June 1, 2023

In this video, I’ll show you a great new option for keeping your insulin or other meds from getting too hot (or too cold). These insulin coolers are absolutely brilliant for hot summer days, long car rides, camping, and traveling.

I’m christel from diabetes strong in this video  i’ll be showing you a new insulin cooler as well   as a new insulin cooler mini-fridge and these two  are brilliant options for hot summer days for long   car rides for camping or if you’re traveling so  i’ll of course show you the insulin coolers but   i’m on vacation

This week i’m in very beautiful  very warm italy so i’ll also be giving you a   download of my experience using these two products  and the reason why i talk about insulin coolers is   that we have to prevent our insulin from becoming  too hot or too cold because it can go bad so what   that means is that if it goes bad it

Loses its  ability to lower our blood sugars as much as   expected i’ve talked about insulin coolers before  but this this is a completely different product so   this is a mini-fridge with this one it completely  eliminates the need for a fridge completely   it eliminates the need for access to water or  for a freezer for

That matter and what’s really   unique is that that it’s temperature controlled  so that means that if you use this product your   cold or too hot so let me start by showing   so i unpacked it before i left for italy   let’s just have a look so this is the box that  comes in so let’s just have a look let’s unpack  

It first you see these are all the items that are  in there it’s a bio gel it’s the actual cooling   case this is what turns it into a mobile fridge  there’s a container the lid the carrying case   and then i don’t know what that is let’s have a  look i’m gonna open it up okay here you see all   the stuff so that was a carrying

Case for the  cooler little patch for electronics see that   here this is you pluck that into the lid that’s  what it you know you pluck that into an outlet   exciting because this is what turns it into   mini-fridge so you just pop in your insulin in  here pop it into the container and then pluck that   and let’s just see

What this is what is this   huh it’s like a door hanger do not forget your  supplies i guess you could put that on the door   this is a container that’s just a brand   just screw off the lid i just here you go so this  is the bio gel this part then goes in the freezer   plop that in and then you put your insulin next to 

It just see how much insulin can fit in there okay   a pre-filled pen or eight insulin vials   so that’s how i would be using it um this is kind  of like all the i only have four pens right now   so see that’s four pens they fit easily um i would  then put i guess i could take them out of foil   that would be the easy way to

Do it wouldn’t it  let’s just stop that in there huh perfect cool i   could definitely see six to seven pens in there or  eight vials i guess so i just showed you all the   components but let’s talk about the actual product  so what i’m most excited about is this part so   this is the one with the middle cylinder this is 

The actual mini-fridge so the way they use it the   way that i’ve been using it this week in italy is  that you again so it kind of showed you you put in   your insulin here see how much insulin i have left  and you plug it in so here’s the plug i’ll show  you what it looks like in a second what is really   it will keep a

Constant temperature of 36   to 46 fahrenheit so that’s two to eight degrees  celsius and it’s great and nice that i tell you   actually tell you in this little display   of the cooler so i’ve been using i kept   going overlooking you know how much is it and it  kept that steady temperature between 36 to 46.  

Um of course you need to have it plugged in so you  can plug it in well in the car outlet you can plug   it if you have a solar panel you do that if you’re  in a house like i am you can just plug it into the   outlet and the cool thing is if it’s again if it  starts to get too hot or starts to get too cold it   will adjust so

If it’s getting close to that 36  it’ll shut off if it’s getting close to that 46   it will turn on so that’s the way it regulates  so that’s one way that you can use the cooler   the other way to use the cooler is to use the  buyer gel so that was the one i showed you   when i did the unpacking of the product um it’s 

More of a traditional way of using it i’d say   the way that you do it is that you freeze this  and then you take it out 10 to 15 minutes before   you’re about to use it or you can plop it into  water for 30 to hot water for 30 to 60 seconds   the reason why you want to do that is you want it  to acclimate you don’t want to

Freeze your insulin   and the duration and how much this product will  cool will kind of depend on the environment   so let’s just have a look at that it maintains  inside temperature range of 36 to 46 fahrenheit   that’s 2 to 8 degrees celsius 33 hours and below  80 fahrenheit and 36 celsius for 52 hours when the  

