June 1, 2023

Watch to learn about a medication you must know for NCLEX.

Okay thank you so much for tuning in so who wants to pass the nclex with 75 questions or how about who wants to pass nursing school i know how challenging nursing school can be and for this reason i’ve created this youtube channel to help you pass the nclex to help you pass the nursing school so make sure that you subscribe or hit the like button to get free

Educational tips alright let’s get right to it medication that you must know for nclex here’s a quick disclaimer that this is just for educational purposes only and it’s not intended as a medical advice okay so listen a pro what you need to know the farm class is an ace inhibitor angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor okay we won’t really get into the mechanism of

That today we’re focusing more on test taking tips the generic name is listener pearl you have to know your generic names for nclex trade names you don’t need to know so much because n clucks right now it was purely generic names so make sure that you know your generic names okay side effects i created a neat little acronym that side effects of ace basically each

Letter of that drug class a stands for angio c stands for cough he stands for edema so when you put together the a plus the e you get angioedema which is a rare complication these are the two most tested side effects of course there are other side effects that this has but this is what you need to watch out for the most okay let’s start with the cough when does it

Look like so patient doesn’t haven’t had this before and they present to the office with like a dry hacking cough and they’ll be like alright you know it’s just really dry so you’ll see it on a test as a dry hacking cough we’ll get into a little bit about what how you need to answer the test question next is angioedema angioedema this is drug-related and joy deema

I’ll show you a picture in a little bit but it’s this swelling that the patient gets they almost look like they’ve been stung by a beam and it’s a rare complication but they like to test on it the way i see it in my brain and your brain learns by vision by chunking by visuals so for example if i tell you right now think of a trash can you are going to visualize

An actual trashcan you’re not gonna visualize the spelling of a trashcan you’re not gonna visualize tra sh so i like to create these little mnemonics and acronyms and things like that to help you out so there’s a quick visual representation of what how i remember the side effects are this a stands for andrea c coffee edema this is a picture of angioedema as you

Can see you can see the periorbital edema which is the swelling around the eyes swelling around the lips this is a medical emergency okay this needs to we need to stop the medication we’re not giving the medication so if a patient presents the office with angioedema we discontinue the medication obviously you would tell the provider notify the provider and then

They would go from there but what you need to know for the nclex usually the type of exam question that is going to say something along lines of patient presents a clinic with a dry hacking cough they’ve been put on recently will say symma statin which is for cholesterol and lisinopril and we’ll say maybe metformin which one do you think is responsible for this or

Patient presents to the clinic with a cough what do you do as the nurse a-tellin to put up with it that it’s a common side effect b do nothing because we know how nursing tests are and they love to ask say the same thing in the answer choice of million times so b – nothing c – something else or d notify a provider so you’re going to notify the provider this is not

Something that they have to deal with this is not something we say suck it up the doctor needs to discontinue that medication and figure out order something else because it’s very annoying and and uncomfortable for the patient so by no means if you see it on a test the answer will be that is an adverse side effect and we need to discontinue the medication so you

Would notify the provider okay well i hope this helps i included this funny little meme nursing school is easy falls it makes me want to die a thousand deaths because that is what nursing school feels like so i hope this helps make sure that you hit the like button and the subscribe button if you have any questions make sure let you type them in in the comments

That way i can answer them and help you out along the way again thank you have a great day bye

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