tablet or capsule   form. in the stomach, it takes time for these to  dissolve, before they pass through and absorb into   the blood stream through the small intestines.  liquid medicines don’t need to dissolve,   they’re in a form ready to be absorbed into the  blood, meaning that op’s poisoning was happening  

Much quicker. when it absorbs into his blood from  this brings us to an idea called metabolism.  the substances that some folks use and abuse,   or it’s put into a nasal or mucous membrane,  or it’s injected. if you look at how the blood   of administration get the substances to the brain,   significant, because the liver

Metabolizes,   body. when you ingest medicine by mouth, half,   if not more of the dose you took, is metabolized  in the liver first, inactivating the medicine   in an effort to protect your body from something  that’s 1) not made in your body and 2) shouldn’t   be in excess in your body. smoke and injection 

Bypass reaching the liver first, so that a   higher amount can get to the target organ. all  as the nighttime cold and flu medicine absorbs  into his liver, all the acetaminophen starts   to get processed. the interesting thing about the  liver, is that it uses multiple ways to metabolize   any given substance. these different

Pathways  make the liver more robust in the case that should   one pathway be overwhelmed for some reason, a  different one can step in to continue the process.   this is what happens to acetaminophen. but in  as more and more acetaminophen floods into  op’s liver, the first non-toxic metabolite   isn’t made as much. the

Liver moves on to the  second pathway, breaking acetaminophen into   a reactive chemical. because it’s robust, the  liver is still fine with this, it has stores of   a chemical named glutathione that can neutralize  this reactive chemical. but because op consumed   so much acetaminophen, more and more reactive  metabolite

Keeps accumulating, and the liver   starts to run out of glutathione, and there’s  when chemicals are reactive, they want to become  more stable. in the body, you typically don’t want   they’ll try to stabilize themselves by taking   bits and pieces from parts of the body. and in  op’s case, the toxic acetaminophen metabolite

Is   reacting with his liver. at first, it interferes  with the mitochondria, making it harder for cells   to produce energy. but then it starts ripping off  parts of cells in an effort to stabilize itself.   as the cells start to die because they’re reacting  with the metabolite, the liver starts to lose its   capacity

To process the body’s waste, becoming  as the days continue, op’s blood starts showing  that these dead parts of his liver are floating   metabolite floods his liver, killing even more   cells, as the liver shuts down and waste continues  to build up his body. bacteria and cells in the   gut produce ammonia, which in normal

Function  is processed by the liver. it’s converted to   glutamine. as op’s liver keeps necrosing from the  massive ingestion of acetaminophen, the ammonia   spills into his blood causing hyperammonemia.  hyper meaning high. ammon referring to ammonia,   a substance produced by the normal breakdown of  the brain tries to

Compensate for this presence  in blood because brain cells have some ability   to metabolize ammonia to glutamine, just like  the liver can. but as the massive amount of   imbalance starts to happen as the brain starts   to swell. at first, the skull has a little room  for the brain to expand, but as the liver quickly  

Becomes unable to handle anything because it has  completely shut down, more and more ammonia spills   in causing the brain to swell even more. all of  the survival mechanisms in the brain cells become   overwhelmed suddenly, as the brain starts to crush  up against the sides of the skull, smashing blood   vessels and causing

The brain to ooze through the  is there anything that can be done for op?  well, maybe. time is the most important   toxic, but there isn’t currently a way to   liver can handle the toxic metabolite with   is to replenish the stores of glutathione.   it does just that, and prevents the toxic   permanent damage is

Extensive in the liver,   and a liver transplant would be the only  remaining solution. because op had neurologic   in the fda consumer update, it says boiling a  medication can make it much more concentrated.   won’t create more of the active ingredient,   but it will take some liquid out. more concerning  is the idea

Of stability. heating something up   means the molecules move faster. this increased  kinetic energy can make everything less stable,   and you won’t know exactly what you’re  case is, don’t cook anything with any  op was not able to get a liver transplant in time,  and he was not able to make a recovery. his case   was

From an intentional massive acetaminophen  ingestion, no idea what product specifically   it was, because like i said earlier, acetaminophen  is included in so many common over the counter and   prescription medicines that 60 million americans  consume it weekly. at doses on the label, and if   you have no prior health conditions,

And you’re  only just taking this one medicine, our bodies   have enough glutathione to handle the metabolite.  it does take a lot of this to cause damage like   in op’s case, but if you accidentally combine too  many medicines like how an elderly person in the   retirement home might, or you think it’s a funny  meme

To mess around with whole bottles like this,   thanks for watching. take  care of yourself. and be well.

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A Man Cooked Chicken In Nighttime Flu Medicine. This Is What Happened To His Liver. By Chubbyemu