Outside temperature is at 86 fahrenheit or that  is 30 degrees celsius and it maintains inside   temperature range of 36 to 46 fahrenheit 2 to  8 celsius for 30 hours and below 80 fahrenheit   temperature is 95 fahrenheit that’s 35 celsius   and finally maintains inside temperature range of  36 to 46 fahrenheit that’s two to

Eight degrees   celsius for 28 hours and below 80 fahrenheit is  26 degrees celsius for 46 hours when the outside   temperature is at 104 fahrenheit that’s 40 degrees  celsius the way i’ve used my mini-fridge on this   gel on the flight so i bought it in copenhagen   part of the journey when i got to my hotel  

I took out the bio gel and i switched it over to  the mini-fridge this is the fridge in the hotel   so nice i love that there’s a fridge it’s gonna  hold my water but you know i don’t quite trust   temperature it should be so i have the cooler   see listen you can hear it there’s a little motor  going um but again it’s plugged

Into the outlet   and there’s temperature control is going   and basically i have my insulin  in here i’ll show you in a second brilliant okay see i just took it apart so you  can see this is a cooling part so you have all   the insulin in here and simply just i only have  there we go and just be careful if you have a vial 

Pluck it in mobile fridge brilliant we only spent  one night in that hotel so the next day we went   and got a rental car and because again this outlet  fits in the outlet in the car i just plucked that   in and it kept refrigerating all the way to our  house and once we got here um again i’ve just   had it plugged in actually

In the bathroom i just  had it plugged in there for the whole trip and it   it’s worked perfectly so although i really do  enjoy this product and i will be using it for   rainbows there are a few things i wish were   not completely silent so that is one of   the reasons why i had it in the bathroom it’s  the other

Thing is it’s fairly heavy it’s  not super heavy but if you’re flying like i   wear on this trip you will have to carry this  in your carry-on so i had it in my purse that   adds a little bit of weight to my luggage but   the good thing is it’s tsa approved i brought  it through the security screening nobody asked  

Any questions and that’s with the bio drill with  the motor everything so this portable cooler and   mini-fridge it’s from for all family it’s just  one of many of their products but it’s by far the   one i find is the most unique um it’s the one i  brought with me along with this one so let’s just   talk a little bit about the

Other product so for  example if you don’t want to run around with the   whole fridge part so this is the heavy part they  actually have a usb lid so the cylinder is not   there it’s only the lit and if you hook that up  to a power source and it does require that the   temperature does not get over 86 fahrenheit which  is

30 degrees celsius but with that and the lid   hooked up to a power outlet it will keep your  insulin at the right temperature well forever   and if you don’t want to use a product with a  power outlet there are also some different options   including this which is a one pen lightweight  case and this one holds well one insulin

Pen   and it’s only 0.45 pounds and it’s cooling using  the bio gel so it will keep your insulin or other   celsius for 10 to 18 hours they also have other   options if you do not want to use a power outlet  and you want to be able to bring more insulin   along than just you know the one pen so one option  is the nomad

And that comes in a medium and a big   pens, four novolog vials, or 22 humulin vials   eight novolog vials, or 42 humulin vials   you can get all the coolers from the 4allfamily  brand on their website which is 4allfamily or you   can get them on amazon and the prices vary quite  a bit so the most expensive one is this one

Which   is the portable cooler and that one is $199.99  while the other coolers i showed you goes from   everything from $29.99 to $79.99 and all of them  include a biogel and i’ll of course leave links   to the website as well as to the amazon shop down  in the video description so you can easily find   the products

Thank you so much for watching this  video where i showed you my floral family portable   insulin cooler i hope you enjoyed it if you did  please give it a like leave me a comment below   also if you do enjoy my content please subscribe  to my channel turn on notifications that is that   little bell that way you’ll be informed

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A New Way of Keeping Your Insulin Cold – Portable Mini Fridge REVIEW By Diabetes Strong